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david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:01:57



  Brian:(01-8-29) 12:51 how are u doing.(任何时候见到任何人都可以说的一句话)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 12:51 i am fine, how r u.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 12:53 fine too, actually you are the first one who come up with a response online from overseas(很多人不知道该怎样用英语表述"你是我在网上遇见的第一个外国朋友"这一句话。), so what's your time(你们那里的时间) now, here in China, it's 12:53 am.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 12:54 1:07 am

  Brian:(01-8-29) 12:55 so good morning to u and in case(假如) i don't see u, good afternoon, good evening and good night(假如我们以后不能碰上,先祝你每天早上,下午,晚上都好) ,you always stay in the night so late on the net like this?


  Nikky:(01-8-29) 12:57 yes because i am off from work



  Brian:(01-8-29) 12:58 that's good, where r u and what are u doing up here now? (你一定要学会这句话)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 12:59 I am in the united states and using the my computer.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:00 u must work in the government

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:00 I do, but how did u know?(是呀,你怎么知道的)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:00 well, everything u have told me is technically correct, but it's no use to anyone.(虽然从理论上说你告诉我都是正确的,但一点用也没有)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:01 u must work in business(你一定是商人)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:01 I do, how did u know?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:02 well, u don't know where I am, what I am doing here, but u still expect me to help u know that, u are the same before we met。

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:02 :>, Albright, we're even(我们扯平了) now, what is your work exactly, if there is any chance for u to be interested telling me that? (学会这句地道的美国话,能显示你的水平)


  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:02 i work in the university, i am teachers aide(助手,相当于assistant).

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:02 o, i see, that is a career i have been pursuing for a long time(这也是我理想中的职业,故意奉承。再例如:如果你问老外,Where are you from?不管他回答那个国家,你一定要说"That's a beautiful country."), and how is that going on with you.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:02 it is going great.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:04 i can imagine that, how long have you been working today?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:05 i didn't work today i am off work til sept we get the summers off.(放假了,只到9月才开学)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:06 oh, i am too stupid to forget that, we here in China have the summer holidays too.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:06 that's right.


  where r u and what are u doing up here now?

  what is your work exactly, if there is any chance for u to be interested telling me that?

  how long have you been working today?




  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:08 u live in the school or in your own apartment you rent?(住在学校里还是租的房子)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:08 i live in apt and rent. what do you do? where do you live?(什么事情都是相互的,你要是能比较好的引起对方的谈话兴趣,她也会反过来询问你的一些情况的,这不,这个Nikky开始问我了!)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:11 i work for one of the largest companies in China, the marketing dept(我在市场部,简洁明了介绍自己工作地点和职业)

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:02:43


  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:11 what part of china do you live?

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:12 shanghai, have you ever heard of?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:12 yes i have, it is busy there yes?

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:13 it's ok, not as busy as you think, a little bit busy in the downtown.(不象你想的那么繁忙,除了市中心外)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:14 i have heard of it i have not been there yet but maybe some day.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:16 u should do, how many cities here in China are in your memory besides shanghai? (试探一下这女子对中国了解多少)if some day you really can be here , you can come to see me , i am just someone who have graduated from college a year ago(我刚毕业一年)(又是一句客套话,百听不厌,所以我们要百说不断)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:19 peking,chungking,tientsin,hong kong(北京,重庆,天津,香港,这个Nikky还真知道不少中国城市,拼写有点怪), and I appreciated your kindness.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:20 well, what is impressive to me is u know a lot of Chinese cities beyond my imagination , you surely know one thing or two (对…非常了解)about China and Chinese people , right?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:22 yes i like to learn about other cultures.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:23 it is immediately apparent that you are the only foreign people I know who knows such a lot of cities in China,swheresdo you live, not the states again!(告诉我确切的地方,不要再说你住在美国了。口语中通常可用"States"直接表示"美国")

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:24 i live in new york city

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:26 i don't have any idea about the big apple city(纽约又称为"大苹果城").

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:27 it's crowded(拥挤)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:27 traffic jam?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:28 no ,people

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:33 here in shanghai, a lot of people and a lot of cars, both, shanghai has become one of the most desirable places for people not only Chinese but kind of increasingly foreign people to live too.(上海已经成为中国人最令人向往的城市之一,对外国人也不例外)



  What part of China/America do u live?(最简单的一句话,你一定会用!)

  How many cities here in China are in your memory besides……?

  Shanghai/Beijing/Shenzhen has become one of the most desirable places for the Chinese people to live

  If some day you really can be here , you can come to see me(很好的邀请,尽管你知道她不可能来!)

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:03:20




  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:34 do u live in apt? (有没有人被这个缩写词弄糊涂?一次在上海举办的韩国2001年IT智能小区展示博览会上我就被apt弄糊涂了,后来才知道是"apartment")

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:36 u bet(口语习惯用法,表示说的很对,下次遇见老外,碰到她说的对或者你想表示认可的话,就用"u bet"), but totally a lodger and i got to pay the rent , in shanghai, to find somewhere good enough is harder than ever(太困难了)!

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:36 it is hard here too, rent is so very high(纽约房租也很贵的,这句话以我们学过的语法来看,肯定会被挑毛病的,"so"和"very"连用是什么意思?可是没有办法,这可是从地地道道的老外嘴里吐出来的。)

  Brian (01-8-29) 13:38 the rent here in shanghai used to be very cheap(以前房租很便宜的), but now it's hard to rent a apt with 20squre meter for 800RMB, put in that will be around 100$

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:40 wow here it is a couple of hundreds sometimes thousands to rent.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:40 I can still recall my terrible experience when I first try to find a apt for myself, exhausted almost each day after a long time search and went back to the poor little restaurant I stay, for really a long time I just don't want to do anything and look impassivelysintosthe mirror to dream if only I was a local shanghainese(上海人), maybe things will be better.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:40 cool, it's lucky u've overcome it, u know, this kind of things happened very frequently in united states too.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:41 so you got to pay the rent too? but on one side , with the apt, you can cook for yourself , right? that will be cheaper than to eating out and will save you a lot of money (在外面吃费钱)and to eat the food u cook alone is wonderful enough.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:42 yes true but i do like to go out and eat on occasion(偶尔).

