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Google Announces New Privacy Tools, Drops Price of New Pixel Phone


Google has announced new privacy tools designed to help protect personal data. It has also launched a much lower-cost Pixel phone. The announcements came on the first day of Google's I/O 2019 conference in Mountain View, California.


Google officials said the new privacy tools would be added to many of the company's products.


The changes come after Google and other major technology companies have faced repeated calls from privacy groups and lawmakers to take measures to protect user data.


Google CEO Sundar Pichai opened the conference by noting that Google was seeking tokeep up with"evolving user expectations" on privacy.


One privacy change will extend Google's existing "incognito mode" to its Google Maps and Google search apps later this year. The company says that, when activated, incognito blocks user searches or movements from being stored by Google. Incognito mode has been available in Google Chrome and YouTube for quite some time.

谷歌在隐私方面做出的其中一个改变是,谷歌地图和谷歌搜索应用将于今年晚些时候添加隐私模式。谷歌表示,开启隐身模式后,用户的搜索或移动路线不会再被谷歌保存。Google Chrome和YouTube在相当长一段时间之前就已经添加了隐身模式。

The company also announced a new version of its Android phone operating system called Android Q. Google says the new version will give users more controls over restricting how different mobile apps save information like location data.


Android product director Stephanie Cutherbertson said at the conference that the release of Android Qis aimed atprotecting "security and privacy." She said location data recorded by mobile apps is "some of your most personal information."


Google has been criticized in the past for making it difficult for users to block location tracking. In 2018, an Associated Press investigation found that Google continued storing location data even when usersturned offa "location history" setting on Android phones.


Google also announced new privacy tools for its home-based devices. Such systems use voice activation and machine learning to answer human questions and perform user requests.


The company launched a new website to explain how sensors used with these systems activate video and audio recording.


Google says users now have the ability to listen to any recordings the systems make and to clear them at any time. The company also said it would not use video footage, audio recordings or other sensor readings to target users with advertisements.


After the announcements, some critics said they still do not think Google is doing enough in efforts to protect user privacy. They noted that the company makes billions of dollars each year by selling ads targeted at the interests users show through their search requests and data collected by Google apps and services.


"They're sort of marginal improvements," said Jeremy Tillman, head of Ghostery, a company that makes internet ad-blocking products. "They are not bad, but they almost seem like they're designed to give the company a better messaging push instead of making wholesale improvements to user privacy."


Marc Rotenberg is president of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. He said he believes Google's privacy measures are too weak. "Unless the Federal Trade Commissionis prepared tobring enforcement actions against companies, these promises to protect privacy matter very little," Rotenberg said.


Also at the conference, Google announced the launch of its lowest-priced smartphone yet — the Pixel 3a. The phone comes in two sizes, with the smaller one priced at $399. The previous version of the device, the Pixel 3, sells for $799.

谷歌在大会上还推出了其定价最低的智能手机——Pixel 3a。这款手机有两种规格,屏幕较小款定价399美元。而这款手机的上一代Pixel 3的售价为799美元。

The company also announced new features for its machine learning-powered Google Assistant. In the coming months, the Assistant will gain the ability to complete a series of steps to carry out some internet processes on its own.

谷歌还发布了依靠机器学习的Google Assistant语音助手的新功能。几个月之后,Google Assistant语音助手将增加一个新功能,即完成一系列步骤来自行处理一些互联网进程。

In a demonstration, Assistant was able to fully complete entire travel bookings and buy movie tickets by itself. A similar Android system received a lot of attention at last year's conference when it used a machine-generated voice to set a haircut appointment on its own.

在演示中,Google Assistant语音助手可以自行完成旅行预订和购买电影票的全部过程。谷歌在去年的大会上推出了一个类似的安卓系统,该系统因利用机器生成的声音自行完成了剪发预约而备受关注。

I'm Bryan Lynn.


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