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[TED] 【TED】为什么健康的生活方式几乎把我害死

发表于 2018-2-11 16:42:11 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式

I've spent the last decade subjecting myself to pain and humiliation, hopefully for a good cause, which is self-improvement.And I've done this in three parts.

过去的10年时间,我一直处于悲伤和羞辱 期待着有一个好的理由改变自己。这个理由就是自我提高。于是我从三方面开始做起。

So first I started with the mind. And I decided to try to get smarter by reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica from A to Z -- or, more precisely, from "a-ak" to "Zywiec.”


And here's a little image of that.And this was an amazing year. It was really a fascinating journey.It was painful at times, especially for those around me.My wife started to fine me one dollar for every irrelevant fact I inserted into conversation.

现在已经没什么太大印象了,这是不可思议的一年,整个过程很吸引人 。有时也很痛苦,尤其对我身边的人来说更是如此。每当我在谈话时加入一些在大英百科全书中读到的与谈话无关的事实时,我妻子就会罚我一美元。

So it had its downsides. But after that, I decided to work on the spirit. As I mentioned last year, I grew up with no religion at all. I'm Jewish, but I'm Jewish in the same way the Olive Garden is Italian.

所以说这也有不好的一面。但这之后 我决定在精神层面上做些文章。就像我去年提到的那样 我从小就没有宗教信仰。我是犹太人,像美式Olive Garden餐厅里做的意大利餐那样,我不像传统的犹太人 。

Not really.


But I decided to learn about the Bible and my heritage by actually diving in and trying to live it and immerse myself in it.So I decided to follow all the rules of the Bible.And from the Ten Commandments to growing my beard -- because Leviticus says you cannot shave. So this is what I looked like by the end.

但是我决定去了解一下圣经和犹太传统文化,通过真正进入到其中,让自己完全融入到那个环境中去。所以我决定遵循圣经的所有条例。从十戒 到蓄起胡须-- 因为《利未记》要求人们不许剔除胡须。所以这就是我最后的样子 。

Thank you for that reaction. (Laughter) I look a little like Moses, or Ted Kaczynski.I got both of them.So there was the topiary there. And there's the sheep.

谢谢你们对此的反应 。(笑声) 我看起来有点像摩西,或是泰德•卡钦斯基。都挺像的。这张修剪了一下。这就是那只羊。

Now the final part of the trilogy was I wanted to focus on the body and try to be the healthiest person I could be, the healthiest person alive.So that's what I've been doing the last couple of years.And I just finished a couple of months ago. And I have to say, thank God. Because living so healthily was killing me.


It was so overwhelming, because the amount of things you have to do, it's just mind-boggling.I was listening to all the experts and talking to sort of a board of medical advisers.And they were telling me all the things I had to do.I had to eat right, exercise, meditate, pet dogs, because that lowers the blood pressure.I wrote the book on a treadmill, and it took me about a thousand miles to write the book.

太让人受不了了,因为有许多你不得不做的事情数量多的让人难以置信。我听取了所有专家的意见 和许多医疗顾问交流。他们告诉我所有必需做的事情。我必须正确膳食 锻炼,冥想,养宠物因为那样可以降低血压。我在跑步机上写书为了这本书,我跑了近1000公里

I had to put on sunscreen.This was no small feat, because if you listen to dermatologists, they say that you should have a shot glass full of sunscreen.And you have to reapply it every two to four hours. So I think half of my book advance went into sunscreen.


I was like a glazed doughnut for most of the year.There was the washing of hands. I had to do that properly. And my immunologist told me that I should also wipe down all of the remote controls and iPhones in my house, because those are just orgies of germs.So that took a lot of time.

我一年中大部分时间就像个光滑的甜甜圈。关于洗手方面 ,必须洗的正确。免疫学家告诉我,我必须仔细擦拭家里所有的遥控器和iPhone,因为它们滋生大量的细菌。这件事花费了我大量时间。

I also tried to be the safest person I could be, because that's a part of health.I was inspired by the Danish Safety Council.They started a public campaign that says, "A walking helmet is a good helmet." So they believe you should not just wear helmets for biking, but also for walking around. And you can see there they're shopping with their helmets.

我还尽我所能做个最安全的人,因为这也是健康的一部分。我受到丹麦安全委员会的启发。他们发起一个公益活动,口号是:“步行专用头盔是个好头盔” 。他们认为不仅仅要在骑单车的时候戴头盔走路的时候同样需要。如你所见,他们连购物都带着头盔。

(Laughter) Well yeah, I tried that.