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:43 that's understandable for a bad cook(可能是橱艺不咋的吧).

  Brian的小结:外国人对吃一般都比较感兴趣,特别是中国的吃法,要和他们老外在吃的方面有所切磋的话,你不一定要记得很多个菜名。说实话,每次在大型的外事场合总会遇到陪老外吃饭的情况,很多所谓的翻译预先紧张的不得不把一个个菜名背的滚瓜烂熟,生怕到时候遇到翻不出来的东西却不一定派的上用场。我不这样做,因为很多宾馆的菜名除非把厨子喊来,否则根本不知道是用什么做的。我就曾经遇到过"白鹤晾翅"实际上就是"豆腐加酸白菜",所以我只需要简单对他们说"enjoy your dinner, u know, I am asked by my superior to give u what hell those courses(这些菜) are made of, I know u have experienced many occasions and been tired of telling those names, so just enjoy it, and if u think it's tasting, please let me know!"这句话一说,老外一定会觉得你不一样。很多老外吃的场合见的很多,已经厌烦了半瓶子水的翻译在一旁词不达意介绍菜名,所以你还是让他先吃吧。

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:03:48


  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:44 u kidding me, i love to cook want to learn how to cook proper Chinese food(我想知道中国菜怎么烧的)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:46 you get it! Chinese food is really tasting probably kind of the best food in the world, U know, there is an increasing number of Yankees(美国人) who came all the way to China just want to find a woman to marry with, for the good cuisine tradition, i just can not imagine how to live a lifetime with hamburger(我不敢想象你们美国人怎么能就着汉堡包吃一辈子).

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:49 ah yes do u eat hamburger?

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:50 every once in a while(不常吃)。KFC or Mc donald ,which one is more popular in the states? (在美国,肯德基和麦当劳那个更受欢迎?这个问题可以随便拿个老外来练习)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:52 mc donalds

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:52 why, just cuz(因为) Americans like beef than chicken?personally i like KFC, it's more tasting(可口,好味道) and some sort of Chinese people's style(符合中国人的饮食习惯), seems like we Chinese prefer the chickens .

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:54 i don't know i don't like either too much myself(我两个都不爱吃,外国人好象都不喜欢吃这种高热量的junk food)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:55 then what u like, u do not like hamburgers ,how about the rice ,do u eat rice in your daily life? we, the regular Chinese's main food(那你们吃米么)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 13:58 i LOVE rice

  Brian:(01-8-29) 13:59 i am a good cook and my cuisine capability(烹调手艺) is really good

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:00 what do u cook well? tell me a dish

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:01 a bunch of things:Chinese Tofu(豆腐), vinegar fish(糖醋鱼), and some short ribs(小排)(这些常见的中国菜英文说法最好记住)。

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:03 how do u make vinegar fish

  Brian:01-8-29 14:05 it's really sophisticated to tell you that on the net, we get the different fishes and different seasonings(调料), so even tell you exact the way i make , maybe you will bring up with a different one(鱼和调料都不同,即使告诉你了,你也做不出我这味来。实际上我做的vinegar fish最难吃)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:07 it sounds good though(听起来就已经不错了)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:09 Yup (表示肯定,相当于Yes)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:10 i would love to visit your country one day so much to learn

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:11 u mean it?(你说真的么)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:11 yeah, and what do u do in your occasional time? (平时都干些啥)(经典询问句,这句话我们也可用随时拿来问对方)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:11 well, I like movies so much and bought the movie DVDs and I really loved them and I kept them in my bedroom, and when I get really, really depressed, and I couldn't find anybody to talk to, I took the movies out and watch…..(我喜欢看电影,非常喜欢,当我难过郁闷,找不到别人和我说话时,我就看DVD。寂寞经典自白,向每一个可能见到的老外说出这几句话,一定要连贯!)

  Brian的小结: 上面的一段寂寞独白实际上是我从另一外国朋友那抄袭来的,我几乎是一个字不差的把它说给Nikky听,因为我有那位外国朋友很喜欢看电影,幸好我也有相同的兴趣。但之所以这段话给我留下很深的原因并不是这个,原因是她说这段话给我听的时候,露出的牙齿很漂亮,给我的印象非常深,我又让她pardon了一遍。


  KFC or Mc donald ,which one is more popular in the states?

  I don't like either too much myself. (再也找不到比这句话更地道的句子了)

  and what do u do in your occasional time?

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:04:19



  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:34 thanks a lot! in China we call this in terms like "li jie wan sui" (中国有句俗语叫"理解万岁") means it's really good to find someone who can understand you , so thank you, from your list I know that you are born in 1973, so you must be 28 now and you said you love kids so much , do you have any kids? (如果对方有小孩,没准他会同你滔滔不绝的聊天,直到你感到厌烦。)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:35 no I do not have any children, but hope to have some one day.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:36 so you got married , right? how is your husband doing

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:37 no I am not married unfortunately :-(

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:37 oh, I want to know , in American, what is the average age for women to have their children, you know, in China, it's probably sort of 25-30

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:38 here it varies(情况各有不同), so many younger ones have kids(很多人在很年轻时就有孩子了)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:39 I am sorry, I had thought you have married, seems not acting your age,why , you have never met someone in your life to fall in love with? (从没有遇到你喜欢的人么)



  I don't act my age (我与我的年龄不相称.比如看见一个小女孩,不点大,言谈举止却是个大人,这时候就可以说"she doesn't act her age!")

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:04:50


  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:40 I don't know how to put it(我不知道从何说起)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:41 that's ok(结婚与否,什么时候结婚,这是年青人之间喜欢聊的一个的话题)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:42 are u, are u married? have girlfriend? ?(绝对经典询问句,一定要牢记!)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:44 i am just a year after schooling, definitely not married, Man is incomplete until he is married. Then he is finished. (男人不结婚算不上完美,一旦结婚就完了)I heard a bunch of stories like the little boy asked his father, "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?" And the father replied, "I don't know son, I'm still paying."


  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:46 you are not married , and you have never met someone you love and not a virgin, do you possibly mean that you gave your most valuable cherry to those you do not love?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:48 good joke, i loved someone once and we been together for some time and he dumped me(他把我甩了) and there has been no one since(以后就没有什么后文了).

