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【同义词辨析】 2017-08-15 伤害injure-mar

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injure: implies the inflicting of anything detrimental to one's looks, comfort, health, or success: an accident that ~ him physically and emotionally.     detrimental有害implies something obviously, but not necessarily extremely, harmful to the thing it affects指某物明显有害,但不一定十分严重,如the detrimental effects of prolonged fasting长期禁食的明显害处

harm: often stresses the inflicting of pain, suffering, or loss: be careful not to ~ the animals.      suffer受苦受难受折磨

hurt: implies the inflicting of a wound to the body or to the feelings: ~ by his callous remarks.

damage: suggests the inflicting of an injury that lowers value or impairs usefulness: a table that was ~ in shipping.       damage用injury和impair解释,表示导致价值或作用降低,可见injure和impair是更基础的词

impair: suggests a making less complete and efficient by deterioration or dimimution: years of somking has ~ his health.     deteriorate和impair互相解释,都表示逐渐损害    diminution减少降低缩小=reduction

mar: applies to disfiguration or maiming that spoils perfection or well-being: a text is ~ by numerous typos.      如a number of problems marred the smooth running of this event许多问题影响了这件事的顺利进行

injure伤害: 泛指任何损害, harm伤害: 常指苦痛损失, hurt伤害: 指造成身心创伤, damage损坏: 表示降低价值作用, impair损害: 表示逐渐损害,使不再完善有效,mar破坏损毁: 损坏肢体外观,最严重

记忆方法:1)首字母IHHDIM重组成HI Da HI Ma嗨打嗨骂 <==伤害

                2) 严重程度: mar>harm>hurt>damage>injure>impair

                4)伤害的意思是使不再完好健全mean to affect someone or something so as to rob it of soundness or strength or to reduce its value, usefulness, or effectiveness.首字母IHHDIM重组成HI Da HI Ma嗨打嗨骂 <==伤害


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