Voodoo Magic ——伏都巫术

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  I've lived in New Orleans for years, now. I never met my father, and my Mother and I were very poor. We lived on Dauphine Street in the French Quarter for the longest time. Though the French Market is a big tourist attraction, thanks to the voodoo dolls, NO T-shirts, etc., it does sell things like Creole cooking stuff (i.e. spices, peppers, etc.).

  One day, I was about five or so, and I saw this pink (my favorite color at the time) voodoo doll on one of the stands in the actual tourist attraction part. It was one of our last days (we were moving out of NO), so my mother paid the man a dollar so I might have something to remember the only home I had ever known by. We finished up our browsing and headed out to home, finishing loading our stuff into the little car.

  Just shy of a half hour later, my mother and I stopped at the Mississippi Welcome Center by the bridge. My mother's parents had lived in Mississippi for the longest time. They moved from Hattiesburg to Pass Christian with my mom when she was about sixteen (plus or minus). When they died, my mother buried them in a graveyard in north Mississippi, just on the outskirts of Hattiesburg, where it's pretty deserted and quiet- my grandmother (who died first)'s dream. My grandfather died less than a two months later.

  迄今为止,我已经在新奥尔良 生活了多年。我从未见过我的父亲。 我和母亲的生活非常贫困。我们在法国人居住区内的多芬街住的时间最长。虽然法国人的市场是一处有名的游览胜地,但是由于伏都人偶和新奥尔良T恤都有在卖的原因,市场里也卖克利奥尔人 的烹饪材料之类的东西(即香料、胡椒等)。



  My mother turned to me and said, "Sarah, do you want to go visit your grandmother and grandfather?" I nodded, clutching the dolls till in my hand. After stretching our legs, my mother became pretty upset at how I kept carrying the doll around. I hadn't let it go since we left the market. She took it from me and threw it on the ground. In her defense, she had been taking pills for depression, and her hormones had been incredibly active. I cried for about an hour after we left. We went to the graveyard, and we said our prayers.

  My mom needed to use the restroom in the funeral home, so while she was gone, I went exploring. It was pretty windy- the effects of Hurricane George. There was hardly anything worth telling about, as it wasn't too bad. I gradually sauntered into the woods and looked around, bored out of my mind. I stopped and did a double-take when I thought I saw my voodoo doll hanging from a tree, suspended by the neck, with a large bird by its side (strange, yes, I know).

  I have no cordial relationship with birds. I neither like them nor dislike them. I don't know much about them at all. But I don't think I've ever seen such a large bird. It a little bigger than a vulture, but it probably wasn't by much.

  A few years later, my step dad and my mother were gone from the house- a completely different house. They were both out to have a romantic dinner by themselves. It wasn't my first time being alone. I was lying on their bed, watching TV, when I heard something at the door. By that time, we had two dogs in the backyard. I went outside and walked around, one dog (a jack Russell) in my arm, the other dog (a chocolate lab) being dragged there by the collar. I looked to the window. Nothing. I turned back around, and my breath was taken.


  几年后的一天,我继父和母亲出了家门——那是一所完全不同的房子。他们单独出去吃浪漫的晚餐。那不是我第一次一个人在家,我躺在他们的床上,看着电视,其间听到门口有什么响动。那时我们在后院喂了两只狗,我出去转了一圈,抱着一只狗(一只杰克罗素梗 ),拖着另一只(一只巧克力色的拉布拉多寻回犬)的项圈。我看向窗户。什么也没有。我转过身,呼吸一下停住了。

  It was that bird again. Clear as day. I looked to the ground instantly, and I saw my voodoo doll. I took a step towards it, and it flew off, disappeared, whatever when I blinked. The voodoo doll was gone as well.

  Once again, we skip time to the house I am currently living in now. We finally got a computer with Internet, and my mother and I put it by the window (dad's outta the picture again). We just moved in, and the previous owners had put miniblinds on the windows. It was a pretty nice day; it had blue skies, sunny...

  I went to the computer and started instant messaging my friends. I know this sounds weird, but I was so interested in my friends, I didn't even notice the sky had gotten darker- not much, just enough. The computer is in the corner of the room, where there are two windows against my left wall, and two windows on the north wall. Wouldn't you know it, guess where we put the computer? Right in between them! I took a breath, leaning back in my chair. One of them (the fast/normal-speed typist) logged out. I looked to my window and (literally) jumped out of my chair, scrambling on the floor. There was the shadow of that bird. I screamed, and it flew off. I ran outside as hastily as possible and walked to the window where it was. I bent down and picked up my doll in the grass. To this day, it's resting on the counter in the kitchen.





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