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Wonder Woman 1984


A year on from the day it was originally scheduled tocome out, Wonder Woman 1984 is finally leaping intocinemas – and onto a streaming platform – makingit 2020's first and last major superhero blockbuster.Gal Gadot returns as the Amazon warrior princess,this time battling Kristen Wiig's Cheetah in the1980s; and Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor, eventhough he was killed off at the end of the previousWonder Woman film. But don't worry if you can'tremember what happened in that one. The sequel, the film's producer told Indiewire, is "astand-alone film in the same way that Indiana Jones or Bond films are, instead of onecontinuous story that requires many instalments".


Released in cinemas on 25 Dec in the US, Canada and Scandinavia, and from 16 Dec in the UKand around the world.


The Midnight Sky


George Clooney's snowy science-fictionadventure is set in a post-apocalyptic future thatmight even be worse than the real world in 2020. As well as directing and producing, Clooneystars as Augustine, a scientist stationed in an Arctic observatory. He needs to contact aspaceship so that he can warn its astronauts (Felicity Jones and David Oyelowo, among others)not to return to the ruined Earth. But the only antenna with a signal strong enough to reachthem is miles away across the icy wastes. The Midnight Sky is adapted from Lily Brooks-Dalton'snovel by Mark L Smith, the co-screenwriter of The Revenant.


On Netflix from 23 Dec


News of the World


In News of the World, Tom Hanks plays a widowed Civil War veteran who makes his living as aroving storyteller. When he finds a 10-year-old girl who was abducted by an indigenous tribe,he takes her across Texas to reunite her with her aunt and uncle. Adapted from the novel byPaulette Jiles.


Released in cinemas on 25 Dec in the US and Canada, and on 1 Jan in the UK and Spain.





In the first Pixar cartoon to have an African-American lead character, Jamie Foxx provides thevoice of a music teacher who dreams of making it as a jazz pianist in New York. But just after asuccessful audition, he falls down a manhole, and finds himself in an astral realm wherehuman spirits are assigned their personalities. And things get even more surreal from there.


On Disney+ from 25 Dec




When Fern (Frances McDormand) is widowed, she can't afford to live in a house of her own, soshe packs her few belongings into a camper van, and drives off into the Nevada desert. Shesoon discovers that she isn't alone: there is a large community of senior citizens who havebeen forced to live on the road, supporting themselves with short-term jobs along the way.What makes Nomadland unique is that while Fern is played by an Oscar-winning actress, nearlyall of the people she meets are real nomads who recount their own experiences. Written anddirected by Chloe Zhao (The Rider), the film is a "hybrid of documentary and fiction".


Released on 4 Dec in the US and Canada, and 30 Dec in France




The year's finest animated film doesn't come from Dreamworks or Pixar, but from CartoonSaloon, an Irish studio specialising in Celtic folklore and stylised hand-drawn 2D art. Their latestrousing fairy tale is set in the mid 17th-Century, when English soldiers are trying to tame thewild woods near Kilkenny. One hunter's daughter learns that there aren't just wolves in theforest, but "wolfwalkers" who can change into wolves at night. Richard Whittaker in the AustinChronicle praises "a heartwarming story of family and friendship, a family-friendly examinationof the horror of repression, a bracing adventure about two girls finding themselves, and astealth art history lesson ... Wolfwalkers stands proud as a new classic."


On Apple TV+ from 11 Dec

该片将于12月11日在Apple TV+平台上线。


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