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Last weekend, 28-year-old Zhou Senfeng became mayor of Yicheng in central China's Hubei province, making him the youngest mayor in the province and perhaps in the whole country, Chinese media report (in Chinese here).

Zhou was appointed mayor of Yicheng, a small (by Chinese standards) city of about 200,000, following a vote by local representatives of the National People's Congress. Under China's dual party-government leadership system, each of the country's 660 administratively designated cities have a mayor and Communist Party secretary who govern jointly, though in practice the mayor is usually subordinate to the party chief.


A native of neighboring Henan province, Zhou received a master's degree in management and engineering from Beijing's prestigious Tsinghua University in 2004. Prior to becoming mayor, Zhou held various posts, including vice-director of the municipal construction committee and vice-secretary of the planning bureau in Xiangfan city in Hubei.

China's Communist Party has been taking steps to provide more opportunities for younger officials at all levels (see this Chinese-language report from the People's Daily). Zhang Hui, 29, made headlines last year when he was appointed vice-secretary of the Communist Youth League's Shandong provincial committee.

The appointment of high-ranking local government and party officials from the 'post-80s generation,' as people born between 1980 and 1989 are known, has sparked heated debate online. Some applaud the appointment of young officials as an effort to make the leadership ranks more representative, while others question whether people in their 20s are qualified to handle the responsibilities of high-level positions.

'Age is not a problem here. Obama became President of the U.S. in his 40s,' said one writer on Netease.com. 'Why does experience count? The crucial point here is whether it's welcomed by the people.'

Others question the administrative abilities of young officials. 'It's a bit strange. Why has [Zhou] been promoted in such a short time? Why is he so special?' asked another writer.

Mayor Zhou acknowledged and responded to the concerns by emphasizing the need to give opportunities to young leaders.

'The concerns about my inexperience are reasonable, I should say,' he told Xinhua by e-mail. 'As a youthful mayor born after 1980, I lagged far behind senior officials in experience… But what young officials need is the stage where they can perform. We will develop better given such a stage.'

Within China, members of Zhou's generation, the first that grew up under the one-child policy, have long been described as spoiled, self-centered and lacking a sense of social responsibility. That has begun to change though. Young volunteers rushed to help victims of last year's devastating earthquake in Sichuan, for instance. The performance of China's new youthful political leaders may soon influence the debate too.


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1. dualadj. 两部分的,二体的,二重的

He has dual role as composer and conductor.


2. subordinateadj. 级别或职位较低的,下级的

A private is subordinate to a corporal.


3. prestigiousadj. 受尊敬的,有声望的,有威信的

Her first novel won a prestigious literary prize.


4. applaudvt. 鼓掌

The audience warmly applauded when the performance came to the end.

当演出接近尾声时, 观众热烈鼓掌。

5. crucialadj. 决定性的,紧要关头的

It's a crucial decision.


6. spoil溺爱,宠坏

His grandmother spoiled him.


7. devastatingadj. 毁灭性的

It is the most devastating storm in 20 years.


prior to表示“在……之前”

The will was made two days prior to his death.


2. China's Communist Party has been taking steps to provide more opportunities for younger officials at all levels.


take steps表示“采取措施”

They took steps to prevent the spread of influenza.


3. I lagged far behind senior officials in experience


lag behind在本句中表示“落后于…… ”,例如:

Britain's economic development must lag behind that of almost every other industrial nation.


lag behind还表示“逾期付款;落后”的意思,例如:

If your payments of rent lag behind, you will be asked to leave.

如果你不如期交房租, 你就会被赶走。

The lame child lagged behind.

fairy8866 发表于 2009-7-1 10:04:16
anyway, support young high-ranking political officals, this is good and right decision
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