(笑声) 恩,我也尝试了

Now it's a little extreme, I admit.But if you think about this, this is actually -- the "Freakonomics" authors wrote about this -- that more people die on a per mile basis。from drunk walking than from drunk driving. So something to think about tonight if you've had a couple. So I finished, and it was a success in a sense. All of the markers went in the right direction. My cholesterol went down, I lost weight, my wife stopped telling me that I looked pregnant. So that was nice.


And it was successful overall.But I also learned that I was too healthy, and that was unhealthy.I was so focused on doing all these things that I was neglecting my friends and family. And as Dan Buettner can tell you, having a strong social network is so crucial to our health.


So I finished.And I kind of went overboard on the week after the project was over.I went to the dark side, and I just indulged myself. It was like something out of Caligula.(Laughter) Without the sex part.Because I have three young kids, so that wasn't happening.But the over-eating and over-drinking, definitely.

我于是停止了这些健康计划。健康计划中止后的一周,我让自己稍微放纵了一下。开始了不健康的生活方式,尽情放任自己。有点像《罗马帝国艳情史》里那样。(笑声) 当然这里可没有关于性的部分。因为我已经有三个孩子了,因此不是你想的那样。不过大吃大喝是肯定要有的。

And I finally have stabilized.So now I'm back to adopting many -- not all; I don't wear a helmet anymore -- but dozens of healthy behaviors that I adopted during my year.It was really a life-changing project.And I, of course, don't have time to go into all of them.


Let me just tell you two really quickly.The first is -- and this was surprising to me; I didn't expect this to come out -- but I live a much quieter life now.Because we live in such a noisy world. There's trains and planes and cars and Bill O'Reilly, he's very noisy. (Laughter) And this is a real underestimated, under-appreciated health hazard -- not just because it harms our hearing, which it obviously does, but it actually initiates the fight-or-flight response. A loud noise will get your fight-or-flight response going. And this, over the years, can cause real damage, cardiovascular damage.

我只简单告诉大家两件事。首先是--一件让我感到惊讶的事情,我之前并没有抱这个期望-- 但现在我却有了一个更安静的生活。我们生活在一个嘈杂的世界。充斥着火车、飞机、汽车 和比尔•奥雷利(美国时事评论员),他吵死了。(笑声) 这的确是一个被低估、被忽视的健康隐患——不仅仅是因为它有损听力,这点是毫无疑问的。它实际上还会让人产生 “攻击或逃离”这个心理应急机制。高分贝噪声会让你启动应急机制。这样持续数年 会造成真正的损伤,心血管损伤。

The World Health Organization just did a big study that they published this year.And it was done in Europe.And they estimated that 1.6 million years of healthy living are lost every year in Europe because of noise pollution. So they think it's actually very deadly. And by the way, it's also terrible for your brain. It really impairs cognition.

世界卫生组织做了一个大型研究并于今年出版。研究在欧洲进行,他们预计 人类过去160万年形成的健康生活方式在欧洲逐年减少,这正是由于噪音污染。他们认为噪音污染的确是非常致命的。同时,它还对人的大脑非常有害。 噪音污染会损害认知能力。

And our Founding Fathers knew about this.When they wrote the Constitution, they put dirt all over the cobblestones outside the hall so that they could concentrate.So without noise reduction technology, our country would not exist. So as a patriot, I felt it was important to -- I wear all the earplugs and the earphones, and it's really improved my life in a surprising and unexpected way


And the second point I want to make, the final point, is that -- and it's actually been a theme of TEDMED -- that joy is so important to your health,.that very few of these behaviors will stick with me unless there's some sense of pleasure and joy in them.


And just to give you one instance of this: food. The junk food industry is really great at pressing our pleasure buttons and figuring out what's the most pleasurable.But I think we can use their techniques and apply them to healthy food. To give just one example, we love crunchiness, mouthfeel. So I basically have tried to incorporate crunchiness into a lot of my recipes -- throw in some sunflower seeds. And you can almost trick yourself into thinking you're eating Doritos. (Laughter) And it has made me a healthier person.

举一个例子食物。垃圾食品行业 特别擅长 开启我们的愉悦感 并带给我们最快乐的感受。但是我想我们可以将他们的技术,应用到健康食品领域。比如说我们喜欢脆脆的口感,于是我试着把这种脆脆的口感加入到我的许多食谱中--比如放一些葵花籽进去。你就会有像吃多力多滋(玉米片) 一样的口感 。(笑声) 这使我变得更健康

So that is it.The book about it comes out in April.It's called "Drop Dead Healthy." And I hope that I don't get sick during the book tour. That's my greatest hope.

就是这些。这本书四月面世,书名叫做“不要盲目追求健康” 。我希望新书宣传的时候我不要病倒。这是我最大的愿望。

So thank you very much.


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