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Good afternoon, everyone. First let me share a piece of mucic with you. I know it’s terrible, because I played it. And I am sorry it’s not the worst one. I still got something to show you.


Don’t laugh, it’s an entire story. if you really want to understand what is it talking about, you can check my Weibo later. This picture I painted last year. I have another one to show you this is much better.But this picture I painted 20 year ago. 不要笑,这些画描述了一个完整的故事。如果你们真的想知道里面讲的内容,你们待会儿可以去看一下我的微博。这一幅画是我去年画的,我还有另外一幅作品比这个要好很多,但这一幅是我20年前画的。

I know you might have a question “ How it’s getting worse? ”And I also understand that most of your conclusion must be: out of imagination. But how it happened?  I think it’s because I became an adult. Since we became adults, we started being afraid of making mistakes. We choose to be the best or nothing. So we do not dare to try any mistakes. 你们一定想问“怎么越画越差了?”我猜你们的结论一定是:我越来越缺乏想象力了,那这是为什么呢?我想这是因为我长大了。长大了以后,我们开始变得害怕犯错了,我们要么不做,要做就做好的。所以总是尝试着不去犯错误。

It seems that we trapped ourselves in the overprotective world. And since then we started to lose a lot of abilities like imagination and creativity.What is the strategy? For me I have a special one, (it) is being a positive pessimist. Let me explain the concept first. 我们似乎将自己困在了一个保护过度的世界里,于是乎我们渐渐失去了想象力与创造力。怎么办呢?对于我来说答案就是要做一个积极的悲观主义者,让我来解释一下。

To be a pessimist means you get low expectation to yourself and you prepared to lose. And what about being positive? It is easy to understand it means you make best effort on everything and you have a strong willin of winning the game. 做一个悲观主义者意味着你放低对自己的要求,接受可能会失败的事实,那么积极又意味着什么?其实很简单就是你拼尽全力要去赢得游戏。

But if you combine these concepts together it seems like a paradox. Yes I think so but I also think it is the way the world is born to be, And it really works in the reality. We can always find something around us, they have totally opposite two sides. But they combine together and work well together. 把这两个观念放在一起似乎有一些矛盾,我也同意但是我的认为这就是世界本来的样子,就是这样.我们总能在生活中找到完全对立的事物,但是它们很好地共存在一起。

So how to be a positive pessimist. Let me share some experiences with you.I know I’m not old enough to tell stories. But these stories really meant to me. 那么如何做一个积极地悲观主义者呢?我来分享一些我的经历吧。或许我还没有老到可以大谈自己的经历,但是这些故事对于我个人而言非常宝贵。

The first one back to 2012. It’s the first time I became a TV series producer.But as you know, I am an actress and singer. But work as a producer was totally unfamiliar for me. So you remember first I have to be pessimist. 第一个故事发生在2012年,我第一次成为了一名电视制片人。但是正如你们所知道的我是一个演员和歌手,制片人的角色我还很不熟悉,所以请记住我首先得是一个悲观主义者。

I had to imagine what will be the worst consequence.I think the worst result must be no one would buy it.And I will lose both time and money. And the whole investment equal to the revenue I earned by acting for the past few years. 我要去设想最坏的结果,最坏或许就是没有人愿意花钱去买它了吧。而我所有的花费和时间都付诸东流,这项投资金额大概相当于我这几年演艺生涯赚到的钱的总和。

And what about the whole market? In China only 20% of TV series can finally (be) sold and broadcast on TV.What about the rest 80%? In the past, they just change into a pipe of tapes. Now even worse, we just (have) only data left .电视市场是怎样的呢。在国内只有20%的电视剧能成功卖出去并在电视台播出。剩下的80%呢?过去制作团队只剩下了一堆录像带,现在情况更糟我们只能剩下(硬盘里的)一堆数据。

So I asked myself several times “Can you really accept the worst consequence?”I think yes, at least I could try So I started shooting. Remember, next step, I have to be positive.Because I am a huge digital fan so I decided to use some high techniques in my TV series. 所以我不断问自己“你到底能不能接受这个最坏的结果”我的答案是肯定的,至少我能试一下所以我们开始了拍摄。接下来,还记得吗我要做的就是要保持积极心态。因为我是一个数字产品迷所以我还决定要在自己的电视中采用高科技。

