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Good morning everyone and thank you for being here today. My name is David Beckham, and this is not my usual day at the office so please bear with me.大家早上好,非常感谢各位的到来。我是大卫·贝克汉姆,今天并非我的日常工作,对我来说也与众不同,所以还请大家多多包涵。

For almost fifteen years I have worked with UNICEF as a global goodwill ambassador supporting their work for children around the world. Today is World Children’s Day. A day when we should all remind ourselves of our duty to children everywhere. Our duty to protect them, their hopes, their aspirations… and of course, their dreams.过去15年来,我一直作为亲善大使与联合国儿童基金会合作,支持他们为全世界儿童所做的工作。今天是世界儿童日,在这一天我们都应该提醒自己,我们对全世界各地的儿童都肩负着责任。我们有责任保护他们,守护他们的希望和抱负,当然还有他们的梦想。

I know from my work with UNICEF just how lucky I was as a child. I grew up in the East End of London. I always dreamed of being a professional footballer. It was all I ever wanted. And unlike many children around the world, I was incredibly lucky.通过与联合国儿童基金会的合作,我才知道自己小时候有多幸运。我在伦敦东区长大,一直梦想着成为一名职业足球运动员,一直以来这都是我唯一的心愿。跟这个世界其他地方的许多孩子比起来,我真的很幸运。

I had a home, an education and a family to help me achieve my dreams. I worked hard, but I was supported every step of the way, first by my amazing family, then by my teachers and then by my coaches. From a very young age, I had people in my corner who believed in me, who wanted me to succeed, and who helped me to reach my goals.我有家可归,能接受教育,家人们还非常支持我追寻梦想。除了我本身自己的努力外,更重要的是一路上我也得到了很多支持,刚开始是我了不起的家人,然后是我的老师,再到我的教练。从很小的时候起,身边的人就非常相信我,他们希望我能成功,也一直帮助我朝着目标奋进。

Since 2001, I’ve worked with UNICEF, meeting girls and boys from all over the world. Children much less fortunate than that boy from the East End of London. Children hungry and sick. Children living through wars. Children who lost their parents in earthquakes and floods.2001年起,我开始和联合国儿童基金会合作,接触到了世界各地的小朋友们。但他们很多人都不如当年伦敦东区那个小男孩幸运。他们在饥饿和疾病中挣扎,经历了残忍的战争,在地震和洪水等灾害中失去双亲。

Girls and boys with different stories and backgrounds from my own. But like all children, they have one thing in common. They have ambitions, and they have dreams for a better future. I have travelled to many places around the world with UNICEF and heard first hand from children who are calling out for change.这些男孩女孩和我有着不同的成长故事和背景,但和所有的孩子一样,大家都有一个共同点,他们有雄心壮志,也梦想着拥抱更加美好的未来。我和联合国儿童基金会一起,曾到访过很多地方,亲自聆听孩子们的心声,倾听他们做出改变的愿望。

Like the children I met in Indonesia who dream of a school with no bullying. They are leading a brave programme to help make that happen. Or the children I spent time with in a refugee camp in Djibouti, who are fleeing violence and war. They dream that one day they will be able to return home to live in peace.我在印尼见到了一群孩子,他们希望校园里再没有霸凌,他们正在引领一个大胆的项目,促进这一目标达成。我在吉布提的难民营里见到的孩子们,希望远离暴力和战争,他们梦想着有一天能回到自己的家园,回归平静的生活。

I met boys and girls in Nepal who just wanted to go back to school, and back to normality, to be supported to fulfil their potential after the devastating earthquake. I heard from young people in South Africa and Swaziland, who deserve to grow up free from diseases like HIV.我在尼泊尔见到了许多男孩女孩,他们只想回到学校上学,在那场毁灭性的地震之后回归正常生活,获得支持发挥潜能。我也接触到了来自南非和斯威士兰的年轻人,他们本不该受到艾滋病等疾病的困扰。

And I thought of my own kids, and watching them play without a care in the world, when I met children in Cambodia. They, like all children, just want to feel safe and protected.我不觉得想到了自己的孩子们,看着他们无忧无虑地玩耍。再看到柬埔寨的儿童,心里十分揪心,他们也该和所有孩子一样,获得安全感,更好地被保护。

