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【同义词辨析】 2020-09-29 气味odorous-balmy

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odorous: applies to whatever has a strong distinctive smell whether pleasant OR unpleasant: ~ cheeses should be tightly wrapped.       smell/taste is the property of a substance that makes it perceptible to the olfactory/gustatory sense气味/味道是物质的属性,使之可以被/嗅觉感知。smell气味,taste味道,olfactory sense嗅觉,gustatory sense味觉)    表示气味的词 1、smell泛指各种气味,如an odd smell permeated the room房间充满一股怪味 2、scent强调某种物质”特有”的气味characteristic smell of something,如dogs trained to detect the scent of narcotics训练狗检测毒品特有的气味 3、odor强调浓重的气味strong and heavy smell,如a type of cheese with a pronounced odor一种味重的乳酪 4、aroma浓郁好闻的气味: a penetrating, pervasive, pungent, but usually pleasant smell如the aroma of freshly ground coffee鲜蘑咖啡的浓郁香气, 这4个词在在2017-12-1 气味smell-aroma组

fragrant: applies to things such as flowers or spices with sweet or agreeable odors that give sensuous delight: roses that were especially ~.   多表示花或植物的芳香气味,如household cleansers with the fragrance of pine松树芳香气味的家用清洁剂

redolent: applies usually to a place or thing that diffuses or is impregnated with odors: the kitchen was often ~ of garlic and tomatoes.    diffuses发散impregnate遍布充满     又如the redolence of forest after a rain雨后森林中的气味,redolent表示某个地方的气味,很可能是多种混杂的气味,如厨房或森林中的气味

aromatic: applies to things emitting pungent, often fresh odors: an ~ blend of rare teas.         如the aroma of freshly ground coffee现磨咖啡的新鲜浓郁香气

balmy: applies to things which have a delicate and soothing aromatic odor: the soft, ~ air of a summer evening.       delicate精致的       balm香树脂is a sweet-smelling oil from tropical trees and used to make creams that heal wounds or reduce pain疗伤缓解疼痛,还表示护肤膏、香液a cream, liquid that has a pleasant smell and is used to make wounds less painful or skin softer缓解疼痛软化皮肤,如lip balm护唇膏)      

odorous气味大的: 泛指气味浓重,无论是否好闻,fragrant芳香的: 表示芳香甜美的气味,如鲜花香料,redolent遍布气味的: 指遍布某地(特别是多种混杂的)气味,aromatic浓郁的: 表示浓郁新鲜的气味,balmy芳香的:  指气味舒缓宜人

记忆方法: 1)首字母OFRAB排序成OF BAR酒吧的<==气味         ""的本义是"舌头尝东西所得到的感觉","未"表示"木老果熟枝叶重叠欲落",口未合用表示口之舌尖所得欲去而留的感觉,如味觉味道滋味美味;引申为1、"鼻子闻东西所得到的感觉",如气味香味怪味 2、体会,如体味耐人寻味少年不知愁滋味  3、"情趣兴趣",如趣味意味津津有味

               2)气味的意思是散发气味mean emitting and diffusing scent.


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