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        New haunts and classic villains hit the big screen for supersized scares throughout the entire year.


        1. The Bye Bye Man


        Jan. 13


        The STX thriller follows three college students who move into an old house and unwittingly unleash a supernatural entity who preys upon them once they discover his name. Faye Dunaway stars in the Stacy Title film.


        2. Split


        Jan. 20


        M. Night Shyamalan wrote and directs the Universal thriller, which stars James McAvoy as a creepy kidnapper who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and takes three high school girls captive with his 23 distinct personalities. The supernatural film co-stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, Jessica Sula and Haley Lu Richardson.


        3. Rings


        Feb. 3


        The Paramount threequel - to 2002's The Ring and 2005's The Ring Two - resumes the tales centering on a mysterious cursed videotape that threatens to take viewers' lives. F. Javier Gutierrez directs the third installment of the hit horror franchise, this time starring Johnny Galecki, Aimee Teegarden, Vincent D'Onofrio and Laura Wiggins.


        4. A Cure for Wellness


        Feb. 17


        Dane DeHaan stars in the Fox psychological thriller as an employee who is sent to rescue his boss from a European “wellness spa" but soon realizes he's trapped, and discovers that the facility has a more sinister purpose than just serving the health needs of its patients. Also featuring Mia Goth, the film is director Gore Verbinski's first horror film since 2002's The Ring.


        5. Patient Zero


        Feb. 17


        The Screen Gems title stars Matt Smith as a man who can communicate with the zombie-like creatures who are taking over the planet. Hoping to find the cure, he tracks down Patient Zero (Stanley Tucci), who for some reason does not exhibit the usual symptoms of the virus. Stefan Ruzowitzky directs the film, also featuring Natalie Dormer, Clive Standen and John Bradley.


        6. Get Out


        Feb. 24


        Comedy Central breakout Jordan Peele wrote and directs the Universal release, following a young black man who visits his white girlfriend's family estate and uncovers a sinister, racially-charged conspiracy. Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams star as the young couple, alongside Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford and Keith Stanfield.


        7. Raw


        March 10


        Julia Ducournau wrote and directs the French-language coming-of-age film about a vegetarian college student who slowly becomes a cannibal. The Focus World title notably led multiple audience members to pass out during a fest screening last year.

        茱莉亚•迪库尔诺是这部法语成长纪事电影的编剧兼导演,影片讲述了一个素食主义大学生慢慢变为食人族的故事。在去年的一场电影节放映会上,这部Focus World制作的电影将许多观众吓晕了。

        8. The Belko Experiment


        March 17


        Tony Goldwyn is among those trapped in a high-rise corporate office in Bogota, Colombia as part of a twisted social experiment, which asks 83 Americans to kill three of their coworkers or those running the experiment will kill six of them. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn penned the BH Tilt release, directed by Greg McLean.

        83名美国人被困在哥伦比亚波哥大的一座高层办公楼里,以进行一场扭曲的社会实验,实验者要求被困者杀掉3名同事,否则就在他们中杀掉6人。托尼•高德温是其中一名被困者。影片发行方为BH Tilt,《银河护卫队》导演詹姆斯•刚担任该片编剧,克瑞格•麦克林恩担任导演。

        9. Sleight


        April 7


        JD Dillard's directorial debut centers on a young street magician who is left to care for his little sister after his mother's passing and turns to drug dealing in the Los Angeles party scene to keep a roof over their heads. When he gets into trouble with his supplier, his sister is kidnapped and he is forced to rely on both his sleight of hand and brilliant mind to save her. The BH Tilt release stars Jacob Latimore, Dulé Hill and Seychelle Gabriel.

        《魔术技法》是JD•迪拉德的导演处女作。一名年轻的街头魔术师在母亲去世后负责照顾他的小妹妹,他在洛杉矶的派对上贩卖毒品以维持两人的生计。在魔术师与供货商发生冲突后,他的妹妹被人绑架,他不得不依靠自己的魔术技法和聪明头脑去拯救妹妹。该片由BH Tilt发行,雅各布•拉蒂摩尔、多勒•希尔和赛切儿•加布埃尔担任主演。

        10. Amityville: The Awakening


        June 30


        Bella Thorne and Jennifer Jason Leigh are among those in the 14th installment of the classic horror franchise. Directed by Franck Khalfoun, the latest entry from Dimension and Blumhouse follows a young girl who moves into a new home with her single mother and comatose young brother, who makes a miraculous recovery as other strange phenomena occurs.



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