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An original method to deal with dirty dogs

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In our daily life and work, It is inevitable to meet with dirty dogs ,out of jealousy, aiming to damage your life and career or step on you to rise through the social ranks. These peaple would be restless until they achieve their purpose.So once you entangled with bad eggs, it's a tough job to get rid of them, but now I have some original ideas how to deal with the clown.

First, pay more attention to your public image than these dirty dogs.If everyone around you don't think highly of your moral quality, they won't trust you.That could lead to very severe result.For once you lost their trust, if they have some good opportunities to get some benefits , most of them will defance them from you instead of giving these chances to you.So make sure don't achieve your goal by sacrificing your good reputation.

Because everyone is inclined to link your action-oriention to themselves by what you have done to somebody else.If you have performed selfishlly or bully to somebody, they will judge you that one day you may do the same thing to them. Especially the wise leader in your group will judge your trustable level by howyou treat others, not only how to do with himself.

But once you have committed some attacks towards others, your integrity must be influenced badly,for "trust from others is like a piece of paper, once crumpled, it's hard to keep as smooth as before." So, your scandal will be spread widely and continuously. Unless you offer great effort to do some contributions , your blemish will follow you whenver and wherever you are, and they are hard to be forgot.

But you know, Mr YiZhongtian has said, "There is no rehearse in life, everyday is live broadcast." If you write the wrong words by pencil ,you can erase themoff with eraser, but if you do wrong in your life, it's impossible to shed it.So we must take care of our daily behavior.Something once you have done, it's no use to regret.

So the conclusion is "if somebody wants to bring you down through immoral method, the best way is to give him the performing chance to let him behave fully, and at last, he will lose other's trust, so as to bring great loss to his own life.”


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There is no rehearse in life
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