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【灵格风英语】Lesson twelve Dinner-table talk

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A:Good evening.I'm so glad you were able to come....Dinner's ready.Let's go into the

dining room.Mrs Thompson,will you sit here on my left,and you,Mr Tomsion, there...How

long have you been in London?

B:Oh,only a few days;seems last Monday, to be exact,and I'm sorry to say we have to

return tomorrow week.

A:Is this your first visit ?

B: It's my wife's first visit ,but I've been here several times before.I have to come over at

least once a year on business,and I fell quite at home in London.

A:And what do you think of London,Mrs Thompson?

C:Er__I beg your pardon,I didn't quite catch what you said.

A:I was asking what you thought of London.

C:Oh,I think it's a wonderful place.There always seems to be something interesting to do.

A:And how do you like our weather?

C:Well,it's rather changeable,isn't it?

A:Yes,It is ,but on the whole it's not so bad, once you get used to it....Will you

have some more chicken?

C:No,thank you.

A:What about you,Mr Thompson?

B:Yes,please,just a little.It's delicious.

A:I'm so glad you like it....And now what sweet will you have,Mr Thompson?There's

apple tart and cream,orchocolate trifle.

C:Er___trifle for me,please.

A:And you,Mr,Thompson?

B:Trifle for me ,too,please.


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