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:48 oh, i am sorry to hear that(安慰人的话,请记住!)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:49 it is ok he didn't love me as i loved him(他爱我没有我爱他那么深)(为什么总是这样结局?为什么受伤的人总是我?)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:50 how much you love him and how long your story last before he dumped you.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:51 he dumped you for a new one? (他是寻新欢去了么)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:52 well this is going to sound funny but he was my 1st boyfriend, we met last yr and dated for 7 months and he dumped me(听起来有点好笑,但事实是他是我第一个男朋友,我们在一起7个多月的时候,他甩了我)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:52 no he claimed his mother didn't approve of me but i think it was more(他说他妈不同意,但我想原因不止这个)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:53 an excuse(借口)?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:53 yes it was and he left me broken hearted(伤心欲绝)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:53 as soon as he got you, he dumped you?(他一得到你就把你甩了么)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:54 yes and i was a dumbass(口语:愚蠢的人) to let it happen

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:54 i can understand you and how you feel

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:55 well i have given up on love and hope of ever getting married

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:56 don't cry on the spilt milk(习惯用法:不要为打翻的牛奶哭泣), right, you still have the right and deserve to have a better man, there are still a lot of good guys in this world(世上还是好人多)(天涯何处无芳草), so now he got a new one?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 14:57 i am not sure but i believe he does(我不知道,但我相信他有新欢了)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 14:59 When a woman steals your husband, there is no better revenge than to let her keep him(当另一个女人偷了你的男人时,你最好的报复方法就是让她们去吧). And what u need to do is forge him.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:01 i am trying, but the sad part about most men in my country is that looks matter more than how a person is inside(长相比内在重要) and on that level i feel i will find no one.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:02 just try to forget and u will eventually get what you want and believe yourself

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:04 i try, but when u have little experience as me, u doubt self often(如果你也有我一样的经历的话,你也会迷惑的)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:05 he just bumpedsintosyour life earlier than the other one, do believe in your life there must be someone who do fit for you!(他只不过是在你的生命中提前来到而已,相信应该有更合适你的人)



  I met him several months ago and there has been no since(我几个月之前遇到过他,以后再也没有见到过他)

  Man is incomplete until he is married. Then he is finished.(很多结婚的男人有同感!)

  Looks matter more than how a person is inside(很多说"how a person is inside matters more than looks"实在是因为长的太难看)

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:05:15


  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:05 thanks

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:06 think about the film "Sleepless in Seatle"(一部老掉牙的无聊的电影).

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:07 yes i love that movie

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:08 in which that Hanks seems to have a lot of trouble recovering from the death of his wife and thinks that he will never fall in love again, but Megrin entered into his life , everything changed!

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:08 and the same thing is for you too

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:10 i wish i could believe that, but it is movie, have u met someone yet?

  Brian (01-8-29) 15:11 me? i did have a girlfriend in the school, but for a combination of factors(一系列原因) ,we just depart after graduation

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:12 aww sorry to hear

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:13 but not like you, i did not dump her, neither did she do that to me.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:14 u both decided to part? that sounds fair

  Brian:01-8-29 15:15 love never sounds fair or some sort of unfair , Getting married is very much like going to a restaurant with friends. You order what you want, then when you see what the other person has, you wish you had ordered that,(结婚就好比上餐馆,你已经点了菜,但看见别人点的菜后,你又想点那些菜) I just want to have as more chances as possible. (我只想给自己多一点点菜的机会而已)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:16 be kidding, u know, for a short period of time after we depart , i have a broken heart like you but i managed to make things go on.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:17 yes,love does hurt,was she your 1st girl?

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:17 you bet. And I spend a lot of time---- I spend time with myself, I think a lot has happened to me since that, a lot of things have happened to me, but I try to keep my life in perspective(我努力使自己的生活变的乐观起来).

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:17 u've done pretty well by it, yes i am going on i have no choice

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:18 you get to be a bit more passive about your attitude, not just cause you have no choice for you to go on!

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:19 it was like i refused to sit at home and cry I had to go to work i had to go to school so no time

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:20 right, that's right. let your hands full (有事情做就会忘记伤痛):>

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:21 you are not pregnant after you gave it to him?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:22 no, but sometimes wish i were i was ready to marry this man and spend the rest of my life with him but i just got played for a fool.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:25 maybe you are not played for a fool, maybe he loved you too, definitely when--- u know, u surely know what I mean ------when he made love to you, i think he love you but , for some reasons, he got to leave you

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:27 maybe that is possible, i do believed he loved me just not enough and i feel like fool for opening my heart when i planed.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:27 i think that on average, the western people have a more open mind on the sexual issues, but seems that's a serious misunderstanding on my part(看来我误解了)!

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:28 how so explain?

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:28 you let me change the initial thought

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:29 i mean i believe in love and i only was with him cause i thought he was the one but i made big mistake thought with my heart instead of my head.(Nikky说话有个特点不知道你发现了没有,不怎么喜欢打标点)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:30 there is no possibility for him to come over back(他有可能再回到你的身边么)?


  That's a serious misunderstanding on my part

  Getting married is very much like going to a restaurant with friends. Yousgroupswhat you want, then when you see what the other person has, you wish you had ordered that.(很多结婚男人的又一个同感)

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:06:48


  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:31 i wish but i have no idea and i try not to fool self into thinking it.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:33 so you still love him, that's why you feel like a fool

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:34 yes and mad at myself because of it cause leaving makes me think he didn't love me at all or not enough.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:35 for women, love is everything(对女人来说,爱情有时意味着一切), what does he do, is he also a teacher aide?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:36 no he develops pictures(冲胶卷师,或者照相师)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:37 maybe its just your always thought that he didn't love you at all or not enough made him away, you got to make him feel relax a little.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:37 i did everything to make HIM happy

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:38 pic developer, so during the past 7 months he must have taken a lot of pics for you?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:39 no, he never took me to meet his friends, i met his parents and they were nice he said his mom didn't approve of me well either she is actress cause she treated me very nice(他的妈妈实在是个演员,因为她对我很好,却背地里不同意).

