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【同义词辨析】 2018-09-10 著名famous-illustrious

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famous: implies little more than the fact of being, sometimes briefly, widely and popularly known: a ~ television actress.     hall of fame是体育运动等的人堂,代指杰出人物,如her sudden rise to fame她突然成    (词根popul表示people人,popular大众的,普通人的,等于public,如popular vote美国大选分大众选票和选举人选票)    注意不要写成fameous

renowned: implies more glory and acclamation: one of the most ~ figures in sports history.

celebrated: implies popular notice and attention especially in print: the most ~ beauty of her day.

noted: suggests well-deserved public attention: the ~ mystery writer.          又如a noted dancer著名的舞蹈演员,如he is not noted for his sense of humour他没什么幽默

notorious: frequently adds to famous pejorative implications of questionableness or evil: a ~ gangster.       (pejorative改变词的本义去贬低,如本条,如politician政客)

distinguished: implies acknowledged excellence or superiority: a ~ scientist who recently won the Nobel prize.    (excel优秀,强调好,superior卓越,强调比别人高)        常形容客人distinguished guests尊贵的客人,或者成就事业a distinguished academic family/career杰出的学者之家/职业生涯,如本例杰出的科学家

eminent: implies conspicuousness for outstanding quality or character and is applicable to one rising above others of the same class: a conference of the country's most ~ writers.         conspicuous和obvious互释

illustrious: stresses enduring and merited honor and glory attached to a deed or person: the ~ deeds of national heroes.        merited应得的、值得的,受之无愧的=deserved,如merited reward/success/honor应得(受之无愧)的回报/成功/荣耀

famous著名: 大众广泛知道,可能短暂,renowned著名: 表示更多荣耀赞誉,celebrated著名: 引公众注意,特别是在印刷品上(print印刷),noted著名: 表示理所当然受人注目,notorious臭名昭著: 表示"famous"的原因是邪恶卑鄙,贬义,distinguished杰出: 指获得承认的优秀卓越,eminent杰出: 明显出众超越同类,illustrious卓越杰出不朽: 强调难以磨灭的光荣荣耀

记忆方法: 1)首字母FRCNNDEI重组成CNR(中央人民广播电台China National Radio的英文简称)FENDI(芬迪是意大利时装品牌),十分好记<==著名


              3)著名的意思是被广为人知mean known far and wide.首字母FRCNNDEI重组成CNR(中央人民广播电台China National Radio的英文简称)FENDI(芬迪是意大利时装品牌),十分好记<==著名


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