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Questions Follow Harry and Meghan's Decision to Step Back


Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have announced they will step back from senior positions in the royal family. The couple said they hope to become financially independent and create a new charity -- while continuing some royal duties.英国哈里王子和妻子梅根宣布他们将辞去王室高级职位。这对夫妇表示,他们希望经济独立并成立一个新的慈善机构,同时继续履行部分王室职责。

The move came as a surprise to the British royal family. Hours after the announcement appeared on Instagram, Buckingham Palace released a short statement. It said discussions with Harry and Meghan “were at an early stage” and that such complex issues take time to work out.此举令英国王室感到意外。此消息在社交媒体“照片墙”(Instagram上)发布几小时后,白金汉宫发表了一份简短声明。声明称,与哈里和梅根的讨论“还处于初级阶段”,这些复杂的问题需要时间来解决。

British media did not like the idea, either. The Daily Mirror called the announcement a “shocking disregard” for the Queen. The Sun described the decision as “Megxit.” The word is a play on “Brexit” -- a common term for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

英国媒体也不喜欢这个主意。《每日镜报》称这一声明是对女王的“令人震惊的漠视”。《太阳报》称这一决定为“脱梅/Megxit”,这个词由(英国脱欧) 词汇“Brexit”演绎而来,意指梅根退出王室。

It also raises questions about how the couple will earn a living, who will pay for their security, and what their new positions will involve.此举也引发了关于哈里夫妇将如何谋生,谁来支付他们的安保费用,以及他们的新职位将涉及哪些内容等疑问。

Security and living situation安保及居所环境

In their announcement, Harry and Meghan said they plan to divide their time between Britain and North America.在他们的声明中,哈里和梅根表示他们计划分别花时间居住在英国和北美。

Meghan was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in Hollywood. Harry and Meghan spent the last six weeks of 2019 in Canada. Their first official appearance of 2020 was a trip to Canada House in London, home of Canada’s diplomatic mission to Britain.梅根出生于加州洛杉矶,在好莱坞长大。哈里和梅根在加拿大度过了2019年的最后六周。他们在2020年的首次官方亮相是前往伦敦的加拿大大厦,那里是加拿大驻英国外交使团的所在地。

They will continue to base themselves at Frogmore Cottage in the grounds of the queen’s Windsor Castle while in Britain. The property was recently repaired at a cost of 2.4 million pounds ($3.13 million) by taxpayers.在英国期间,他们将继续住在温莎城堡内的弗罗格莫尔别墅。这处房产最近刚花了纳税人240万英镑(313万美元)进行修缮。

The couple also made clear that they expect the government to continue to pay their security costs. This is required by the Home Office, which is responsible for security of the royal family. The cost of the security is not publicly available information. But it is estimated to cost hundreds of thousands of British pounds a year.哈里夫妇还明确表示,他们希望政府继续支付他们的安保费用。而这一要求是负责王室安全的内政部提出的。王室成员的安保成本非公开信息。但据预估(安保)每年要花费数十万英镑。

How will they earn a living?他们将如何谋生?

The couple said on their new website that they are seeking financial independence from the royal family’s funding, known as the “Sovereign Grant.” This is government money that covers the ongoing costs related to daily life and travel.这对夫妇在他们的新网络账户上说,他们正在寻求财政独立,不再从王室资金来源“Sovereign Grant”中花费资金。“Sovereign Grant”是政府用来支付王室日常生活和旅行费用的专项资金。

The couple said the grant represented about 5 percent of money needed to run their official office. They did not say if they will give up the remaining 95 percent, which comes from Prince Charles’ centuries-old private estate.哈里夫妇称,拨款资金大约占他们公务所需资金的5%。但他们没有说明是否会放弃剩下的95%资产,而这些遗产来自查尔斯王子的私人财产,已有几百年历史的遗产。

The couple’s new website, Sussex Royal, does not say exactly how they plan to fund themselves in the future. Last year, it was reported that Harry would be executive producer of a film on mental health for Apple’s video streaming service. And royal writer Penny Junor suggested that Meghan, who starred in the television show Suits, might restart her acting career.这对夫妇的新网络账户“皇家苏塞克斯”,并没有确切说明他们计划如何谋生。去年,有报道称哈里王子将担任苹果视频流媒体服务的一部心理健康电影的执行制片人。王室作家彭妮·朱诺表示,曾出演电视剧《金装律师》的梅根可能会重新开始她的演艺生涯。

The couple has not said they would give up their royal names -- the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. And, their website noted that other royal family members have kept their titles while earning money in other ways.这对夫妇并没有宣布放弃他们的王室头衔——苏塞克斯公爵和公爵夫人。他们的网络账户还指出,其他皇室成员在通过其他方式赚钱的同时,也保留了他们的头衔。

Marriage - and the media婚姻和媒体

Harry and Meghan married in May 2018 in a ceremony in Windsor Castle. Their marriage was considered at the time to be a sign of a more modern monarchy.2018年5月,哈里和梅根在温莎城堡举行了婚礼。他们的婚姻在当时被认为是君主制更加现代化的标志。

Their son, Archie, was born in May 2019.2019年5月他们的儿子阿尔奇降生。

The family’s relationship with the media has worsened quickly over time, as they struggled to deal with the pressure, criticism and scrutiny.随着时间的推移,哈里夫妇与媒体的关系迅速恶化,他们一直努力应对压力、批评和审视。

Harry described the media’s treatment of his wife as “bullying,” and likened it to that of his mother before her death. His mother, Princess Diana, died in a car crash in France in 1997 while being chased by paparazzi.哈里曾用“霸凌”形容媒体对待他妻子的方式,认为这种方式无异于他母亲生前媒体对待她的方式。1997年,哈里的母亲戴安娜王妃在法国被狗仔队追拍时死于车祸。

Harry and Meghan announced they plan to greatly change media access to their official events. They will no longer take part in the traditional “royal rota” system, which is an agreement providing access for royal correspondents.哈里和梅根宣布,他们计划大幅改变媒体对他们官方活动的介入方式。他们将不再参与传统的“皇家轮值制”——一项为王室记者提供采访通道的协议。

The royal rota system permits access to their appearances and events by official correspondents. These correspondents take photographs and videos, which they then share with others in the media.“皇家轮值”系统允许王室记者在他们出席活动或公开露面时采访他们。这些记者会为他们拍摄照片和视频,然后与其他媒体分享。

Now the couple said their plan is to speak directly to the public through social media. They plan to deny automatic access to some royal correspondents.现在哈里夫妇表示,他的计划通过社交媒体直接与公众对话,并且计划拒绝某些王室记者的介入。

The change may make them more of a target for paparazzi photographers, who will no longer worry about losing access to official events if they are already excluded.这一改变可能使他们成为狗仔队的目标。此前狗仔队一直被拒之门外,而今这部分媒体或将不再担心无法介入采访官方活动。


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