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:40 a woman who treated u very nice doesn't necessarily mean she has to approve of your marriage to her son. (一个对你很好的人不一定意味着就同意自己儿子和你结婚)Plus, in your way, have you ever thought about his real needs?maybe he needs more inner room(也许他需要自己的一些个人空间), not just have to answer his girl's question or always hear his girl saying "I don't think u love me enough"

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:41 yes good point. but it doesn't matter i am sure he has someone else now that his mother will like and has moved on so it is no big deal(没有什么大不了的,口语).

  And i never said kind of not enough love things to him, was never under him bugging him hell(bug someone hell,使某人生厌烦,我从来没有让他感到厌烦过) he lived in another state he had all the room he needed(他住在另外一个州,拥有自己想有的所有空间).

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:45 no big deal? anyway, he is your first man, first itself is something we can hardly forget. Which state he live, and how long does it take for you to meet him .

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:46 he lives in Virginia(维吉尼亚州) it takes 4 hrs by bus

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:47 and his current girlfriend didn't know anything about you and he? neither does she mind his ex-relationship with you?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:48 i don't know if he is dating i am just assuming(我不知道他是否有了新女友,我只是在猜测)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:49 but you told me you got to work and got to school , so you still have time for assuming ?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:50 i try not to think bout him at all

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:51 got to make him understand you can work and live without him and with no difference(让他明白没有他你照样能活的很好). i hope not to defend you with the question: what about if you didn't give yourself to him, will you feel better, not like your current desperate situation.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:52 yeah, I guess I wouldn't feel like fool

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:53 I might as well ask u, are u going to get married or what?(or what,别的什么,经常用于口语中)

  Nikky (01-8-29) 15:54 or what? well, it is either yes or no , I don't know, I don't know the answer to that question. For the past 7 months the answer has been yes, but now I will say that it depends(这个口语词组的使用频率极高,it depends,"那要看情况"), I was thinking about all the people who have----u know---who have gotten married and are now divorced(我在想那些结婚的人们-----如今却又离婚了), I think if we had gotten married, we probably wouldn't still be together because of the pressure(所以如果当初我结婚了的话,可能现在早因为压力而离婚了). so I am pouring out about me, tell me more about you?(我已经把我的事情都告诉你了,你呢,什么情况?)



  It's no big deal(没什么了不起的)

  I don't know the answer, I'm just assuming(猜测)

  It depends!

  Now I am pouring out about me, what about u? (我已经把我的事情都告诉你了,你呢,什么情况?)

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:07:51

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:55 me? what you want to know from me, you can come up with the question cause i am not used to introducing myself just like a fool(我不想象一个傻子一样自我介绍,还是你问吧).

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:56 you are not a fool, u have me up talking to you and it is 4 am here(你当然不是傻子,你让我一直在和你谈话,你知道现在这里已经凌晨4点了)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 15:58 this is the best words I've heard today, I told you I am in shanghai but actually not a local shanghainese, I came from another city.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 15:59 do u have brothers and sisters?

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:00 i have a older brother who is also in shanghai and pursuing in the university for his Ph.d (我有一个哥哥也在上海读博士)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:01 to be doctor?(医生么?美国人总把Ph.d搞成医学博士)

  Brian (01-8-29) 16:01 no, kind of material engineering major, he's a big motivator for me, he has a lot of influence in my life in terms of u know, inspiring me to always try to move to the next level(哥哥对我影响很大,总是激励我,推向人生下一个目标). So we spend a lot of time, sort of like what we are supposed to do , and you? do you have brothers and sisters ?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:01 u make me envy u so much(很羡慕你), 1 brother older

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:02 what he does?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:03 he is in college for computers

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:05 that's pretty good, you know, just before the graduation, i really want to go to overseas for further studying after taking the tofle and GRE test, but i cannot come up with a good statement.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:06 why u would like to study here

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:06 and no university in US can afford me a 100% scholarship(拿不到全奖去了也是刷盘子), the facts of no scholarship or even half one will make me wash the dishes all the time, and it scares the shit out of me(俚语:想到这我就不寒而栗,scare the shit out of somebody).

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:07 well, a lot of Chinese are doing quite well here in America, they are smart and hardworking and successful not just limited to the China Town(唐人街,或者中国城) and doing some dirty dishes job like what have imaged , so u don't need to have the panic(恐慌,害怕) like this.

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:08 u bet!(你说的很对,这同时也是美国国防部长拉穆斯.菲尔德的口头蝉,再次温习)All of my years of trying to figure out stuff for myself, so I guess I have been able to look at my life in a way that I guess a lot of people have, I try to catalogue it.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:09 u did! My friend

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:10 and for u, I think that the only way to think of it is that , u know, people're saying your wound, is your gold(伤痛是金), u know. Wherever u're hurt, that's where u become stronger. So that's what, that's what it's really about(习惯用法:就是这样).

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:10 yeah, u say that, that's what it's really about. But I'm still a bit not confident about the stuff I have, I mean, I just sort of a girl who is very easily to please or kinda satisfy, I am not as hard for my former boyfriend as to understand, I just couldn't figure out……(我是一个很容易满足的女人,但我的前男友却不这么想,我真不知道是为什么)

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:11 well, Nikky, did ever u hear the California beach story(有个加州海滩的故事), A man was walking along a California beach and stumbled across an old lamp(碰到了一旧灯). He picked it up and rubbed it and out popped a genie(打开后,跳出一魔鬼).

  The genie said, "OK! You released me from the lamp, This is the first time this month . You can get one wish!(你把我从里面放出来,我准你许个愿望)"

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:12 what did he want?

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:12 The man sat and thought about it for a while and said, "I've always wanted to go to Hawaii but I'm scared to fly and I get very seasick. Could you build me a bridge to Hawaii so I can drive over there to visit?(我一直想去夏威夷,不想坐飞机,而且还晕船"seasick",你能不能替我修座到那儿的桥,这样我就可以开车过去了)"

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:13 and the genie built the bridge for the man?

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:13 no, the genie laughed and said, "That's impossible. Think of the logistics of that! How would the supports ever reach the bottom of the Pacific? Think of how much concrete, how much steel! No, think of another wish(不可能,你想想这得花多少水泥,多少钢筋呀,许别的愿吧)."

