[TED] 【公开课】 要认清自己才能更好把握自己!

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No one will ever pay you what you’re worth.没有人会为你的价值买单。

No one will ever pay you永远没有人根据你的价值

what you’re worth.来支付你的薪酬。

They’ll only ever pay you他们只按自己所认可的

what they think you’re worth.你的价值支付你薪酬。

And you control their thinking,你能控制他们的想法,

not like this,但不是这样控制的,

although that would be cool.尽管那样很赞。


That would be really cool.能那样可太赞了。

Instead, like this:然而,实际上应该这样做:

clearly defining and communicating your value are essential清楚地定义并传达自己的价值对于为自己的优秀

to being paid well for your excellence.赢得等价回报是十分重要的。

Anyone here want to be paid well?在座有人想要优厚的工资吗?

OK, good,嗯,很好,

then this talk is for everyone.那么这个演讲适用于每一位。

It’s got universal applicability.这个方法具有普适性。

It’s true if you’re a business owner, if you’re an employee,无论你是老板,还是雇员,

if you’re a job seeker.也许你正在找工作,

It’s true if you’re a man or a woman.无论你是男是女,都适用。

Now, I approach this today through the lens of the woman business owner,今天,我会从女性公司老板的视角来阐述,

because in my work I’ve observed that women underprice more so than men.因为我在工作中观察到女性的价值相比男性被低估的更多。

The gender wage gap is a well-traveled narrative in this country.男女不同酬在美国很普遍。

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,根据劳动局的统计,

a woman employee earns just 83 cents for every dollar a man earns.男性每赚1美元,女性只能赚到0.83美元。

What may surprise you令人惊讶的是,

is that this trend continues even into the entrepreneurial sphere.这种形势也延伸到了创业圈。

A woman business owner earns just 80 cents for every dollar a man earns.男老板赚1美元时,女老板只赚0.8美元。

In my work, I’ve often heard women express在我的工作中,常听到女性说,

that they’re uncomfortable communicating their value,她们不太喜欢讨论自己的价值,

especially early on in business ownership.尤其是在创业初期。

They say things like,她们会说:

"I don’t like to toot my own horn."“我不喜欢自吹自擂。”

"I’d rather let the work speak for itself."“我宁愿用工作成绩说话。”

"I don’t like to sing my own praises."“我不喜欢自夸。”

I hear very different narratives in working with male business owners,但男老板的说法就大不同。

and I think this difference is costing women 20 cents on the dollar.我认为,就是这些差异使女性比男性少赚了20%。

I’d like to tell you the story of a consulting firm我来说一个顾问公司的故事,

that helps their clients dramatically improve their profitability.这家公司帮助客户大幅提升利润,

That company is my company.而这家公司就是我的公司。

After my first year in business, I saw the profit increases在我的公司运行1年后,我看到了客户通过与我合作

that my clients were realizing in working with me,实现的利润增长。

and I realized that I needed to reevaluate my pricing.我觉得应该重新评估一下我的报价了。

I was really underpriced relative to the value I was delivering.与我提供的服务相比,我的收费太低。

It’s hard for me to admit to you, because I’m a pricing consultant.这有点尴尬,因为本人就是定价顾问。


It’s what I do.这就是我的工作;

I help companies price for value.我帮企业按价值定价格。

But nonetheless, it’s what I saw,不管怎样,我注意到这问题了,

and so I sat down to evaluate my pricing, evaluate my value,因此我仔细衡量了自己的收费与价值。

and I did that by asking key value questions.我问了自己几个关键价值问题:

What are my clients’ needs and how do I meet them?我的客户需要什么?我如何帮他们实现?

What is my unique skill set that makes me better qualified to serve my clients?对客户来说,我与别人相比独特的专长是什么?

What do I do that no one else does?我提供的什么服务是独一无二的?

What problems do I solve for clients?我为客户解决了哪些问题?

What value do I add?为客户的公司增加了多大价值?

I answered these questions我回答了这些问题,

and defined the value that my clients get from working with me,从而明确算出客户因为我提供的服务而获得的价值,

calculated their return on investment,并算出客户的投资回报率。

and what I saw was that I needed to double my price,结果发现,我的收费应该加倍,

double it.整整两倍。

Now, I confess to you, this terrified me.但我要坦白说,这吓到我了。

I’m supposed to be the expert in this, but I’m not cured.我是这方面的专家,但仍为此忐忑不安!

I knew the value was there.我明知自己有这个价值,

I was convinced the value was there,我也说服自己值得这个价值,

and I was still scared out of my wits.但还是不敢相信。

What if nobody would pay me that?如果没人愿意付这个价钱呢?

What if clients said, "That’s ridiculous.如果客户说:这价格离谱了,

You’re ridiculous."你简直不可理喻!

Was I really worth that?我真的值这么高价吗?

Not my work, mind you, but me.这并不是工作的问题,请注意,这是我自己的疑惑。

Was I worth that?我值不值这么多钱?

I’m the mother of two beautiful little girls who depend upon me.独自抚养两个漂亮的小姑娘。

I’m a single mom.我是个单亲妈妈,

What if my business fails?如果公司失败了怎么办?

What if I fail?如果我失败了怎么办?

But I know how to take my own medicine,但我知道如何解决自己的问题,

the medicine that I prescribe to my clients.就用那些我开给客户的药方。

I had done the homework.我做了功课,

I knew the value was there.我清楚自己有这个价值。

So when prospects came,所以当机会来临,

I prepared the proposals with the new higher pricing我把准备好的提价方案

and sent them out发给客户,

and communicated the value.并与客户探讨其中的价值。

How’s the story end?结果呢?

