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【同义词辨析】 2018-02-24 傲慢proud-disdainful

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proud: suggests an attitude or feeling of pleased satisfaction in oneself OR one's accomplishments that may OR may not be justified and may OR may not be demonstrated offensively: a ~ man, not willing to admit failure.

arrogant: implies claiming for oneself of MORE consideration or importance THAN warranted, and often suggests an aggressive, domineering manner: an ~ business executive used to being kowtowed to. (warranted合乎情理的)

haughty: suggests a blatantly displayed consciousness of superior birth or position: an ~ manner that barely concealed his scorn.

lordly: implies pomposity or an arrogant display of power: a ~ indiffernece to the consequences of his carelessness.

insolent: implies insultingly contempuous haughtiness: suffered the stares of ~ waiters.

overbearing: suggests a tyranical manner or an intolerable insolence: wearied by demands from her ~ in-laws.

supercilious: implies cool, patronizing haughtiness: ~ parvenus with their disdainful sneers. (parvenus新贵、暴发户)

disdainful: suggests a MORE active and openly scornful superciliousness: ~ of their pathetic attempts.

proud: 泛指对自己成就满意,恰当不恰当,冒犯不冒犯, arrogant: 要求过度重视顺从(文中domineering), hauthty: 显弄(blatantly喧闹)出身地位,lordly:  摆阵仗炫耀权利, insolence: 羞辱般高傲, overbearing: 高傲蛮横(tyranical暴君=>蛮横剥削), supercilious: 施舍恩惠一样高傲冰冷, disdainful: 更公开的高傲冰冷(supercilious)

记忆方法: 1)首字母组合非常好记 PHILDAOS:PHIL词根表示喜欢,DAOS是道的英文,崇尚谦虚==> 乐道的人傲慢。              ""的意思是"自高自大",也有"蔑视不屈服"的意思。来自"",表示"出游游戏",从字形上看,"敖"由组成,表示出游游戏舞蹈。后增加走之成为专指出游的"遨"字;而"敖"则因舞蹈游戏出游动作的不羁而多表示"骄傲狂妄"。后加单人成为傲。如傲骨傲慢傲气傲视,如傲然表示"蔑视,不屈服"               "骄"从马乔声,本义是"六尺高的马",也指"马拱起背",说文: "马高六尺为骄"。引申出3个意思 1、自高自大,如骄傲骄横骄兵必败戒骄戒躁骄奢淫逸  2、猛烈,如骄阳骄阳灼人  3、受宠爱的,如天之骄子娇惯娇妻娇气

                 2)傲慢的意思是表现优越感轻蔑mean showing superiority toward others or scorn for inferiors. 首字母组合非常好记 PHILDAOS:PHIL词根表示喜欢,DAOS是道的英文,崇尚谦虚==>乐道的人傲慢


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