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I spent the first 20 years of my life terrified about what other people thought about me. Like, lay-awake-stressingabout-whether-or-not-my-classmates-hate-my-backpack kind of terrified. So, I tried to minimize my inherent nerdiness as much as possible, especially when it came to my closet obsession: saving the world.

在我人生的头20 年,我总会因为别人对我的看法而担心害怕。比如,我会躺在床上睡不着觉,为同学们是不是不喜欢我的背包这类事情惶恐不安。所以,我尽可能地让自己身上那种与生俱来的古怪显得低调,尤其是我最隐秘的“嗜好”—拯救世界。

My eco-geekiness started when I was 13 and my favorite teen magazine arrived in the mail with a "Save the Earth, Girl!" cover. I remember it soclearly! It was filled with all sorts of easy tips to go green.

我热爱环保的怪癖始于13 岁那年。那天我收到了自己最喜爱的一本少年杂志的邮件包裹,杂志的封面上赫然写着“拯救地球吧,女孩!”。时至今日,我都清楚地记得这句话。那本杂志里列出了各种各样简单易行的环保小贴士。

Among many of the dork facts I learned that day: turning off the water while you brush your teeth saves 200 gallons of water every year—per person! Let's just say I started doing that right away. I mean, it is kind of a big deal considering Earth doesn't have an unlimited amount of fresh water (converting the ocean into drinkable water is super hard and expensive, Ifound out).

就在那一天,我了解到许多关于环保的菜鸟入门知识,其中一条是:“刷牙时关上水龙头,每人每年便可节约200 加仑的水!”这么说吧,我当时立马就开始那么做了。我觉得,这样做太重要了,因为地球上的淡水并不是取之不尽、用之不竭的( 我了解到,将海水转化为饮用水超级困难,而且耗资巨大)。

My hippie parents were all too eager to start recycling and reusing, so we became that family. The ones who washed out I Can't Believe It's Not Butter containers and used them for storage. The ones who carried canvas tote bags to the grocery store and our own mugs to the coffee shop longbefore it was even remotely cool.

我的“嬉皮士”父母也都热切想要开始回收再利用行动,我们仨就理所应当地成了“环保之家”。我们会把I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter 牌黄油的罐子洗净用来储物;我们去食品店时会带上帆布手提袋;我们去咖啡店时会带上自己的杯子,即使这样的行为在很久之后都算不上很酷。

I knew it was the right thing to do for the environment, but I cringed every time my mom would dig a plastic bottle out of a public trashcan andput it in the recycling bag she kept in the trunk of the car.


One day, the most popular girl in school, Julie M., called me out in front of my entire APEnglish class for drinking out of a reusableThermos instead of a store-bought water bottle.

一天,我们学校最受欢迎的女生朱莉· M. 在AP 英语课上当着全班同学的面嘲笑我,说我喝的不是从商店买的瓶装水,而是用可重复使用的保温瓶装的水。

I honestly thought I might die of shame. I slunk home that day andtold my mom all the humiliating details.


"Well, which do you like better," she said nonchalantly, clearly usedto this kind of public scrutiny. "Julie or the planet?"


And right then, something clicked. I actually hated Julie—she was vile and ridiculous. Why did I care what she—or anyone—thought about my eco-ness? At the end of the day I was proud of myself for helping theenvironment and I knew I was doing the right thing.


So—finally—I began to let my freaky green flag fly! I called out litterbugs, collected magazines from my friends to recycle, and brought my own cup to Starbucks. And then the strangest thing happened: peoplestarted copying me.


One by one, my friends began to flick off the lights, buy recycled notebooks, and feed paper back into the printer to make use of the other

side. It's not that they were oh-so-passionate about the environment, butthey were drawn to my confidence.


The most popular people (not only in high school but in life) are those who stand proudly and say "Yeah, this is what I'm into. WHAT." Even if they don't share your enthusiasm, they will envy your confidence and wantto be like you, and that means following your example.



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