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The US has been fabricating the biggest lie of the century about so-called “genocide” in Xinjiang, but it has long been debunked by facts. Based on its ideological biases as well as lies and rumors, the US attempts to interfere with the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will only expose its malicious intention and make it loose more moral principles and credibility. Speaking of “genocide”, the US fits this label better than anyone else for the evil crimes they committed against Native Americans.


The US practice gravely violates the principle of political neutrality enshrined in the Olympic Charter, runs counter to the Olympic motto of “together” and stands on the opposite side of global athletes and sports fans. China deplores and firmly opposes to the remarks of the US side and has lodged stern representations with the US and will respond with firm countermeasures.


The Winter Olympics is not a stage for political posturing and manipulation. According to Olympic rules, officials are invited by their respective National Olympic Committee to attend the Olympic Games. Whether the US officials will come to the Beijing Winter Olympics and root for their own athletes is the US’ own business. Despite not even being invited, the US side linked its officials’ attendance with the so-called human rights issues in Xinjiang, going down the wrong path further by distorting facts while cheating themselves as well as others. The US political agenda wins no supports and is doomed to fail.


The Beijing Winter Olympics is a major event for global winter sports athletes and lovers. They should be in the spotlight. The international community including the IOC highly recognizes China’s preparation, and foreign athletes including a great number of American athletes are eager to come to China for the Games. We believe that under the guidance of the Olympic spirit and with joint efforts of all sides, we will deliver a streamlined, safe and splendid Olympics to the world.


The US should stop politicizing sports, and stop disrupting and undermining the Beijing Winter Olympics, lest it should affect bilateral dialogue and cooperation in important areas and international and regional issues.


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