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【灵格风中级英语】朗读文本及录音 参赛文本

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Topic:A quiet life

Felix Catt is a typical resident of Siberia Avenue, Surbiton.He looks gloomy,but in fact he is quite happy,and he leads a quiet life in this suburb of London.His wife Gertie looks after him carefully;she cleans the house regularly,and feeds him daily on well cooked meat and tinned vegetables.There is always a supply of fresh water for his whisky,and plenty of carpet space for putting practice,so he is very comfortable and content with suburban life.

Felix is very fond of his old dog, Sam.They go for walks together on Sundays.Today he is taking Sam to the local vet,because he is afraid that he is going blind.However, the vet is confident of curing him by means of a small operation.He is giving Sam an injection before operating on him,so that he will sleep peacefully the whole time and not feel any pain.There is even a pretty nurse standing by to comfort Sam in case he feels unhappy and lonely in the strange surroundings.

In general,both Felix and Samthink that they don't have a bad life,and they have no desire to change it for anything more adventurous.


Peter Parker

With us in the studio this morning is Peter Parker.

Good morning, Peter.

Good morning.

Peter Parker is an English Language teacher.

He was always good at languages at school,

so he decided to take his degree in French and German.

When he finished his university studies, he began teaching in a secondary school in England.

Two years later, however,he met someone by chance who offered him a job teaching English to foreign studentsduring the long summer holidays.

His students were adults and he enjoyed the work immensely.

He soon found he was more interested in teaching his own language to foreignersthan foreign languages to English schoolboys.

Since then he has specialised in this work.

He has found that one of the advantages of the jobis that it enables him to find work almost anywhere in the world.

First he went to Africa for two yearsand then he spent a year in Arabia.

After this he went to Greecewhere he has worked for the last 3 years.

He hasn't been to South America yetbut he intends to go there next.

He has taught men and women of all ages and of various nationalities.

He has also learned to get on with all kinds of peopleand to adjust to different ways of life.

So far he has not regretted his decision to follow this career.

Now then, Peter, tell me...

Text one- A road accident

It was raining heavily as I was walking up the hill towards the stationat six o'clock on a Saturday morning.

At this early hour there wasn't much trafficand there weren't many people in sight.

Just as I was crossing the road near the top of the hill,

a car came round the corner.

It was travelling very fastand the driver was obviously having difficulty in controlling it.Suddenly it swerved violently,skidded on the wet road,hit a lamp-post and turned over.At once I ran to the car to assist the driver,but he was unconsciousand there was a lot of blood on his face.A young woman hurried into the station and phoned for an ambulancewhile I took care of the driver.A number of other people gathered round the car,but there wasn't a great deal we could do.A policeman arrived a few minutes laterand asked me a lot of questions about the accident.Shortly afterwards the man came round, and he was groaning quietlywhen the ambulance arrived at high speed and rushed him away to hospital.On Monday morning I went to the hospital to enquire about the man.They told me that his injuries were not serious after alland that he was rapidly getting over the effects of the accident.


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