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数 词

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基数词及其用法;序数词的构成及其用法;分数词的构成;小数的用法。一、基数词及其主要用法表示数目的词称基数词。15 fifteen,几百几千不加s,242two hundred and forty-two,5058 five thousand and fifty-eight,9,600,000 nine million six hundred thousand1.基数词可以用于数字的计算。

6+8=14 Six plus eight is fourteen.

9-7=2Nine minus seven is two.

7X5= 35 Seven times five is thirty-five.

8÷4=2 Eight divided by four is two.


He died in his fifties.

This took place in 1990s/1990's.

The professor became successful in his thirties.


1700 seventeen hundred

1814 eighteen fourteen

9:20 nine twenty

11:30 eleven thirty/ half past eleven

5:45 five forty-five/ a quarter to six

88760231 eight eight seven, six zero two, three one


Number six, line 4, page 19, Bus(No.) 332, Platform (No.) 5, Room 101


A one-month-old baby can recognize its mother by smell.

This eleven-month-old baby can speak a few words.

(The baby is eleven months old.)

The teacher asked us to write a four-thousand-word essay as our homework.

(There are four thousand words in the essay.)

This four-paragraph essay is too difficult for me to understand.

(There are four paragraphs in this essay. )

二、序数词及其主要用法表示顺序的词称为序数词。如first, second, third, fourth, ninth, twenty-first, forty-fifth等。序数词可以用来表示日期和世纪。

May the first / the first of May(5.1), August the eighth / the eighth of August(8.8),

the twentieth century, the twenty-first century


The first of October is our National Day.

She was the third to arrive.


They'll have to do it a second time.

Shall I ask him a third time?

When he sat down , a fourth man rose to ask.

三、分数词的构成分数的分子用基数词表示,分母用序数词表示,若分子大于1,分母需用复数。 two-thirds(2/3),one-third(1/3), nine-tenths (9/10), five-twelfths(5/12)。

特殊表达法有:one half (1/2),a quarter (1/4), three quarters (3/4) 。


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数词部分需特别注意dozen, hundred, million, billion 等词。表示具体数字时,这些词用单数形式,表示不具体的数字时,须用dozens of, hundreds of 这类的结构。

I want three dozen of these.

He has been there dozens of times.

It is reported that _____ people in this area were saved in the storm.

A. hundredB. hundred ofC. hundreds ofD. some hundreds(答案 C)


The homework for the next period is to write a two-hundred-word composition about your hometown.

Mary is a eleven-year-old girl.

(Mary is eleven years old.)


1. In ______ century computers will be used more widely.

A. twenty-oneB. the twenty-oneC. twenty-first D. the twenty-first

2. The meeting will be held in _______ .

A. 112 RoomB. Room 112 C. the 112 RoomD. the Room 112

3. The Great Wall of China is about 6,700 _______.

A. kilometer longB. kilometers longC. kilometer longer D. kilometers longer

4. "How many presidents were there before Abraham Lincoln?"

"Fifteen, so he was ______."

A. the sixteen presidentB. the sixteenthpresidentC. president sixteenD. president the sixteenth

5. “What did the professor tell you to do?”

“I had to write a ______ report. ”

A. two thousand words B. two-thousands-wordC. two-thousand-wordD. two-thousand words

6. “Did you buy anything at the clothing sale?”

“Yes, I bought three _____ ties for just twelve dollars.”

A. five dollarsB. five-dollarsC. five-dollarD. fifth dollar

7. Eight minus three _______ five.

A. leaveB. leavesC. leftD. has left

8. What date is it ? It’s ________.

A. July twentieth-first B. July the twenty-firstC. the twenty-first of JulyD. Both B and C

9. When he was in his ________, he got the chance to go abroad to study.

A. fortyB. forty’sC. forty’s years oldD. forties

10. “Rex told me you have moved.”

“Yes, into a _______.”

A. two-storey houseB. house of two storyC. house of two storiesD. two-stories house

11. “I would like to register this letter.”

“Please go to _______ on your left.”

A. third window B. window thirdC. the window threeD. the third window



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