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The end is finally near for Internet Explorer, one ofMicrosoft's most-reviled products that refused to die.Microsoft announced this week that it will endsupport for Internet Explorer 11 on June 15, 2022.


In August 2020, Microsoft turned its back on IE forits own products. Workplace chat software Teamsstopped working with IE last fall, and its 365 apps(including Office) will no longer work on IE by mid-summer 2021.


Once the most-used web browser, Internet Explorer had been on a steady downward trajectoryfor nearly two decades. Its share of the browser market fell below the 50% threshold in 2010and now sits at about 5%, according to browser usage tracker NetMarketShare. Google'sChrome is the browser leader, commanding a 69% share of the market.

IE浏览器曾经是应用最广泛的网络浏览器,但近二十年来使用量一直不断下降。浏览器使用量追踪机构NetMarketShare 的数据显示,2010年IE在浏览器市场的份额跌破50%大关,如今只剩下5%的份额。谷歌浏览器是浏览器中的领头羊,占据了69%的市场份额。

In its death announcement, Microsoft said Internet Explorer is slow, no longer practical for orcompatible with many modern web tasks, and is far less secure than modern browsers.


Yet IE has miraculously managed to stick around for 26 years. Microsoft has continued to shipIE with Windows to ensure that corporate apps keep functioning properly. Corporations tendto be very slow to adopt new browser versions, particularly if they custom-build applications forthem.



Most Windows 10 PC owners probably never noticed that IE is installed on their computers.Edge, Microsoft's modern browser, is based on Google's open source Chrome code, and hasgained much more traction than IE in recent years.

大多数Windows 10个人电脑用户很可能从未注意到自己的电脑安装了IE浏览器。微软基于谷歌Chrome开源代码的现代浏览器Edge近年来的受欢迎程度已经远超IE。

It's unclear if Microsoft will stop installing IE on Windows PCs by default once the companydiscontinues support for IE, although that would be likely. Microsoft's latest version of the Edgebrowser supports web apps built for IE so customers don't have to keep switching betweenbrowsers. So IE has at long last outlived its usefulness.


Internet Explorer debuted in 1995 as part of Windows 95 and became an instant hit. Itsuccessfully killed off Netscape Navigator, and it achieved a virtual monopoly in the early2000s. At its 2002 peak, Internet Explorer commanded 95% of the browser market.

IE浏览器于1995年伴随着Windows 95电脑推出,推出后曾轰动一时,成功干掉了网景导航者浏览器,并在21世纪初达到了实质性的垄断地位。在2002年的巅峰期,IE占据了95%的浏览器市场份额。

But Microsoft failed to innovate, essentially leaving Internet Explorer 6 alone to gather dustand cobwebs for five years. That frustrated customers and sent them fleeing for greenerpastures. Internet Explorer became synonymous with bugs, security problems and outdatedtechnology.


Microsoft finally released IE7 in 2006, but the damage was done. Microsoft paved the way forFirefox and then Chrome to surpass it.


The company tried to revitalize IE: With Internet Explorer 9 in 2011, Microsoft finally releaseda modern browser. Still, to this day IE still doesn't support extensions, isn't available on non-Windows devices and doesn't sync with other devices by default — all mainstays of Chrome andFirefox.


Microsoft acknowledges that IE isn't ideal for web browsing.


"Customers have been using IE 11 since 2013 when the online environment was much lesssophisticated than the landscape today," the company said last August. "Since then, openweb standards and newer browsers — like the new Microsoft Edge — have enabled better, moreinnovative online experiences."

微软去年八月表示:“自从2013年以来,用户一直在用IE11浏览器,那时候的网络环境远没有现在这么复杂。如今,开放的网络标准和更新的浏览器(比如新的Microsoft Edge浏览器)可以提供更好、更新颖的网络体验。”

That's why, for the past five years, Microsoft has been trying — unsuccessfully — to kill InternetExplorer.


Microsoft's Internet Explorer engineers acknowledged in 2014 that the company was consideringa name change to "separate ourselves from negative perceptions" about the browser.


Instead, Microsoft developed a whole new browser, releasing Edge in 2015. But Edge didn'tactually replace IE. Internet Explorer to this day is pre-installed on Windows PCs alongsideEdge.



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