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sand and cloud(a honeymoon trip)

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"Ling!dont sleep!hurry get up,you are going to have a dating with the only son of mr.wang!"
A middle-aged woman shoving the woman on the bed who wrapped figure."I do not want to go!"Ling yuchen utter like a indignant man
Originally,she just a insouciant women bachelor.
But now she incur a man who is interested her and he never want get married but her.
In her eyes, he merely a man have a little more money than others.
"Whether our family be rich is depend on that"the middle-aged woman who is her mother say agitated
For a bouch of arrearage by her useless and greedy parents,she have no choice but go.
After a lengthy make up,she left home and by a subway to center of the city.
"Well,where is him now?"she check her phone for a wechat message.
"Honey,i'm in the cafe house of the deep of a street named zhongshan road."he say that with a cute sticker.
Cross the bustling crowd,she find that mini house and push the antique door to get in.
Confused Ling begin think about whether all rich man have mannerism.


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