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【双语美文】风筝的传说 The Tale of a Kite

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It was the perfect day to fly a kite. The sun was warm. The breeze was right. The air was fresh with the sweet perfume of flowering trees in springtime bloom. After the long, boring winter, kites everywhere couldn't wait for the chance to go dance in the air. To summersault (翻筋斗) freely. To zigzag (使呈Z字形移动) the sun. Every kite was excited. Well, all kites but one.


In the back of a closet, looking haggard (形容枯槁的,憔悴的) and thin (消瘦的),fretted (烦躁) one lonely kite that preferred to stay in. He was diamond in shape, half red and half white, with a bowtie (蝶形领结) rag tail, meant to steady his flight. His lines were so classic you may think with a sigh that you've seen him before in some childhood sky. But he didn't like flying. Well, that isn't quite right—It wasn't the flying so much as the height.

在一个柜子深处,有一只孤零零的风筝看起来有点憔悴且瘦削,他无比烦躁, 宁愿留在柜子里。他的外形呈菱形,一半红色一半白色,下面有一个布做的蝴蝶结形状的尾巴帮助他在飞行时保持平衡。他的轮廓线那么经典,你可能会心生感叹,觉得儿时曾在天空中见过他。但是这只风筝不喜欢飞行。哦,这么说也不全对——比起飞这件事,困扰他更多的是高度的问题。

You see, the higher the flight, the further the fall. It was that which scared the kite most of all. From the park nearby echoed laughter and joy. The kite knew it wouldn't be long 'till his boy would burst into the closet to cart (强制地带走) him away for another embarrassing public display. They would head for the park with the other fanatics (狂热者;入迷者) in search of the perfect kite aerobatics (特技飞行). The boy would start running. The string would unwind. And the kite, he would tumble (翻筋斗,滚翻) on the hard ground behind. At that very moment, as his thought was complete, the closet door opened. The kite shrunk in defeat.


"Come on," said the boy, "It's the perfect kite day." And the boy and the kite headed outside to play. As they came to the park there were kids everywhere flying kites that sailed gracefully high in the air. The boy pointed up, "Look, flying is easy!" With dread the kite looked, it made him feel queasy (不舒服的,不自在的), although the spring breezes were heartily blowing.

“来吧, ”男孩说, “今天是放风筝的好日子。”男孩带着风筝出去玩了。等他们到了公园,那里已经到处是放风筝的孩子,他们的风筝都优雅地在空中飞得很高。男孩指着天空:“看,飞起来一点都不难!”风筝害怕地向上看去,他觉得很不舒服,尽管春风吹得很起劲儿。

The boy started running to get the kite going. He ran all through the park while other kids gaped (目瞪口呆地凝视,张口注视) at his kite that dragged ... and tumbled ... and scraped (擦;刮). He heard a boy laugh and another one joke, "That kite must either be stupid or broke." The boy hung his head and went back to his kite. Kneeling, he thoughtfully asked, "You alright?" The kite seemed to be no worse for the wear, even though he had not so much as caught air.


"Why don't you fly?" The boy's tone was staid (沉着的,稳重的). "Don't you know how?" he asked. "Are you afraid?" With all of his pride, the kite tried to contest it, but the look in his eyes told the boy he had guessed it.


They sat in silence a moment, the boy and the kite. Then with a kind smile, the boy said, "It's alright. Everyone gets frightened. Dad says that's okay. And by facing fears boldly we can scare some away. That's how it was with me and my bike. Maybe biking and flying are a little alike." The glimmer (微光) of hope that shone in the boy's eye made the kite decide to give flying a try.


The boy started running to give the kite lift. The wind on the kite was at once brisk and swift. Instead of fighting the wind he gave himself to it. As it carried him upward, he knew he could do it.


At first he was careful not to look down. Then he got up his nerve. He could see the whole town! With exhilaration (兴奋;高兴) he felt his heart soar. So he yelled to the boy, "Give more string, please. More!" Mustering courage, his jaw tight and square, he made a great loop-the-loop (在空中翻筋斗) in the air. Every child was squinting (眯着眼看) to watch that kite sail—now a glistening speck (小点般的东西) with a bowtie rag tail. With his head in the clouds, the kite felt quite grand until remembering he still didn't know how to land. But instead of locking in panic, he let his fear go. The kite took a deep breathe, and said, "On with the show!" Then giving himself once again to the breeze, he lost elevation, just sure as you please. Surfing the breezes eventually brought him back to the park where an elated (兴高采烈的,欢欣鼓舞的) boy caught him.


The kite felt peaceful and blissful and new, and he wanted his boy to feel all of it too. So without hesitation, he said, "Hold on tight!" And they took off together, the boy and the kite. They floated, they glided, they hung in the sky. They waved at startled birds flying by. Higher than treetops and rooftops they flew, and the higher they went, the greater the view. They saw so many parks in the town down below, and so many kites with children in tow. And every so often they were touched by the sight of a hopeful child dragging a scared, earthbound kite. When the boy and kite landed they were met with wild cheers.


Their story became legend; it was told so many years. The legend ends with the lessons the kite learned that day that facing fears boldly can scare some away. To succeed at new things, you must be willing to grow. That means not holding back. It means letting go.


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