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Act 2.

Somsak: Ah! Miss Stewart! Welcome! How are you?

Susan: Five, Somsak.And you?

Somsak: Fine, thank you.

Sumsak: This is my friend Harry Bennett.

Harry: Pleased to meet you.

Somsak: Very nice to meet you. Any friend of Miss Stewart's is welcome at Somsak's. Follow me, please.

Harry: I like it here.

Susan: I do, too. I come here often.

Somsak: A special place for special people.

Susan: Thank you, Somsak.

Harry: Well! Nice restaurant.

Somsak: Would you like something to drink?

Susan: Yes, I'd like a glass of ginger ale with ice. Harry, what would you like?

Harry: Do you have a dry white wine?

Somsak: How about a Califomia chabis?

Harry: Chablis is fine.

Somsak: What would you like to eat?

Susan: I'd like the mee krob. Harry, would you like to see a menu?

Harry: No, it's OK. I"ll have the mee krob also. What is it?

Susan: Crispy fried noodles. I love them.

Somsak: May I bring you a salad?

Susan: Oh yes. What do you recommend today?

Somsak: I recommend rose-petal salad. Special for new friends.

Susan: Rose-petal salad?

Harry: Why not?

Somsak: I'll take care of everything.

Susan: I hope you're hungry.

Harry: What? Oh, yes. Starving.Well, I...

Susan: Well, I...

Harry: What do you do at Universe Toy Company?

Susan: I'm the vice-president of new toy development.

Harry: Terrific!

Susan: I know you're a CPA.

Harry: That's true. Harry Bennett, Certfied public accountant. I love numbers. I do some work for Smith and Dale, your company's accounting firm.

Susan: And so...

Harry: Here we are.

Susan: Yes.

Harry: I have a daughter.

Susan: I know. How old is she?

Harry: She's nine years old.

Susan: That's a nice age. What's her name?

Harry: Michelle.

Susan: Do you have a picture of her?

Susan: She's very pretty.

Harry: Thank you.

Somsak: Rose-petal salad. And there's a phone call for you, Mr.Bennett.

Harry: I'll get the rest of the dinner. Excuse me.

Harry: Please forgive me ,Susan, but...I have to leave. I feel terrible, but...

Susan: What's the matter?

Harry: My daughter isn't feeling well.

Susan: Oh no! Is it serious?

Harry: I don't know.The baby-sitter says she has a stomachache, and she's crying. I'll have to go home. Will you forgive me?

Susan: Of course. I'm so sorry for Michelle. And you didn't have a chance to eat.

Harry: Oh, it's OK. Let me take you home first.

Susan: No,no. Please, go ahead.

Harry: It's our first date.

Susan: We'll make another. Please don't worry.

Harry: I'll phone you.

Susan: I hope your daughter is all right. Good-bye.

Harry: Good-bye.




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