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Sporting activities are essentially modified forms of hunting behavior. Viewing biologically, the modern footballer is revealed as a member of a disguised __1__

  hunting pack. His killing weapon has turned into a harmless football and his prey into a goal-mouth. If his aim is inaccurate and he scores a goal, __2__

  enjoys the hunter’s triumph of killing his prey. __3__

  To understand how this transformation has taken place we

  must briefly look up at our ancient ancestors. They spent over a million __4__

  year evolving as co-operative hunters. Their very survival depended on success __5__

  in the hunting-field. Under this pressure their whole way of life, even if their __6__

  bodies, became radically changed. They became chasers, runners, jumpers,

  aimers, throwers and prey-killers. They co-operate as skillful male-group __7__


  Then, about ten thousand years ago, when this immensely long formative __8__

  period of hunting for food, they became farmers. Their improved intelligence,

  so vital to their old hunting life, were put to a new use—that of penning, __9__

  controlling and domesticating their prey. The food was there on the farms,

  awaiting their needs. The risks and uncertainties of farming were no longer __10__

  essential for survival.


  1. 将viewing改为viewed


  2 .将inaccurate改为accurate

  如果真的目标不准确,也就不可能进球了(he scores a goal)。

  3 .在enjoys前面加he

  由于前面if his aim is accurate and he scores a goal 是条件状语从句,因此可见这里是主句,主句的主语he是不可以省略的。

  4 .将look up at的up省略

  5 .将year变为复数

  6 .将if去掉

  7 .将co-operate 改为co-operated

  8 .将when改为after


  该谓语动词的主语是Their improved intelligence,是单数。

  10. 将farming改为hunting



timeisflying 发表于 2015-7-12 11:01:34
xzj 发表于 2020-10-29 14:04:15
enjoys the hunter’s triumph of killing his prey. __3__          修改成 enjoying the hunter’ 也可以
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