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Tsai’s soft rhetoric cannot fool world on ‘one China’: Global Times editorial


Taiwan regional leader Tsai Ing-wen speaks during the "Double Ten" address in Taipei on Saturday. Photo: AFP

Taiwan regional leader Tsai Ing-wen's "Double Ten" (October 10) address on Saturday is widely considered to have shown her softest tone on cross-Straits ties in recent years. She said "we will not act rashly… We are committed to upholding cross-Straits stability." In addition, she stressed that "we are willing to work together to facilitate meaningful [cross-Straits] dialogue." 台湾所谓“总统”蔡英文10日上午发表“双十讲话”,在谈及两岸关系时,她的语气被广泛认为是近年中“最软的”一次。她声称“不会冒进”,表示“有决心维持两岸的稳定”,还强调了“愿意共同促成有意义的(两岸)对话”。

It is obviously a tactic Tsai chose to soften her tone in the speech. The situation across the Taiwan Straits has been seriously deteriorating. The Chinese People's Liberation Army has carried out a series of intensive combat exercises as a clear warning against moves from forces which seeks "secession." Due to provocation from the Tsai authorities, the risk of war is rising sharply, and Tsai authorities are standing at the precipice. 然而蔡英文讲话语气的软化显然是策略性的。一段时间以来台海局势严重恶化,解放军实施了一系列明确针对各种谋“独”动向的高强度实战演练,台当局挑衅导致战争爆发的风险急剧上升,蔡英文政权已经站在了悬崖边上。

At this critical juncture, the US has been skirting the issue, and it did not offer Tsai authorities even an empty promise to defend the island. On the one hand, it claims without sincerity that it will "fulfill its commitments" to the island of Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act. On the other, it noted that the Chinese mainland does have the determination to deter "Taiwan secession" by force. On Wednesday, US National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien suggested that Taiwan should "turn themselves into a porcupine" as "lions generally don't like to eat porcupines" in his latest speech.美国并没有在这一危急关头给蔡当局开“保卫台湾”的空头支票,而是闪烁其词,一方面空洞地表示履行“与台湾关系法”所规定的“对台义务”,一方面指出大陆确有使用武力阻止“台独”的决心。美国总统国家安全事务助理奥布莱恩在一个最新表态中要求台湾自己变成一只“狮子不愿意吃的豪猪”。

In the rare display of strength and determination among the three sides, the Chinese mainland has clearly gained the upper hand. It is making full combat-level preparations for possible military conflict to strike Taiwan secessionist forces. It is not just a bluff. Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities are under unprecedented pressure, and Washington is now aware of the seriousness of the situation.在这一轮三方罕见的力量和意志展现中,大陆方面明显占据了上风。大陆正在为打击“台独”的军事斗争进行实战级别的全面准备,决非虚张声势,民进党当局感受到前所未有的压力,华盛顿也看到了事态的严重性。

Tsai was forced to soften her tone. The agenda of her and the DPP over seeking "secession" has hit the dead end of the Anti-Secession Law. But we should never assume their attitude will change. Tsai authorities won the election by their radical route, and now some members of the Kuomintang are imitating the DPP's moves. It is impossible that the DPP will make a big switch in its policy. 蔡英文是被迫缓和了讲话的语气,她和民进党的谋“独”路线撞到了反分裂国家法的墙上。但我们切不要以为他们的态度会从此改变,那是不可能的。蔡英文当局通过实施激进路线打赢了选战,如今国民党一些人也有了效仿民进党的动向,民进党怎么可能政策大逆转呢?我们不能天真,受蔡英文讲话语气的迷惑。

Tsai's so-called dialogue is based on the "two states" theory. What we want is a peaceful reunification while they want a peaceful secession. As tensions escalate, she is utilizing the idea of facilitating dialogue as an "olive branch" as a delaying tactic, attempting to deceive the international community for sympathy.蔡英文所说的“对话”是以“两国论”为基础的,我们要的是两岸和平统一,他们要的是两岸和平分裂。如今局势紧张,她把“对话”主张当“橄榄枝”伸出来作秀,实为缓兵之计,试图欺骗国际社会,谋取同情。

After assuming office, the DPP has been taking advantage of its power to push for "de-Sinicization" in all fields of the island. Since the Trump administration came into power, they have been fully coordinating with the new policy of the US to contain the Chinese mainland and stand on the frontline of the US' Indo-Pacific Strategy. Tsai authorities have turned completely hostile toward the Chinese mainland, and this issue can no longer be resolved through dialogue. The malevolent force might have to be subdued through military means. 民进党当局利用在台上的这几年不断推动岛内各领域的“去中国化”,特朗普政府上台后他们又全力配合华盛顿新的遏制中国大陆政策,做美国印太战略的马前卒。这个政权已经全面与大陆为敌,它不再是有可能通过对话解决的一个问题,而是需要通过军事斗争制服的恶毒力量,甚至是需要用战争拔除的一颗钉子。

Tsai and the DPP authorities will not deceive the world with their soft rhetoric. If they really want to facilitate "meaningful dialogue" between the two sides, there is only one possibility - returning to the 1992 Consensus and recognizing the one-China principle. This was the political basis for the peaceful situation of cross-Straits ties for eight years before the DPP came to power. Tsai authorities destroyed it and are trying to replace it with empty talk. Their attempt will never succeed.台当局休想用温和的语言蒙骗世人。它要想开启两岸“有意义的对话”,只有一种可能,那就是回到“九二共识”的原点上来,承认一个中国。这是民进党上台之前两岸和平共处8年的真正政治基础,蔡英文当局破坏了它,然后想用一些浮词虚言替换它,这一图谋决不可能得逞。

The DPP authorities have gone too far. The whole Chinese mainland saw it: they are a gaggle of opportunistic politicians who refused mild measures only to be resigned to tough ones. The Chinese mainland is fully prepared for military means against the island of Taiwan. The PLA's military aircraft flying around Taiwan, flying across the so-called median line, the possibility of them flying over the island, and the determination of the Chinese mainland to strike back with overwhelming force at any moment are the only language Tsai authorities could understand. Chinese mainland society strongly demands that their country maintains military pressure on the island of Taiwan, and we believe that our country will do so.  民进党当局忘乎所以,走过头了。整个大陆社会也看清了:这是一群不吃敬酒只吃罚酒的机会主义政客。大陆对台军事斗争的准备已经全面拉开,军机绕台,飞越“海峡中线”,以及接下来飞临台湾岛上空的可能性,随时对台军开火进行压倒性反击的决心,这些是台当局唯一能听得懂的语言。大陆社会强烈要求国家保持对台军事高压,我们相信国家也一定会这样做。

Time will tell that the "Taiwan secessionist" forces will not benefit the Taiwan people, but will gradually suffocate Taiwan society. The Tsai authorities not only seek "secession," but also act as an accomplice of the US in the latter's strategic suppression against China. They will eventually pay a heavy price for it.“台独”不仅不会造福于台湾人民,只会逐渐窒息台湾社会,时间将证明这一点。蔡英文当局不仅谋“独”,而且做美国战略打压中国的帮凶,他们注定是一群历史的罪人,并且会为此最终付出沉重代价。



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