I’ve seen for myself how UNICEF is helping to make the changes that children need to see in the world. By delivering health services. Nutrition. Water and sanitation. Plus education. All of the ingredients that children need to grow up healthy and happy, and to unlock their potential.我亲眼见证了联合国儿童基金会,如何帮助世界上的儿童实现他们需要的改变。为他们提供医疗卫生服务、营养、水源、卫生设施,还有教育。有了这些保障,孩子们才能健康快乐地成长,并充分发挥他们的潜能。

But we know that much more work needs to be done. As leaders, as public figures, as parents and, as human beings, we must all do more to protect children’s dreams. Because the future doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to children.但我们清楚,要努力的还有很多。无论是作为领袖、公众人物,还是身为父母、身为一个人,我们都需要做出更多努力,保护孩子们的梦想。因为未来不属于我们,而是属于孩子们的。

Like every parent, I’ve tried to teach my children about the world. To share the values that I was taught as a child. To help my kids find their own passion and purpose in life. To help them learn what is right and what is wrong. But I also know that, every single day, our children are teaching us.和每位家长一样,我也努力帮助我的孩子了解这个世界,和他们分享我自小学到的价值观,帮助他们探索人生的目标和激情,帮助他们学会明辨是非。但我也知道,其实每一天孩子们也在给我们上课。

As a father of a young daughter, I see her determination to achieve her goals and to have just as many choices in life as her brothers do. I see her being inspired by young women speaking out for change. I hear her passion about the need to protect our planet for the future.我自己有一个小女儿,我看到了她实现目标的决心。她和哥哥们一样,拥有各种各样的人生选择。很多年轻女性呼吁变革,我看到她因此而深受鼓舞。我也听到了她为努力保护我们的地球,而发出饱含热情的呼喊。

But around the world, the voices of children are getting louder. They are calling for better health - a visit to a doctor; a simple vaccination against diseases; a plate of food and clean water to drink. They are calling for a seat in the classroom, and the loudest voices, are coming from girls. They just want the same opportunities as boys to learn and develop.在世界各地,孩子们呼吁的声音越来越大。他们希望有更好的卫生水平,能有条件看医生,有条件接种疫苗防御疾病,能有一盘食物和干净的饮用水。他们也希望可以坐在教室里读书,而女孩的呼喊声往往更大,她们希望能拥有和男孩一样的学习和发展机会。

Young people are calling for a planet that can support them and future generations. Where our resources are sustainable and our environment is protected. And they are calling for peace. For an end to violence. An end to war. An end to the political and cultural divisions that destroy communities, tear families apart, and endanger children’s lives every single day.年轻人希望我们的星球,能够支撑他们和未来世世代代的生活,资源得以可持续发展,环境也得以受到保护。他们也呼吁和平,希望不再有暴力,不再有战争,不再有政治文化分歧,国家不再动荡,家园不再分裂,儿童的生命不再岌岌可危。

As we mark the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, we must ask ourselves: Are we listening? As adults, are we humble enough? Are we smart enough to realize that in the face of every single child, we can see the future of the world?正值《儿童权利公约》30周年之际,我们必须扪心问问自己,我们有在倾听吗?作为成年人的我们足够谦卑吗?我们是否有意识到,我们每天看到的一个个稚嫩的脸庞就是这个世界的未来?

Children never stop learning. Neither should we. Children never stop asking questions and demanding more. Neither should we. So please join me in this mission for children. Let s listen to our young people, because they will show us the way.孩子从不停止学习的脚步,我们也不该停下。孩子从不停止向这个世界发问,并提出更多诉求,我们也不该停下。因此,请大家和我一起为了少年儿童继续奋斗,倾听年轻人的声音,因为他们将为我们指明道路。

I am proud to be here lending my voice to this conversation and supporting brilliant young activists like Millie Bobbie Brown who is using her platform to command attention to the cause.我很荣幸能有机会在这一对话中发出自己的声音,并支持像米莉·博比·布朗这样杰出的青年活动家,她利用自己的平台吸引人们对此项事业的关注。

So today, on World Children’s Day, let’s make new promises to the children of the world. We promise to listen to you. We promise to learn from you. We promise to act for you. Together, we promise to work harder to protect your dreams. Thank you very much.所以今天在世界儿童日,让我们向全世界的少年儿童许下新的承诺,我们承诺倾听你们的声音,我们承诺向你们学习,我们承诺为你们采取行动。我们承诺与你们携手,努力共筑你们的梦想。非常感谢。


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