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BBC News. Hello, this is Jerry Smit.


The police in Armenia have arrested dozens of people, including opposition politicians, who are gathering in central Yerevan to protest against the deal signed with Azerbaijan to end the fighting in Nagorno Karabakh. Steve Rosenberg is in the Armenian capital. The one word you hear when you speak to people is betrayal. Many people feel betrayed by Russia and by their own political leaders who signed up to this deal. Because for the last few weeks, there's been this wave of patriotic fervor, a flowing across Armenia. There's been a call to arms. People have been encouraged to volunteer to go and fight to defend Nagorno Karabakh, to defend Armenia. The prime minister said a few weeks ago that Armenia cannot be defeated. But the deal that has been done is seen here very much as a huge defeat. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today defended the deal, saying Azeri forces were close to capturing Karabakh's main city.


A judge in the Philippines has been shot inside her court chamber in Manila city hall, dying shortly afterwards. Police say judge Maria Theresa Abadilla was killed by her legal clerk. Howard Johnson reports from Manila. Police say the suspect, named as 42-year-old Amador Rebato, died in the judge's office shortly after shooting himself on Wednesday afternoon. Judge Abadilla had previously been involved in granting the Rappler News president Maria Ressa bail in 2019, following her arrest on cyber libel charges. A conviction earlier this year, which is being appealed, has been described by Ms. Ressa as politically motivated in revenge for the websites critical coverage of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The Philippines says it has put off for six months the scrapping of a defense agreement which allows US troops to participate in military drills in the country. President Duterte said the decision would enable Manila to find a more mutually beneficial deal with Washington to move forward in their mutual defence.

菲律宾一名法官在马尼拉市政厅的法庭中被枪击,不久后死亡。警方表示,法官玛丽亚·特蕾莎·阿巴迪拉是被她的法律助理杀害的。请听霍华德·约翰逊在马尼拉的报道。警方表示,嫌犯是42岁的阿马多尔·雷巴托,周三下午在法官办公室饮弹自尽。Rappler 新闻总裁玛丽亚·瑞萨因网络诽谤指控被捕后,阿巴迪拉法官曾在2019年参与批准她获得保释。今年早些时候,瑞萨提起上诉,她说这项罪名是出于政治动机,是对那些批评菲律宾总统罗德里戈·杜特尔特的网站的报复。菲律宾称将防御协议的解除推迟了六个月,这将允许美国军队参加该国军事演习。杜特尔特总统表示,这一决定将使马尼拉当局能够与华盛顿当局达成更互利的协议,推进两国的共同防御。

Russia has registered its worst daily figure yet for coronavirus-related deaths, 432. The authorities in Moscow are bringing in new restrictions from Friday, including shutting bars and restaurants and nightclubs overnight.


In Hungary, lessons and lectures for secondary school, pupils and university students have gone on line.


Democratic congressman have expressed concern over the appointment of Trump loyalists at the upper echelons at the Department of Defense, following the sacking Defense Decretary Mark Esper on Monday. Senator Chris Murphy tweeted that the administration was compromising national security by installing Trump stooges. Congressman Adam Smith said it was hard to overstate how dangerous the high level turnover the Pentagon was during a presidential transition period.


Pope Francis has reiterated his commitment to putting an end to sexual abuse in the catholic church. The Pope was speaking after Tuesday's publication of a damning report, which found that two of his predecessors ignored allegations of serial sex abuse by the former cardinal Theodore McCarrick.


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