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【同义词辨析】 2020-10-29 悲痛sorrow-regret

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sorrow: implies a sense of loss or a sense of guilt and remorse: a nation united in ~ upon the death of the President.       remorse懊悔: 自责、负罪感、精神极度痛苦(anguish),这里没有译出,因为sorrow主要是由于丧失亲人

grief: implies a poignant sorrow for an immediate cause: gave his father much ~.      poignant令人感伤的           (如she was overcome with grief when her husband died丈夫去世时她十分悲痛,如they share their joys and griefs他们同甘共, it was a grief to them that they had no children没有孩子是他们的一块心病(伤心事),还表示担心操心麻烦worry or trouble,如he caused his parents a lot of grief他没少让父母操心

anguish: suggests a torturing often persistent grief or dread: the ~ felt by the hostages.      anguish指极度痛苦extreme grief or pain,如mental anguish心里极度痛苦,如they watched in anguish as fire spread throgh the house他们看着大火烧过房子心里极度痛苦    torture折磨implies the unbearable pain or suffering指难以忍受的痛苦折磨

woe: implies a deep or inconsolable distress or misery: cries of ~ echoed throughout the bombed city.      (1、悲伤sadness, 如a tale of woe=a sad story伤感的故事  2、困难问题麻烦difficulties or problems or troubles, 如traffic/financial woes交通/财务困难(问题) 3、警告某人a severe warning,如woe to you你有祸了,语气十分严重)     misery悲惨

regret: implies a pain caused by deep disappointment, fruitless longing, or unavailing remorse: never felt a moment of ~ following the divorce.      unavailing remorse 无济于事的悔过

sorrow悲痛: 因丧失亲人而痛苦,grief悲痛: 泛指因某事痛苦(不仅限于丧失),anguish极度痛苦: 指极度痛苦,woe痛苦苦难: 指难以慰藉的痛苦或困难,regret遗憾后悔: 指失望无济于事

记忆方法: 1)首字母SGAWR想成Wear RAGS衣着褴褛<==悲痛                 ""由非和心构成,表示”违背心愿的现象”,如失望不满伤痛,”有声无泪曰悲”,如悲鸣悲叹悲愤悲伤; 广雅: "悲,伤也",  说文: "悲,痛也",可见"伤痛"是更基础的词,悲是伤痛在心里的表现


               3)悲痛的意思是心里痛mean distress of mind.首字母SGAWR想成Wear RAGS衣着褴褛<==悲痛        distress使人痛苦,指给人压力to subject someone to pressure使人紧张痛苦烦恼悲伤resulting in tension, pain, worry, or grief.


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