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BBC News. I'm John Shay. The European Union has begun a mass vaccination program to protect the 450 million people in the block against the coronavirus. The scale of the campaign means that some countries have called on retired medics to help out while others have loosened rules on who can give the injections. Damien McGuinness has more details. Across Europe, the first groups are now receiving the jab. Individual countries are deciding who goes first. Most are prioritizing the elderly and health workers. In some countries, people started vaccinated ahead of the official rollout as soon as they got the first batches. Here in Germany, a nursing home vaccinated on Saturday. So the first person in Germany to get the vaccine was a 101-year-old woman. In Hungary and Slovakia, some health workers were also vaccinated on Saturday.

BBC 新闻,我是约翰·谢伊。欧盟已开始大规模接种疫苗,以保护欧盟区内4.5亿人免受新冠病毒感染。疫苗接种的规模巨大,一些国家已经呼吁退休医务人员来帮忙,而另一些国家则放宽了可以注射疫苗的权限。请听达米安·麦吉尼斯的报道。在欧洲,第一批人正在接受疫苗注射。各个国家正在决定那些人首先获得疫苗。大多数国家优先考虑老年人和医疗工作者。在一些国家,在官方推出疫苗计划之前,人们就开始注射第一批的疫苗了。在德国,一家疗养院在周六进行了疫苗接种。因此,德国第一个接种疫苗的人是一位101岁的妇女。在匈牙利和斯洛伐克,一些医疗工作者也在周六接种了疫苗。

Israel is entering a third coronavirus lockdown later today, which is due to last for at least 2 weeks. The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has set a goal of vaccinating around 150,000 people a day within a week. Sebastian Usher reports. Israelis made use of their last hours before the new lockdown as they packed shopping malls and parks and two big outdoor parties were held in Tel Aviv. The new restrictions will confine them to within 1 kilometer of their homes with all nonessential shops and services closed. Two previous lockdown in April and September brought infections down, but rates have been rising againm, topping 3,000 a day in the past week. Hospitals treating coronavirus in Jerusalem are close to full capacity. There's also concern of a rash of cases of a new coronavirus strain. This is all despite the vaccination rollout having started a week ago.


Polling is underway in presidential and legislative elections in the Central African Republic, where President Faustin-Archange Touadera is seeking a second term in office. The vote has been overshadowed by a rebel offensive and UN peacekeepers are patrolling the streets in the capital Bangui. Kami Lefone of the French news agency AFP in Bangui says there's little optimism about the poll. If you ask anyone here, any experts, any Central African people or any humanitarian maker, they will all tell you that they don't see how this country could change in a positive way. Because all the major issues that were the root of the crisis, when it solved and the election, especially if they are rigged, or if a few people vote, these elections are not gonna change anything.


Ballots are also being cast in the presidential election in Niger, where voters are choosing a successor to Mahamadou Issoufou. He's stepping down after completing the permitted two terms. Handing over power to a democratically elected successor would be the first such peaceful transition in Niger history. The favorite to win is the former interior and Foreign Minister Mohamed Bazoum. This is the latest world news from the BBC.



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