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Mystery surrounds Christopher Nolan films, sometimes even after you’ve watched them, but he has unveiled a few details about his latest, a tempting, espionage-themed action-filled brain twister. John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman), Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki lead a cast that includes Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh. Washington’s character tries to prevent a global fate worse than nuclear war by unravelling the secret meaning of the word tenet. The setting spans continents, with locations including India, Estonia, Italy and the UK. And the story plays mind games with time, space and memory as Nolan has done so brilliantly in films from Memento to Inception.


Released on 16 July in Brazil, Germany, the UK and US.



West Side Story《西区故事》

Steven Spielberg delivers singing, dancing and some of the most beautiful music ever written – Maria, Tonight, the list goes on – with his adaptation of Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim's classic Broadway take on Romeo and Juliet. Ansel Elgort (Baby Driver) and the little-known Rachel Zegler are Tony and Maria, the star-crossed lovers caught in a gang war between the Sharks and the Jets in 1957 New York City. The film was written by playwright Tony Kushner, who also wrote Spielberg's Lincoln.


Released on 16 December in France, 18 December in the UK and US.


star-crossed: adj. 不幸的;运气不好的;倒霉的



Whether you rate it as a cult classic, or whether you’re sensible enough to accept that it is one of the worst films ever made, David Lynch’s Dune was not a great success. Now Denis Villeneuve is having a turn at adapting Frank Herbert’s interstellar novel, and, judging by the two atmospheric science-fiction dramas he has already directed, Arrival and Blade Runner 2049, he should make a better job of it. If nothing else, the film Villeneuve is calling “Star Wars for adults” could well have 2020’s finest cast. Timothée Chalamet is the messianic young hero; the other actors include Javier Bardem, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Rebecca Ferguson, Jason Momoa, Charlotte Rampling, and Dave Bautista.


Released on 18 December in UK and US.


messianic[ˌmesiˈænɪk]: adj. 救世主似的

2019年11月4日,马特·达蒙在洛杉矶出席《极速车王》首映礼。 图片来源:希帕

The Last Duel《最后的决斗》

Ridley Scott’s latest is set centuries ago, when action scenes meant men with swords. Well, it worked for him in Gladiator. This time the setting is 14th-Century France, and the revenge story is based on an actual event, the last legally-fought duel. If there’s an odd-couple feel to the casting of Adam Driver and Matt Damon, it may be because Driver replaced Ben Affleck, who wrote the screenplay with Damon and Nicole Holofcener but dropped down to a smaller role due to scheduling conflicts. Jodie Comer also stars as a woman who watches the men settle their differences. This film is more of an intriguing possibility than a sure thing, but the cast alone makes it irresistibly tantalising, no matter what.


Released on 25 December in the US.


tantalising['tæntəlaɪzɪŋ]: adj. 诱人的

2019年10月27日,汤姆·汉克斯在美国洛杉矶出席州长奖颁奖礼。 图片来源:路透社

News of the World《世界新闻》

Every year seems to be Tom Hanks Year, and 2020 brings three more films. In News of the World, based on the bestselling novel, he teams up with his Captain Phillips director, Paul Greengrass, to play an itinerant storyteller in the 19th-Century US, delivering the news in small town after small town. He is recruited to bring a 10-year-old girl raised by the Kiowa back to her parents. Hanks takes another road trip in Bios as Finch, a fatally-ill engineer in post-apocalyptic America. He builds a robot, played by Caleb Landry Jones, and teaches him humanity so he can care for Finch’s beloved dog after he dies. Hanks even wrote one of his 2020 films, Greyhound, in which he plays a World War Two Navy commander whose ship is pursued by German U-boats. His heroism comes in different flavours, but it is everywhere.


Released on 25 December in Indonesia and the US.


itinerant[aɪˈtɪnərənt]: adj. 巡回的;流动的





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