Clients continued to hire me客户不但继续与我合作,

and refer me and recommend me, and I’m still here.还把我推荐给更多人,我的生意还在。

And I share this story与你们分享这故事,

because doubts and fears are natural and normal.是因为疑惑与恐惧都是自然正常的。

But they don’t define our value,但这些都不决定你的价值,

and they shouldn’t limit our earning potential.也不应该制约我们赚钱的能力。

I’d like to share another story,我还想分享另一个故事,

about a woman who learned to communicate her value是一位女性如何学会向他人传达自己的价值,

and found her own voice.进而找到自己的说话方式。

She runs a successful web development company她运营着一家成功的网站开发公司,

and employs several people.拥有多名员工。

When she first started her firm and for several years thereafter,在创业初始以及之后几年,

she would say, "I have a little web design company."她总说,自己有个“小小的网站设计公司”。

She’d actually use those words with clients.她真的也这样对客户说:

"I have a little web design company."“我有一家小小的网站设计公司。”

In this and in many other small ways,通过这样的说法和其他细节,

she was diminishing her company in the eyes of prospects and clients,她让潜在的客户、现有客户轻视了她的公司,

and diminishing herself.也轻视了她自己。

It was really impacting her ability to earn what she was worth.这影响到她应得的收入以及真正的价值。

I believe her language and her style我认为由于她的语言和方式,

communicated that she didn’t believe表达着她自己也不相信

she had much value to offer.自己有能力挖掘价值。

In her own words, she was practically giving her services away.用她自己的说法,她简直在赠送自己公司的服务。

And so she began her journey所以她开始行动,

to take responsibility for communicating value to clients负起向客户传达价值的责任,

and changing her message.并改变她的说话方式。

One thing I shared with her我与她分享了

is that it’s so important一件非常重要的事:

to find your own voice,找到自己的声音,

a voice that’s authentic and true to you.一个对你而言,准确且真实的声音。

Don’t try to channel your sister-in-law just because she’s a great salesperson不用学你善于销售的嫂子,

or your neighbor who tells a great joke if that’s not who you are.也不用学特别会说笑话的邻居,因为那都不是你。

Give up this notion that it’s tooting your own horn.试着放下“自吹自擂”的成见,

Make it about the other party.从对方的角度观察,

Focus on serving and adding value, and it won’t feel like bragging.关注服务和价值的提升,就不会觉得自夸。

What do you love about what you do?你喜欢工作的哪部分?

What excites you about the work that you do?工作中什么事让你充满热情?

If you connect with that, communicatingyour value will come naturally.如果将这些联系起来,必定会传递你的价值。

So she embraced her natural style,于是她选择用自己最自然的方式,

found her voice and changed her message.找到自己的声音,以及改变所传递的信息。

For one thing, she stopped calling herself a little web design company.首先,她不再称自己有家小小的网络设计公司。

She really found a lot of strength and power in communicating her message.她真的在信息沟通过程中获得了很多力量。

She’s now charging three times as much for web design,现在她的网页设计收费是以前的三倍。

and her business is growing.而她的事业蒸蒸日上。

She told me about a recent meeting她提起最近的一个会议,

with a gruff and sometimes difficult client一个蛮横难缠的客户,

who had called a meeting questioning progress on search engine optimization.在询问搜索引擎优化项目的进度。

She said in the old days,如果是以前,

that would have been a really intimidating meeting for her,这是她最害怕的会议。

but her mindset was different.但现在心态不同了,

She said, she prepared the information, sat down with the client,她说自己准备好资料,与客户坐下来,

said this isn’t about me, it’s not personal,说这不是她自己的事,不针对个人,

it’s about the client.而是与客户相关。

She took them through the data, through the numbers,她给客户展示所有资料和数据,

laid out the trends and the progress in her own voice and in her own way,用她自己的声音和方式阐述趋势和进度,

but very directly said, "Here’s what we’ve done for you."用非常直接的方式说“这些是我为贵公司做的工作。”

The client sat up and took notice, and said, "OK, I got it."客户调整一下坐姿,表示明白,说:“好,我知道了。”

And she said in describing that meeting,她是这样形容那个会议的:

"I didn’t feel scared or panicky“我一点都不害怕或紧张,

or small,也不觉得渺小,

which is how I used to feel.虽然我以前会这样感觉。

Instead I feel like, ’OK, I got this.这次我觉得自己“很好,胸有成竹,

I know what I’m doing. I’m confident.’"我清楚自己的工作,我有信心。”

Being properly valued is so important.能被正确的评价是很重要的。

You can hear in this story从这件事可以看出,

that the implications range far beyond just finances影响范围不但超出了金钱,

into the realm of self-respect and self-confidence.而且还进入了自尊自信的范畴。

Today I’ve told two stories, one about defining our value今天我分享了两个故事:一个是确定自我价值;

and the other about communicating our value,另一个是传达自我价值。

and these are the two elements to realizing our full earning potential.这两个要素,让我们意识到了自己赚钱的潜力。

That’s the equation.这就是核心公式。

And if you’re sitting in the audience today如果今天坐在观众席的你,

and you’re not being paid what you’re worth,拿到的薪水与你的价值不等,

I’d like to welcome you into this equation.我欢迎你使用这个等式。

Just imagine what life could be like,想象一下生活会怎样变化,

how much more we could do,我们能更多地做些什么,

how much more we could give back,我们能更多地回赠些什么,

how much more we could plan for the future,能更多地为未来做出哪些计划,

how validated and respected we would feel会发觉自己多踏实自信。

if we could earn our full potential,如果我们能够获得与我们潜力相对应的收入,

realize our full value.实现自我最大的价值。

No one will ever pay you what you’re worth.没有人会按你的价值买单。

They’ll only ever pay you what they think you’re worth,他们只按自己认可的你的价值买单。

and you control their thinking.但你可以掌控他们的i想法。

Thank you.谢谢。

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