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【同义词辨析】2020-03-20 虚假无礼卧倒口语确定(5小组一起记)

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(1) 虚假
pretense: may denote false show or the evidence of it: a person utterly devoid of ~; or it may apply to something such as an act, an appearance, or a statement intended to convince others of the reality of something that in fact lacks reality: gained their confidence under false ~s.

pretension: is often used in the sense of false show and implies an unwarranted belief in one's desirable qualities that results from conceit or self-deception: harbored ~s to wealth and good breeding.    conceit自负是指过度骄傲too much pride,如he is conceited and ill-mannered他自负又无礼)

make-believe: applies chiefly to pretenses that arise out of a strong or vivid imagination, as of a child or poet: delighted in her world of ~.

pretense假装虚伪: 表示虚假表现;或企图让人相信虚假的言行外观,pretension自命不凡: 也是虚假的表现,由于自负自欺自命不凡,make-believe虚构想象: 指虚假是源自丰富的想象力,如诗人儿童的,没有贬义

记忆方法:  1)虚假的意思是说虚假表现mean the offering of something false or deceptive as real or true.      ""有2个意思 1、不真实,如假话假冒假意虚假  2、借用,如假借假公济私不假思索,以及常说的通假字,假日假条请假也可能和此义"借用"有关    另外还表示"设想",如假如假设 。"假"是形声和会意字,从人叚声,叚也表义。""意为"非原本的"或"借的"。人与叚联用表示"借用的人员"。本义是"代理人",如"假上将军"就是"代理上将军",引申义是"非真不实"       ""也有2个意思 1、假,不真实,如伪装伪劣伪证虚伪  2、不合法,得不到人民拥护,如伪政府伪军伪满洲国伪政权。从人为声,为亦表意。古人畏天,认为事物应遵循天然形态和规则,而不可以按照自己的意志人为去做,因此人为合起来的意思是"要求事物按照自己的意愿变化"。

(2) 无礼
saucy: is likely to stress levity with a hint of smartness or amusing effrontery: made a ~ retort.   levity轻佻轻松suggests trifling or unseasonable gaiety表示玩笑般的欢快,如injected a moment of levity in the solemn proceedings庄重的程序中加入一些轻松时刻)     (effrontery无礼无耻implies disregard of courtesy or propriety故意无视考虑礼貌礼节,如had the effrontery to tell me how to do my job无礼地告诉我怎么工作)

pert: implies a saucy freedom that may verge on presumption or affectation: amused by the boy's ~ answers; and sometimes also suggests sprightliness or cleverness: held her head at a ~ angle.

arch: usually implies a coquettish or roguish audacity or mischievous mockery: known for sly wit and ~ posturing.     (coquetry假装兴趣奉承,玩弄别人without serious intention)    the audacity of hope是奥巴马写的书《大胆希望》

saucy大胆轻佻: 强调轻佻活泼无礼(smart聪明),pert无礼聪明: 到了自以为是做作的地步,或表示聪明轻快,arch调皮: 表示恶作剧般大胆挑逗嘲弄

记忆方法:  1)无礼的意思是大胆轻薄mean flippant and bold in manner or attitude.    flippancy不严肃,轻佻,特别是在本该严肃的时候

(3) 卧倒
prone: implies a position with the front of the body turned toward the supporting surface: push-ups require the body to be in a ~ position.

supine: implies lying on one's back and suggests inertness or abjectness: lying ~ upon a couch.    (abject卑微debased and degraded,如the abject poverty of her youth她青年时期卑微贫穷)

prostrate: implies lying full-length as in submission, defeat, or physical collapse: a runner fell ~ at the finish line.