  The man said, "OK" and tried to think of a really good wish. Finally, he said, "I've been married and divorced four times. My wives always said that I don't care and that I'm insensitive. So, I wish that I could understand women, know how they feel inside and what they're thinking when they give me the silent treatment, know why they're crying, know what they really want when they say 'nothing'; know how to make them truly happy...." (我结了四次婚,都离了,我的妻子们都说我不懂女人心,不够体贴,所以我想许个愿意,希望能了解女人,当她们不理我的时候明白她们内心在想什么,知道为什么她们会哭泣,当她们说"不"的时候什么是真正想要的东西,怎样让她们幸福......)

  The genie said, "You want that bridge two lanes or four?"(魔鬼说了,桥是想要两条通道还是四条通道?)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:15 your nut(你这个小混蛋!)! I'm not the kind of woman in your story. :<

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:15 so don't think anything about it, don't u be thinking that if u will be more in love with him today that u were even 7 months ago or something like that, u are still gotten to get to meet someone and marry him, right?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:17 I don't know

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:19 but u are not ruling it out(高级口语用法:不排除这种可能性).

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:20 yeah, I am not ruling it out. I still have a lot of things to get through. I will not mind his cheating on me any more……

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:20 80% men cheated in America, the other 20% cheated in Europe.

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:20 a larger percentage in America

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:21 larger?

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:21 larger



  I'm not ruling it out(我不排除这种可能性)

  He has a lot of influence in my life in terms of u know, inspiring me to always try to move to the next level (他对我影响很大,总是激励我,推向人生下一个目标)

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:08:37

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:23 i guess u are really tired though, Nikky? (是啊,聊的太长了)

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:35 yeah, my friend, i get to bed , hope to talk to u soon

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:35 alright, let's call it a day and have a good sleep!

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:36 thanks, nice talking to u

  Brian:(01-8-29) 16:37 me too, bye

  Nikky:(01-8-29) 16:37 bye J


  Brian的小结:一个好句子:Let's call it a day!(让我们今天到此为止吧)

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:09:16

  Nikky:how are u doing , Brian, long time no see, how is it going on there with u(最简单也是最地道的打招呼方法).

  Brian:I am just fine, and u?

  Nikky:not good actually, u know what happened to us, the world now surely knows what happened in the USA(不是很好,整个世界都知道美国发生了什么).

  Brian:Well, where were you on the morning of September 11?

  Nikky:I had just gotten up very early at my home in nyc and I made myself a cup of tea and I had turned on NPR(美国的一个广播电台,全称为国内公用无线电台,大概相当于我们的中央人民广播电台) and heard that a commuter plane had ashed into the Trade Towers, so I didn't pay much attention to it(第一架飞机撞上世贸时,我并没有引起注意). And then, a good friend of mine from Manhattan(曼哈顿) called up and told me it was more serious than that(更严重的事情发生), and that I should turn on the news. And then, I began calling people in New York to find out what happened.

  Brian:what NPR mean, is that the National Public Radio?

  Nikky:u bet.

  Brian:it seems that the president W. Bush also heard the news that morning too when the first plane case happened, but just like u, he didn't pay much attention to it too, just thought some fool pilot doing that (第一架飞机撞上时,你们总统小布什好象也没有引起注意,以为是飞行员技术太糟糕)

  Nikky:yeah, he then was not in Washington, he was visiting a little school(他当时正在参观一个小学校)

  Brian:and then the secret worker(特工) leaned his ear and told him that your America was just under attack(美国遭受袭击了).

  Nikky:but he is calm, more calm than the most Americans later can expect.

  Brian:what do u think immediately , what was your feeling at that time, do u think that the world changed forever since?

  Nikky:I did. I remember calling someone -- I got through on one of the first calls to New York, and someone said "the world has changed." And I think I realized in that moment everything was different(我在那一刻意识到世界从此会不一样了).

  Brian的小结:这是9.11后第一次和Nikky相见,其间事隔很长时间。事实是自从8月29日和她聊完以后,我在网上就再也没有见到过她,美国出了这个事情,全世界的人都震住了。但好歹也过去2个多月了,和他们聊天知道了一个普通美国人对美国遭受袭击的看法,WTC这次真的是美国近代史上遭受的最严重的一次恐怖性灾难,其中也有部分中国同胞。在随后的几个月里,一见到美国人,我问的第一句话就是:"where were you on the morning of September 11?"

  第二句就是:"what was your feeling at that time"

  他们十有八九会说:"I realized in that moment everything was different

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:09:54

  Brian:u know, I have been trying to contact u as much as I can(我想方设法联系你) and I even hope that u can show up there in the icq but u seem just sort of evaporate(蒸发) from the earth, I even thought of the worst about u, the only thing that I know about u is that u are living in nyc(你住在纽约,我还以为你也....)

  Nikky:thank u, my friend, I am just ok, I am here and I show up to tell u that I am the same but just believe that the whole Americans want to know what the hell is going on here, what have we done, is this a retribution(报偿)?

  Brian:I don't want to say anything, I just want u know that in China, Chinese was shocked by the deadly attack as well(我们中国人也感到震惊), u know, more than 5,000 lives were ended by evil(5000多条生命就这样没了,<后来经统计是3100多人>)

  Nikky:well, they are elites(精英) from all works of life in the world.

  Brian:yeah, they are elite, A lot of people in the financial business, stock brokers, insurance forms (都是一些金融、证券和保险公司)and a whole lot of people lost their entire companies, including some Chinese companies and Chinese people as well, the news in the yahoo! just brought up the names of companies in the wtc, I can see a lot of Chinese forms(网上已经公布了世贸大楼里的公司,有很多是中国公司).

  Nikky:that's just one man stood up, he was Afghanistan

  Brian:and Taliban


  Brian:the Afghanistan and the Taliban are the most frequently searched words nowadays in the mainly Chinese web site, probably in the world web site too(阿富汗和塔利班现在是热门搜索词汇)

  Nikky:I still don't understand what happened, it's just like a nightmare, u know, Brian, we don't want war, but it just like the novel or some movie, but ----(这种事情一般在小说或者电影里出现的)

  Brian:yeah, it reminds a lot of people what's going on to the America's naval and air base----u know that----the Pearl Harbor(珍珠港) , probably one of the most successful surprise attacks(突然袭击) in the history of modern warfare(战争).