I focus on 4K resolution. What 4K is? Let me explain.Usually you see a film on the screen in a movie theatre the size is 2K. But 4K means is 4 times larger than 2K. And it also means 50mb per frame. 我专注在实现4K分辨率,我来解释一下这是一个什么概念。通常我们在电影院屏幕上看到的电影分辨率是2K,而4K是2K的四倍分辨,当然这也就意味着文件每帧都有50MB大小。

You might still be a little bit confused. It’s OK. Don’t worry, you just have to remember it was a huge obstacle in front of all the TV series group in China.Because before us, only a few groups tried to 4K resolution. 如果你还有点迷糊的话,没关系,你只需要记住这是在中国电视界的一个巨大的挑战。在我们之前只有很少一部分尝试过4K分辨率。

They input 4K but no one really tried output 4K productions. Because it was really hard. Director Zhang Yimou was trying in his film Coming Home for the first time.And when we finished the shooting work when we entered. 他们做到了4K输入但并不是输出,因为它实在是太难了。张艺谋导演在他的电影《归来》中第一次使用了4K,当我们结束了拍摄的工作并开始制作后期。

The post production work the real nightmare came. use at that time our technical support was RED, which is the biggest digital camera company in America. Their feedback was they use HP base station in America.It was too expensive we can not even afford that.  我只输出了50秒钟的视频,于是我去问我们的顾问,我们的技术顾问来自美国最大的数字影音公司RED。他们告诉我们在美国他们使用的是HP基础站,它实在是太贵了我们根本买不起。

So we decided to assemble out black Apple and we tried the outcome mode from dozens of combinations. After six months work we succeed, My TV series “The Ladies” became the first TV series in China which output real 4K resolution production. And I succeeded in selling it and with a very good performance on TV. 所以我们决定自己组装自己的设备,我们尝试了数十钟组合的输出模式。经过了六个月之后我们成功了,我的《淑女之家》成为了首部真正4K输出的电视剧,而且我成功地把它卖给了电视台,并获得了不错的收视率。

So after this experience I learnt don’t be afraid to take huge challenges.You can prepared to lose but conquer it with grit.The next story happened last year.   这次的经历让我学会了不要去害怕接受巨大的挑战,你可以做好失败的心理准备但是靠毅力去征服它,下一个故事就发生在去年。

I took an invitation from Bear Grylls, is there anyone know that? You might thought I was crazy. Yes, this man who stands on the top of the food chain, he almost eat everything. Me too, You might thought I was crazy, yeah before that 我接受了贝尔的邀请,有人知道他吗?你们可能会想我简直疯了。是的,就是这个号称站在食物链顶端的男人,他几乎什么都吃。你们或许觉得我疯了,是的在那儿之前。

I did no physical activities I have very bad body condition. I was afraid of a lot of things, I was afraid of height and insects.I didn’t even dare to take a roller coaster.But I almost took this invitation immediately. 我几乎没做过体育锻炼我的体能也不太好。我害怕很多事情,我恐高而且害怕昆虫,甚至连过山车都不敢做,但是我几乎马上就接受了他的邀请。

Because I truly understand if I lose this chance I would never earn it back in the rest of my life. So I decided to take the adventure. During the 20 days adventure I caught rats, I caught mice, I ate insects… But I didn’t drink the urine.因为我知道如果我放弃这次机会我这一辈子都不会再得到它了,所以我决定去冒一次险。在20天里面我抓过兔子抓过老鼠吃过昆虫,但是(还好)我没有喝过尿液。

I almost cried every day in the first half journey. And the most impressive moment was the day before the last day.I still remember the day our mission was to across to a canyon just through a rope hanging between two cliffs.在前半段的旅程中我几乎每天都在哭泣,印象最深刻的是倒数第二天,我记得那一天我们要通过悬挂在悬崖两边的绳子穿越一个峡谷。

You can see from the picture but you can’t see the width it’s very long.And the standard posture is leaning your whole body onto the rope. And use one of legs backside to hookup the rope with the ankle.And pull yourself from one side to the other. 就是这张照片但是你们看不到宽度,很宽的。标准的姿势是将整个身体都悬挂在绳索上面,用一只脚的脚裸缠绕住绳子,然后用力将自己从一边拉到另一边去。

