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why girls can attract boys

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why girls can attract boys ? Do you have some fresh ideas about this ,welcome to join this topic and have interaction with us


jiuwu 发表于 2012-5-1 22:49:02
Because the differences are attractive.{:soso_e120:}
instinct 发表于 2012-6-7 08:53:39
because of the hormon
平平home 发表于 2012-11-13 16:45:09
The principle is that opposites attract
Classmate_Wang 发表于 2014-3-4 23:24:53
boys can attract girls too.
wys303 发表于 2014-10-12 20:44:25
because i am a gentleman
alexmolex 发表于 2015-1-28 11:42:06
caused the hormone
sunyuanslecc 发表于 2019-8-17 21:54:48
In our culture, there are positive force and negtive force  existing simontaneously.The boy belongs to the positive force, and girl is negtive force, so the boy should circle around the girl.The girl stay quiet, but showing her attraction;while the boys chase positively, showing braveness.
kenncl 发表于 2022-2-12 14:38:08
Why boys can't attract girls??
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