  Nikky:I was not ever born but it's the largest humiliation in the American history, and the aircraft carriers helped them a lot(我那时还没出生呢,航空母舰起了很大作用)

  Brian:the American forces were so surprised that they were, how to say, they were unable to fight like what they used to do, but in just half an hour, everything had changed, that's what I told u that I do NOT like the Japanese guys.

  Nikky:this time, was different, u know, the Pearl Harbor, we can see it in the film, the Vietnams War, we can have the novel about it, it's something we can not control

  Brian:and a great deal of pain(巨大创痛)maybe it just diversity(文化不同带来的冲击)

  Nikky:no, it's not, it's not the diversity, it's hatred(仇恨) , it's surely the hatred which can not simply defined as some culture or religion(宗教) like that. (注:美国人认为这是一种不可以用文化不同来定义的,也不是用宗教就能解释了的)


  His promise evaporates like dew in July(他的誓言就象7月的露水一样蒸发的无影无踪)

  It's just like a nightmare, u know, Brian, we don't want war, but it just like the novel or some movie, but ----(这种事情一般在小说或者电影里出现的)

  China doesn't have a aircraft carrier ourselves(中国现在还没有一艘属于自己的航空母舰)

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:10:21

  Nikky:so to your question, it is hard for me to make an answer, cuz I don't know what is really like when I really have the circumstances, maybe I just need to call my parents or have them together and all of my friends to talk, talk everything we experienced, whatever(相当no matter what,口语), or talk with my students, u know, I love them, and wish they can love me the way I do to them, that's it, who ever knows that(天知道呀).

  Brian:well, I know, nikky, u're hurt , and the whole Americans get hurt by this, and this war will never end until u get the Osama Bin Laden, right? Since I heard a lot of social and militant experts say u Americas will not call it a triumph if didn't catch Laden(逮不着他就不能算胜利).

  Nikky:i doubt it, even we have him, who is now the most wanted man in the world, the war will never end, we will have another Bin Laden, one of another.

  Brian:how about Sadam?

  Nikky:he is ok, but currently I think, for a long period to come, the Osama will be the one that should be responsible for those dead soul, for the children who lost their parents, he got to pay that, and that's it.

  Brian:there's a woman who left New York City 45 minutes before this happened, u know, Nikky, not in these two planes.

  Nikky:on an earlier plane?

  Brian:on an earlier plane, and she landed in Detroit, as soon as she saw the news, she really got into a state of panic(特别慌乱), cuz her son was on a United flight, she had thought, that from Newark to Los Angeles

  Nikky:the one that---well, that was Newark to Los Angeles made it, right?

  Brian:no, no , it didn't make it, she just later found out---well, he---the woman's son was actually on a Delta flight, so she found out seven hours later. But for the seven hours, she was feeling like---- like had been hit by a truck(在漫长的7个小时的等待消息过程中,她感觉就象被火车撞了一下似的), but then, u know

  Nikky:when she heard the good news that he was alive.

  Brian:when she hear that her son was still alive, her worry and her anguish(极度痛苦) didn't decrease, u know what?

  Nikky:cuz she could feel now what everyone else must have been going through(她在想一定有别人的母亲也像她一样难过痛苦)


  Maybe I just need to call my parents or have them together and all of my friends to talk, talk everything we experienced, whatever(口语:相当no matter what), or talk with my students(我问Nikky如果知道自己生命只剩下一个星期她会做什么)

  Who should be responsible for this? (谁该对此事负责?)

  He is one of the most wanted men in China because of the bank robbery(他因为抢银行成为中国首要通缉犯之一)

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:10:51

  Brian:yeah, I can feel that, that's so……

  Nikky:but On the other hand, I think that situations like this can bring out the best in people(越是到危难,越是显现人性的美好). I have read, for example, that during the blitz(闪电战) in London, during World War II, that mental health was at an all-time high. The depression almost disappeared, anxiety disappeared. So in the face of that kind of threat, sometimes that can bring out the best in people.

  Brian:and a whole lot of New Yorker's extremely calm is a sign, right?


  Brian:but I still doubt that

  Nikky:doubt what

  Brian:doubt the pain that the Americans are suffering

  Nikky:surely we are suffering from those planes hitting the buildings and Pentagon(五角大楼) and the people we lost but we must find some way into balance(找到内心平衡点).

  Brian:balance with the pain of the horror of these deaths?

  Nikky:u can say that(口语常用:你说的对)

  Brian:you know, fear, there are several stages that people go through. First, shock, then helplessness(无助) , then panic , Then, people start to get angry, I mean the first impression I got on the tv, that most Americas were desperately shocked at the very beginning.

  Nikky:we're shocked, I think any nation, any nation in this world will be shocked by this despicable(卑劣的) acts, but u can still see that we were connected too, the firemen(消防员), the metro(口语:地铁) doctors and government, we're well connected(我们团结在一起).

  Brian:right, what u think of your president. W. Bush , what did the normal Americans think of him after the attack(注:想听听一个普通美国人对总统的看法)

  Nikky:well, he sort of(注:sort of用在这里从语法上看是不好解释的,干脆就不用解释了,美国人很喜欢在口语中夹杂sort of、kind of、kinda等用法) young but no lack of poised knack(表现很镇定,地道美语用法。想想我们说镇定该怎么说呢), he did everything he can do and made the right decision for the American people even there's no precedent(9.11确实在美国历史上没有先例) for this.

  Brian:who wants this kind of precedent for this, no wonder that his supporting rate(支持率)surfs in the recent months.

  Nikky:he is good guy, cuz his father is a good guy, people generally think that if his father is a good guy, he will be a good guy too , just like his father, u know , like father, like son(有其父必有其子,一般美国人都认为老布什是个好人,很得民心,这也对小布什巨大的无形资产).

