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Hello, I'm Aaron Safir with the BBC News. President Trump is facing a continuing backlash over his suggestion that coronavirus patients could be treated with injections of disinfectant. The president has insisted the remarks made at a news conference on Thursday were sarcastic. As David Willis reports, the strong reaction to his comments may have affected Friday's press briefing. Whilst previous White House press briefings have often lasted for longer than two hours, today's took just 22 minutes. The president refusing to answer journalists' questions for the first time. The president's suggestion has been strongly criticized by doctors who warned it could prove fatal. More than 50,000 people here have now died from the coronavirus, yet some southern states have already started to relax their lockdown orders in defiance of warnings from health officials who say it's too early to do so.


The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has hit back at his Justice Minister Sergio Moro, who accused him of potentially criminal interference in the federal police. The row has thrown the Bolsonaro administration into turmoil. Katy Watson reports. He accused Mr. Moro being driven by his ego and responded to accusations of political interference by saying the justice minister himself had acted improperly. Mr. Bolsonaro alleged Sergio Moro, who told him the federal police chief could be fired if he was nominated to the Supreme Court. It capped one of the most dramatic days in politics Brazil has seen in recent years. Sergio Moro commanded a great deal of support and Mr. Bolsonaro's government now looks much weaker without him.


Belgium has come out with a timetable for gradually lifting its coronavirus lockdown. In a late night announcement, the Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes said most shops would reopen across Belgium on Monday, the 11th of May. Schools would reopen a week later with only 10 pupils in each classroom seated four square meters apart. Masks and face coverings will be compulsory on public transports.

比利时公布了逐步解除对冠状病毒封锁的时间表。比利时总理索菲·维尔梅斯在深夜宣布,全国大部分商店将于5月11日(周一)重新开业。the 学校将在一周后重新开学,每个教室只允许有10名学生,每名学生相隔4平方米。乘坐公共交通工具上必须戴口罩和面罩。

Australians and New Zealanders are observing Anzac Day, their annual day of remembrance for their war dead. Australia's leader Scott Morrison was one of only a few to attend a vigil at the National War Memorial because of the coronavirus pandemic. He compared today's celebrations to those over hundred years ago. On Anzac Day 1919, the first after the great war, there were no city marches or parades for the returning veterans because Australians were battling the Spanish flu pandemic. On the shores of Gallipoli, where Australians landed four years before, a small group of Anzacs who had been arranging and tending the graves of their mates gathered. And there was no pomp at that little service. There were no dignitaries, no bands, just the sound of lapping water on the lonely shore. And so our members today, small, quiet and homely, will be. BBC news.

澳大利亚和新西兰人正在庆祝澳新军团日,这是他们每年的阵亡将士纪念日。由于冠状病毒大流行,澳大利亚领导人斯科特·莫里森等少数人员参加了国家战争纪念碑守夜活动。他把今天的庆祝活动与一百多年前的情形进行了比较。1919年澳新军团日是第一次世界大战结束后的第一个纪念日,由于澳大利亚人正在抗击西班牙流感,因此没有为回国的军人举行城市游行。在四年前澳大利亚人登陆的加里波利海岸,一小群澳新军团军人一直在整理和照料他们同伴的坟墓。当时,这个小小的仪式上没有什么盛大的场面。没有达官贵人,没有乐队,只有流水拍岸的声音。今天,我们一起再次小聚,静静地、亲切地为阵亡将士守夜。BBC 新闻。


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