When it was my turn, Bear said “Cecilia, are you really sure you want to try that If you want to quit you can quit now because I know you can’t make balance You can’t use your left arm. 轮到我的时候,贝尔对我说“你确定你要尝试吗” 如果你想要退出这一项也是可以的,因为我知道你无法保持身体的平衡,你不能使用你的左胳膊。

Because I was not lucky before that mission about two days ago I hurt my left arm, my nerves system got injured.And my little finger kept shaking for a whole day I can’t even control that I barely can not use my left arm. 在那项任务的两天前我不幸地将自己的左手弄伤了,我的手指会不受控制地颤抖,我几乎无法使用我的左手。

So as a pessimist I have to imagine the worst consequence. Because it was a reality show. You know reality show is very dangerous if you can’t perform 100% well. Sometimes it means you will face savage criticism online later. 作为一名悲观者,我不得不设想最坏的情况,这可是一个真人秀节目,真人秀可能会是非常危险的,如果做不到百分之百的完美,你可能会在网上受到网友的批评。

And I might fall down again, or I hurt my left (right) arm as well. So I have been thinking about should I really have to try that.I think at least I won’t die我可能会再次跌倒然后伤到我右手,我问自己真的要尝试吗?我想至少我死不了。

So what? I decided to take that mission. But (when) I really lean my body onto that rope it was far more scary than I thought. You can see from the picture (because) my posture (as) 那就不管那么多了接受挑战,当时当我真的将我的身体挂在那根绳子上的时候比我想象中的要难多了,你们可以从照片中看到我的姿势。

My team member said my posture was so ugly. Because she said I was just like a dead caterpillar hanging there. I just kept my half body on one side, and left the rest part on the other side. 我的团队成员跟我说“你的姿势真是太丑了”,她说你看上去像一只死掉的毛毛虫,我身体的一半在这一边,另外一半在另一边。

And it’s not the worst one.The worst was because my arm couldn’t hold my upper body and my head.So I could not face up I could not see the end. So what should I do? I know that I have to think positive. I also know that Sometimes being positive doesn’t mean you just speak out some propagandas.这还不算最糟糕的,最糟糕的是我的手臂支撑不起我的上半身和脑袋。我抬不起头去看终点在哪里,我该怎么办?我知道我必须怀有积极的心态我还知道,积极并不是说简简单单地说出一些话。

You have to do something for real But at that moment the only thing I could see was a rock just 3 meters ahead nothing else.So I decided to set small targets, so I focus on that rock. 你必须积极地作出点什么,那个时候我只能看到前面3米处的一块石头,我决定设定一个小小的目标专注在那块石头上。

There is something magical happens when I really concentrated to that rock. I forgot about the height. I forgot about keeping balance. And even forgot about the end. I just remember to focus on that and pull myself.Then I started seeking more targets in front of me. 当我心里面只想着那块石头的时候神奇的事情发生了,我忘记了悬崖的高度,也忘记了要去保持平衡,我甚至忘记了终点,我只记得自己要专注,然后不断拉自己,然后我开始朝前寻找一个又一个的目标。

And any tiny objects became glittering images in front of me. After tried several times, I realized that I was so close to the end.And finally, I succeeded. So after that experience I learnt there is no shame to a loser. 然后任何小的物体都成为了我前面闪闪发光的图像,多次以后我意识到我离终点已经很近了,最后我终于成功抵达,从那以后我知道了失败并不可怕。

You just need to set small targets, and devote yourself. So these stories which happened to me shaped me as a positive pessimist. And until today I know that I’m still a bad piano player, a bad painter, and not a very successful producer .你只需要设立小小的目标然后全身心投入,这些发生在我身上的故事塑造了我成为一个积极的悲观主义者。直到今天我知道自己钢琴弹得很差,画也画不好,也不是一个太棒的制作人。

But I love to be a positive pessimist. I know nothing can stop me being better. Thank you !但是我喜欢成为一个积极的悲观主义者,任何事情都不能阻挡我成为更好的人,谢谢大家。


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