  Brian:both from Yale(耶鲁大学)

  Nikky:Brian, u know what, u really know a lot of America politics

  Brian:u are flattering me(过奖了), nikky


  Like father, like son

  His supporting rate(支持率)surfs(飚升) in the recent months

  What u think of your president. W. Bush , what did the normal Americans think of him after the attack(听听一个普通美国人对总统的看法,美国人一般都喜欢谈论有关总统的事情,你不信可以试试)

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:11:23

  Nikky:well , sometimes I just came to the view that talking with a native guy, are u sure that u are a Chinese?

  Brian:I am sure, my friend, I am Chinese, and my Chinese name is Dai Shi Hui. Actually Dai(戴) in Chinese is my last name, and Shi hui(世惠) is my first name, people call me like Dai-Shi-hui, in American way, it gets to put the upside down----Shi-hui-Dai.(美国人叫法是倒过来,世惠-戴)


  Brian:pretty good, follow me, again, Dai-shi-hui(我在教她念我的名字)


  Brian:u get it?

  Nikky:ok, I get it, Dai-Shi-hui, what does that mean, is your name meaningful?(名字有什么特殊意义吗。很好的句子,下次见到老外时一定用出去)

  Brian:it has some certain meanings in Chinese, actually Dai is my father and father's father's name, so I get to follow that name, u know in China, a new born child should be given his father' last name in most conditions instead of the mom's (在中国,大多数情况随父姓), just like in America, when a girl weds someone, she got to change her name of to her husband's(而在美国,当女孩嫁人后,随老公姓,跟香港人和日本一样), is it correct?

  Nikky:yeah, u say that, sounds interesting, so what Shi-Hui mean?

  Brian:well, Shi(世) in Chinese means the "world" and Hui(惠) probably means "smart", my parents just wish me to be a smart boy and have a world view as much as possible.

  Nikky:ehh, where u come from? U told me that u are not a local shanghainese, is shanghainese correct one, I am not sure about that

  Brian:yeah, u are right, my friend, I came from Hubei Province, a south province in China, one of the four hottest provinces in China probably, u know, in the summer, going out in the day is a dangerous thing and it's just sort of stove(火炉) and baking hot(形容非常炎热的天气,这个用法绝对地道,是我跟一个外国小孩学的).

  Nikky:here Nyc too, since the winter is nearly coming, I just try to stay home as much as I can.(只要我能呆在家里,我就呆在家里。这个用法太简单了,可用的地方很多)

  Brian:so u don't have social life.

  Nikky:no, I have as much as I want, but it's freezing up here(极度寒冷,充分对应刚才的非常炎热)

  Brian:so u decide to be kind of a indoor girl


  Brian:never feel lonely sometimes?

  Nikky:actually a little bit, but it's ok, and I can get by it with myself, since I have a lot of work to do and the time that I can spend online is really not much, u are someone that keep me talking and talking

  Brian:my pleasure


david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:11:55

  Nikky:me too, u know, Brian, I just bumped into u in the net, I don't have the expectation about where we gonna talk about neither do I know what we can be, I don't know u and u don't know me either(恋人分手时常说的话), we are just some sort of friends on passing by("一面之交",我曾经就因为这个用法使IBM的一个engineer对我刮目相看), but still wish that we can talk for a while cuz it feels good when talking to u and your English is surprising and your Chinese name is Dai-Shi-Hui, so nice talking to u, Dai-shi-hui

  Brian:thanks, Nikky, u can call me Xiao Dai(小戴), Xiao in Chinese means Small or Little, u can always call someone whose last name is Li like "Xiao Li" And of course , nice talking to u too.

  Nikky:alright, Xiao Dai

  Brian:wait a minute, Nikky, a friend of mine just is calling me

  Nikky:no problem


  Brian:I am back, he got , u know , Nikky, my friend got a little problem with his girlfriend.

  Nikky:what's up?(很棒的一个小句子,发生什么事了,出什么事情了,相当于北京俚语"wo cao")

  Brian:while he got a girl and they know each other for quite a long time(认识很长时间了) , I mean, when they are in the same class taking the same major in the university(大学里同专业也同班), they get along with each other very very well, but their rapport(关系,口语中常用,接近"relationship") changed a little bit and was rocky(形容关系摇摇欲坠,非常不稳定) probably, and he was away for business for a week, u know they are living together without a wedding yet

  Nikky:in America we call this situation "shacking up"("shack up",未婚同居)

  Brian:shack up? So does this kind of things happen frequently in America?

  Nikky:quite a lot, so what's going on with his girl, not love him any more?

  Brian:worse than that, one week before he went back, he sent a letter to her to make her know he will be back, but when he got back and unlocked the door only to find that his girl was in another's arm(比这还差,在他回来前一个星期,他写了一封信告诉她将要回来,但当他打开家门却发现他的女友躺在别人的怀里).

  Nikky:he must be heart broken

  Brian:he does and that's why he calls me just now and keep asking me why, why him, why this stupid thing comes over to him, he is so kind to her

  Nikky:well, maybe she just didn't receive the letter

  Brian:u're kidding again! Nikky, he's one of my best friend, a very very good man and has a very very good job and their relationship used to be so charming and stable, but now changed.


david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:12:21

  Nikky:I feel sorry for him too.

  Brian:and I bet she will never find someone like him who treats her so good too(我敢打赌她再也找不到对她这么好的人了)

  Nikky:it's hard to say, Brian, maybe it's just 'cause she got tired about the way he loves her, she did NOT need to find someone like him, if she didn't love him anymore, there's no need for her to find a copy(复制品,一模一样的人), that's it.

  Brian:maybe u are right, Nikky , u always have sth to talk me into it(高级口语:你总是能把我说服) does this sort of thing happen in America?


  Nikky:well, this sort of things happened in every country.

  Brian:maybe he just couldn't understand her very well, that's the point

  Nikky:i doubt it, a man doesn't need to understand a woman much often, all he needs to do is love her if he really cares for her. to be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little. to be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all. (要使男人幸福,就多理解他一点,少爱他一点;要使女人幸福,就多爱她一点,少理解她一点。<这个女人知道的爱情逻辑还真不少!>)

  Brian:that's why u think that your ex-boyfriend not love u enough, right?

  Nikky:yeah, that's the point

  Brian:smart woman!