recumbent: implies the posture of one lying at ease or in comfortable repose: he was in his hospital bed.     repose静卧休息安睡to lie down in rest, especially by sleeping,如how sweetly he would repose in the four-poster bed他会多么甜美地安睡在四脚床上,如in repose her face looked relaxed她睡着时面露轻松的神情)

prone俯卧: 指身体正对支撑面的姿势,supine仰卧: 指身体平躺,暗指懒惰卑微,prostrate卧倒拜倒: 指身体完全倒地(full-length全部的长度),如因屈服失败力竭,recumbent躺着的卧姿的: 指舒适躺着休息

记忆方法:  1)卧倒的意思是躺下mean lying down.             ""表示"睡倒躺或趴",是会意字,从人臣。""是竖立的眼睛,字面意思是"人伏在几案上休息,眼睛呈竖立形"。如卧室卧铺卧倒卧底卧槽卧龙卧虎(比喻隐居或尚未露头角的杰出人才)卧薪尝胆        ""意思是"反置反转",是会意字从,字面意思是"回到家中,到床上休息",引申出"反置反转"的意思,还引申出"因立不稳而坠落垮台"以及"反置容器清空内容物",如卧倒扑倒颠倒倒行倒霉倒车倒台潦倒倒不如          ""意思是"抬头脸向上",从人从昂,小篆字形上,""表示一个人站着一个人跪着,跪者抬头看站者,是""的本字。如仰望瞻仰景仰仰天仰泳         ""意思是"低头脸向下",会意,从页表示与有关,从逃省,表示"低头逃跑",简化为从人府声的形声字,如俯冲俯视俯卧俯仰俯首俯瞰俯拾

(4) 口 语
vocal: implies the use of the voice, but not necessarily of speech or language: preferred ~ to instrumental music.    来自词根VOC嗓音说话voice, to speak

articulate: implies the use of distinct intelligible language: so enraged that he was scarcely capable of ~ speech.

oral: implies the use of the voice rather than the hand (as in writing or signaling in communication): legend is the ~ transmission of tradition.

vocal嗓音的: 表示使用嗓音,但未必说话,articulate发音清楚的: 表示说话清晰易懂,oral口述: 指用语言而非用手(如写字、做手势)

记忆方法:  1)口 语的意思是用语音表达mean uttered by the voice or having to do with such utterances.    "人所言食也",象形字,指说话进食的器官,还引申为进出容器的部位。有时还可作声符,如叩扣

(5) 确定
sure: usually stresses a subjective or intuitive feeling of assurance: felt ~ that he had forgotten something.             (intuition直觉to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning直接理解无需推理,如we shall allow our intuition to guide us我们将让直觉指引我们,如her feminine intuition told her that he was unhappy她女性的直觉告诉她他有些不快,如by intuition, he sensed what was wrong他凭直觉感到了问题所在)   assurance"放心、有信心",和sure意思完全相同

certain: may apply to a basing of a conclusion or conviction on definite grounds or indubitable evidence: scientists are now ~ what caused the explosion.     conviction坚信applies to a firmly and seriously held belief坚定严肃地相信,如a conviction that she was right坚信她是正确的,如political/moral convictions坚定的政治/道德信念, 另外,还表示宣判有罪定罪to find guilty of a crime,如he will appeal against his conviction他会对有罪判决提起上诉)

positive: intensifies sureness or certainty and may imply opinionated conviction or the forceful expression of it: she is ~ that he is the killer.

cocksure: implies presumptuous or careless positiveness: you're always so ~ about everything.      presumption自以为是too confident,如it would be presumptuous to judge what the outcome will be现在就判断结果有些自以为是

sure确定: 表示主观直觉上感到放心,certain确定: 指具有明确无容争辩的依据证据,positive十分确定: 更强调确定,乃至固执己见地表达,cocksure过度自信: 到了自以为是的地步

记忆方法:  1)确定的意思是没有疑虑mean having no doubt or uncertainty.            ""(石隺)有2个意思 1、坚固坚定,如确定确保确立确信  2、真实实在,如确实确凿确切确证正确准确明确精确。确从石隺声,本作"",本义是坚固坚定


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