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[原创]we live for what?

发布者: 海伦 | 发布时间: 2006-3-10 23:17| 查看数: 21018| 评论数: 26|

in middle of dark
sitting here do nothing
feeling the quiet of night
the thoughts through over the sky to the end of our space
what do we live for?
a question emerged suddenly
someone live for money
someone live for love
someone live for power
i also heared this answer before"live for die"
i asked for myself
i can't answer this question
i don't know what i live for
the nearliest answer is" i live for my family"
what do you live for everyone,can you say it out?<br><br>
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nine 发表于 2006-3-13 15:17:55
sometimes not all of what we do must be an answer,living is not in order to serve for who,it is something of nature,if u must say ur living goal,I think the great is to contribute for people,and the small is to serve for urself.[em09][em09]
芥末膏 发表于 2006-3-15 10:51:07
<STRONG><FONT color=#dd4822 size=4>I know I live for myself. But I also know I live many others.</FONT></STRONG>
<STRONG><FONT color=#dd4822 size=4>Since luckily or unfortunely we come to this world, we have to value our life and our time. Do something good to ourselves, leave something good to our younger generation and try to make everything around us nicer and more beautiful.</FONT></STRONG>
<STRONG><FONT color=#dd4822 size=4>If I can, I want to have a second life or more life. Because I've found our world is worth living.</FONT></STRONG>
Quickie 发表于 2006-3-15 12:55:27
I used to live for PPMM, but time will change my priorities....
芥末膏 发表于 2006-3-15 15:20:06
May I ask, Quickie,how many PPMM you've got totally in your life.
I wonder for a man who loves PPMM so much must have a quite different life from us.
海伦 发表于 2006-3-15 19:26:33
maybe everyone live for ourself but it's so boring to do the same things everyday.
July 发表于 2006-3-15 19:57:16
I live for the happe life and myself.
I think once life for every people,So I love my young time,and want to make it colorful.I feel many things must do,So I think live for the value.
芥末膏 发表于 2006-3-16 13:43:46
<STRONG><FONT color=#3352cc size=4>Maybe we should say we live to show our value. When we consume the air, the food, the water and other resources of the world, shouldn't we return something to it?</FONT></STRONG>
July 发表于 2006-3-16 20:30:51
yes,If you use the value eyes to see the world,you would find that very colorful.
海伦 发表于 2006-3-17 12:28:36
sometimes i think we live for spirit and passion
if we lost our goal and direction,how can we live in the world?
don't know the way to go..........
i can's express myself,so faint[em04]
海伦 发表于 2006-3-17 12:31:23
sometimes i think we live for spitit and passion
if we lost our goal and direction ,how can we live in the world?
don't know the way to go...........
i can't express myself,so faint[em04]
芥末膏 发表于 2006-3-17 15:22:59
<STRONG><FONT size=4>You can lose your goal and direction for a while but not forever. You will find them back some time later. Don't worry. Everybody has that time.</FONT></STRONG>
Neverland 发表于 2006-3-21 17:05:58
if you believe that the human being is selfish,then we live for ourselves.
if you wanna be great and selfless,you can care for nothing but your visualize in your mind,then i will tell you that you are selfish.and you know what you are living for.
however,when a guy who is interested in nothing,besides his life,he begins to be great.cos he really lives for others then,if his life lasts.but his life can be suffering.
芥末膏 发表于 2006-3-21 17:12:43
<STRONG><FONT color=#dd22dd size=4>Neverland, please tell me your meaning in this sentence:</FONT></STRONG>
when a guy who is interested in nothing,besides his life,he begins to be great
<FONT color=#dd22dd><STRONG>If someone pay attention to nothing but only to his life, how can he be great?</STRONG></FONT>
mikechenlulu 发表于 2006-3-23 22:17:15
I live for everyone around me.
chenmaolin 发表于 2006-3-29 11:09:12
<STRONG>I think ,everyone lives for ourself. </STRONG>
<STRONG>Love ,famliy,power,and ppmm</STRONG> <STRONG>is maybe just some parts of our life.So i suggest you not ask yourselve what you live for but ask yourselve how would you like to live.</STRONG>
kevin 发表于 2006-3-29 11:28:14
We live for life.
Rolly74 发表于 2006-3-30 11:09:01
i am new comer, and very excited to find this great forum. nice to meet all here people!
sometimes I had a thought  what we lived for?  just live for my parents before marry and now i live for my family include my dearest son.
then ,It seems that  i never live for myself ,it's an  unbelivable thing~
lily12341 发表于 2020-6-12 09:26:51
i live for others
carmencj 发表于 2020-11-25 18:46:01
"They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world:someone to love,someting to do,and something to hope for."
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