  Nikky:i'd rather doubt, i don't want to be a smart woman unless i can find a smart man, u know, here we have a ROMANCE MATHEMATICS:

  Smart man + smart woman = romance

  Smart man + dumb woman = affair (风流韵事)

  Dumb man + smart woman = marriage

  Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy

  Brian:sounds pretty interesting

  Brian:well, i guess i'd rather be a dumb man even i haven't any girl love me yet, i would like to find a smart woman, and then i can have a marriage.

  Nikky:that's what the normal and ordinary people think, and hope u can find someone in the future, someone that u can really have your faith on, and i do believe that u can find the other half.

  Brian:your America say the other half too? i had thought that it's just a Chinese phrase.(美国人也说"另一半"么,我还以为只在中国通用)

  Nikky:when will u get married , my friend

  Brian:well, it's so hard for me tell say that, i mean, i'm not enough, i'm not successful enough to find a girl, u know , Nikky, when i was in the high school or in the college, i never thought sth, thought sth about the responsibility , the so-called responsibility like that, we can always spend the whole day together hanging around the street in the winter(冬天我能和女友逛一天街), u know, Nikky, in the Northeast of China, it's awfully freezing up (长春冬天比较冷)there, but we just walk and walk in the dark snow never feeling cold, and time goes by here i graduate and get a pretty well-paid job, but i still don't like it(时光荏苒,我已经毕业一年多了).

  Nikky:still miss the old days, nostalgic(怀旧的)

  Brian:right, it's nostalgic, but when i know that kind of life will never come Back(学生的日子再也无法回头) and whenever i thought about that, thought about the life----my college life that i spend with my girl, i got really really depressed.

  Nikky:while, try to look forward(向前看), my friend


  We just met in passing only(我们只是一面之交。<绝对地道好句子>)

  U are talking mesintosit (你把我说服了/你说的很有道理)

  How much do u want to bet(你赌什么/打赌时常用!)

david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:12:52

  Brian:i tried, but sometime i just can't pull myself out of it(陷入其中,无法拔身), so i thought i was a dumb and stupid person, and unsuccessful.

  Nikky:what the "successful" mean to u?

  Brian:a successful man is one who can earn more money than his wife can spend,i can not even earn the enough money for myself

  Nikky:how much u earn every month

  Brian:well, much lower than u can expect, 5000RMB, including all the taxes and Medicaid(医疗补助), if u don't have a clear idea about how exactly, put itsintosus that's around 600 us so that amount is actually enough for me to make a living myself, but if for me and another girl, it will be a problem.

  Nikky:while, is 5000RMB a month a lot in China?(也可以谈谈薪资水平,但前提是在双方都比较了解的基础之上,因为好象他们都比较在乎这个,比较忌讳这个话题,所以如果是刚开始一见面就问"hello, tell me how much u earn a month",别人肯定不会理你)

  Brian:on everage, it's a lot in Shanghai, and shanghai is actually one of the best well-paid cities in China, other cities includes Beijing ,Guangzhou and Shenzhen, so if in shanghai, 5000RMB is a lot, it will also be a lot in China.

  Nikky:then what u worry about , what u be upset about, i nearly envy u a little

  Brian:and u, how much u earn, Nikky?

  Nikky:i make about -3400 a month plus a bonus(加上奖金) sometimes, and i pay a month for my apartment, but i have a lot of other bills and my car and without a full time job i wont be able to pay for all of them(这个Nikky一个月就够挣我半年的)

  Brian:that's a lot. Tell me where can i find this kind of job?

  Nikky:that's not a lot, i don't have too much savings(存款) actually, u love money?

  Brian:u know, i am not money hooker, i can live with maybe 500RMB, but in shanghai , the biggest issue for me right now, is that the house, the apt i live, i don't own a house, have to pay the rent every 3 months, that's my terrible overload.(房租是我沉重的负担)

  Nikky:things will be better off(生活会更好,更光明,克林顿访中国时候就说过)"we'll be better off if the Chinese people and the American people can hold hands and understand each other better") if u can afford a apt for yourself.

  Brian:that's one of my dream, and probably it will take me forever to have one(我永远也拥有不了自己的房子), it's ridiculously expensive(贵的离谱), on the condition of my current salary, it will take me for about 15 years to buy a 70 Square meter apt, sort of near the suburb , those downtown apts are more expensive.(按目前的薪资,要买一70平米的房子,得15年,还是郊区的)

  Nikky:15 years? U are lucky, here in US a 900 Square foot(美国的长度单位还有重量单位跟我们不太一样,他们用英尺、英寸和磅,900平方英尺我按1米3英尺换算了一下,差不多100平米)apt will actually cost us 150 years to buy, mostly people get the loan from the bank and pay them every month in a while.

  Brian:u make me feel better, and no wonder that i saw that the america people are working so hard (我这才明白为什么大部分美国人其实工作起来都蛮认真的,否则没有工作银行就不给你贷款,房子也就完了)

  Nikky:yeah, they are very seriously working guy for their credit rates(美国银行的信用等级)in the bank.


david 发表于 2006-9-19 10:13:31

  Brian:so i'm thinking , just thinking if only i can meet a millionaire of a girl whose father is a millionaire(要是我遇见一个millionaire或者millionaire的女儿该有多好呀)

  Nikky:wish u good lucky, Brian, maybe that can save u 15 years of hard working(也许这能省了你15年的辛勤工作), and i suppose that now u should stop talking with a woman far far away from America, u should walk around the street and ask the every possible woman u met:" are u a millionaire?"

  Brian:maybe u are a millionaire, maybe u are the person that i want to find

  Nikky:u are killing me(你别跟我开玩笑了)

  Brian:i really want to kill u if u really are

  Nikky:ok, just come on and kill me

  Brian:u will be right there waiting for me to kill u?

  Nikky:absolutely, if u can really be here

  Brian:well, i hope i can

  Nikky:but u can't

  Brian:no, i can

  Nikky:u can't

  Brian:I can

  Nikky:Just show me

  Brian:no argument, i don't want to argue with a woman. A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.(争论中说最后一句话的总是女人,如果男人再在这最后一句话跟上什么话,无疑会引起一场新的争论)


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