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【同义词辨析】 2018-01-29 漫步wander-meander

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wander: implies an absence of or an indifference to a fixed course: found her ~ing about the square.

stray: carries a stronger suggestion of a deviation from a fixed or proper course and may connote a being lost: ~ed into the underbrush.       高大树木下的灌木丛

roam: suggests a wandering about freely and often far afield and often connotes enjoyment: liked to ~ through the woods.     强调自在轻松享受,又如tourists roamed (through) the streets游客在街道上漫步,如希拉里twitter签名是a woods roamer树林漫步

ramble: stresses carelessness and indifference to one's course or objective and suggests a straying beyond bounds or inattention to guiding details: the speaker ~d on without ever coming to the point.     ramble强调走路或说话漫无目标,在2019-05-06 健谈talkative-voluble组用ramble解释garrulous,形容人说话散漫冗长反复无趣

rove: suggests vigorous and sometimes purposeful roaming: armed brigands ~d through the countryside.   强调有活力有目的(vigorous, purposeful),如本例劫匪强盗游荡,如land rover是英国汽车品牌路虎,Zhu Rong祝融是我国第一辆火星车Mars rover,着陆器叫lander

range: adds to rove an emphasis on the extent of territory covered and is often used when literal wandering is not implied: a lecture that ~d over much of both Eastern and Western philosophy.

traipse: implies an erratic if purposeful and vigorous course: ~d all over town looking for the right dress.       查这个词的用法没有找到表示vigorous充满活力的地方,而是常表示疲惫地走、拖沓地走,因此vigorous没有译出,如traipsing around shops商场(暗示令人不快,如腰酸腿疼),如you will have to get used to a lot of people traipsing in and out of your home你将不得不习惯许多人在你家进进出出(令人厌烦),如本例遍城市四处寻找      

meander: implies a winding or intricate course suggestive of aimless or listless wandering: the river ~s for miles through rich farmland.    aimless漫无目标listless无精打采   

wander漫步游荡: 指没有或不考虑固定路线,stray走偏迷路: 表示偏离固定正确路线,因而走失迷路, roam漫游: 常表示自由自在享受远足,ramble闲逛漫谈: 强调不注意、不着边际,rove漫游: 表示有活力目的的漫游,range走过范围: 强调覆盖的范围,通常为引申义,traipse走来走去: 通常指令人疲惫不快的走, meander蜿蜒: 指溪流江河蜿蜒而流,迂回曲折

记忆方法: 1)首字母排序为RRRR MTWS四人 码头玩耍<==漫步


               3)漫步的意思是无目标走动mean to move about more or less aimlessly from place to place.首字母排序为RRRR MTWS四人 码头玩耍<==漫步


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