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Hello, I'm David Harper with the BBC News. World Health Organization experts say there's no evidence that the highly contagious new variant of coronavirus that's taken hold in Britain is more severe than existing strains. They say viruses mutate naturally and that all forms of the coronavirus are dangerous. They are urging the public to continue with measures known to reduce their spread, washing, social distancing and wearing face coverings. Maria Van Kerkhove the WHO's technical lead for COVID-19 said much about the new virus is unchanged. We don't have any indication that it's changed how it spreads. Meaning like it's a respiratory pathogen, so it spreads between me and you through these particles in the air. Some are big called droplets, some are small called aerosols. But mainly what is happening is that the virus spreads between people who are in close contact with another. That's still the same.


The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he's working with the French President Emmanuel Macron to resume trade across the channel. France shut its border in response to the new variant of coronavirus, and other countries put restrictions on travelers from Britain. Mr. Johnson sought to reassure the British public, saying supply chains for food and medicine were robust.


In an event broadcast live on American television, Joe Biden has been injected with a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine at a hospital in his home state of Delaware. The US President-elect is 78 and considered to be in a high risk group. Mr. Biden included the Trump administration in those he thanked for the vaccines existence. We owe these folks an awful lot, the scientist and the people who put this together, front line workers, the people where the ones who actually did the clinical work. It's just amazing. Administration deserves some credit, getting this off the ground with operation warp speed.


The Russian Secret Service has described as a provocation, a tape telephone call, in which the opposition leader Alexei Navalny tricks an FSB agent into disclosing details about his poisoning earlier this year. The agent says the toxin was planted in a pair of underpants. He also acknowledges that the swift action of Mr, Navalny's pilot may have foiled the operation. The phone call was organized by the investigative website Bellingcat. Eric Toller is a researcher there. There's a whole bunch of reasons why this worked. One of the reasons is we had a bunch of the inside information about this operation. We knew the names of everyone involved. We knew where they went. We did a timeline. We know who talked to home. We know all this stuff. We're able to kind of use this information and parlay it into convincing this FSB officer. Navalny, who was speaking his own voice, which thankfully he somehow didn't recognize, was actually a very senior member of the Russian security service and then to divulge information. He detailed how the poisoning happened, how the cleanup operation happened, who was in charge of it, who he cooperated with, what went wrong and everything else. BBC news.

录音通话显示,俄罗斯反对派领袖阿列克谢·纳瓦尔尼套路了一名联邦安全局特工,让他透露了今年早些时候下毒的细节,俄罗斯特勤局称这是挑衅行为。这名特工表示毒剂被植入到了一条内裤里。他还承认,纳瓦尔尼的飞行员的迅速行动可能挫败了这次行动。该电话录音是由调查网站Bellingcat组织的。埃里克·托勒是那里的一名调查员。电话录音的成功背后有很多原因。其中一个原因是我们有很多关于这次行动的内部消息。我们知道所有涉案人员的名字。我们知道他们去了哪里。我们做了一个时间轴。我们知道是谁跟总部汇报的。这些我们都知道。我们得以利用这些信息,让这名联邦安全局官员信以为真。纳瓦尔尼用的是自己的声音,幸好对方没听出来,他冒充了俄罗斯安全部门的一名高级官员来泄露情报。他详细描述了是如何下毒的,清理工作是如何进行的,谁负责这件事,他与谁合作,哪里出了问题等等。BBC 新闻。.


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