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With an unprecedented 600 stars in attendance, the just-concluded 28th China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Festival has become a hot topic on China's social media platforms.


Fans were excited to see their idols, including blockbuster directors such as Xu Zheng and Peter Chan and top box-office draws including Tang Wei and Hu Ge.


Along with the glamour on the red carpet, a string of upcoming films was announced at the festival, which was held in Xiamen, Fujian province from Nov 19 to 23.



The Wild Goose Lake


As a shortlisted entry for the Palme d'Or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, director Diao Yinan's latest film The Wild Goose Lake has become one of the most sought-after films at the Rooster Festival.


Starring actor Hu Ge and actress Kwei Lun-mei, the story follows a fugitive gangster who crosses paths with an innocent-looking woman hiding a big secret.


fugitive [ˈfjuːdʒətɪv]:adj.逃亡的

Seeking a breakthrough in their acting careers, Hu and Kwei both prepared extensively for their roles, with Hu enduring a tough training on close combat and Kwei living with locals in a shabby apartment building in a low-income area of Wuhan, Hubei province.


The Whistleblower


The Whistleblower, an action-packed film teaming up actress Tang Wei and actor Lei Jiayin, also held a special screening during the festival.


In the film, which spans 139 minutes, a Chinese employee of an Australian energy company has a one-night stand with his first lover, now the wife of a Chinese mining tycoon.


After the fateful night, the woman goes aboard a plane, which eventually crashes into the sea. But the woman manages to survive, drawing the man into a continent-crossing adventure to unravel a thrilling crime involving bribery and the safety of a city.


The film is the latest from female director Xue Xiaolu, as she shifts from lighter romances to a big-budget action film.


Shooting to fame after helming the Jet Li-starring Ocean Heaven, Xue has solidified her position on the A-list through box office hits Finding Mr. Right, Book of Love and My People, My Country, which she co-directed with six other directors.


Xue said she read a news story about a Chinese Australian who was arrested for being suspected of taking a bribe case in 2009, giving her the inspiration for the film.




Most directors list animals as the most difficult "actors" to get to cooperate. But Yang Zi, a newcomer, is trying to break the taboo.


With renowned filmmaker Xu Zheng on board as executive producer, the pet-themed film Adoring has gained a lot of attention thanks to its unlikely "stars", a pig and several cats and dogs.


The film consists of six short stories, depicting protagonists at different ages re-examining their own lives accompanied by their beloved pets.


Its stellar cast includes Wu Lei, Zhang Zifeng, Wallace Chung, Yang Zishan, Zhong Chuxi and William Chan.


Detective Chinatown 3


As it is one of the most anticipated films for the 2020 Spring Festival holiday, major stars from Detective Chinatown 3 appeared during the festival. Among them were Wang Baoqiang, Liu Haoran, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Tony Jaa, Shang Yuxian and Roy Chiu.


Following the protagonist detectives' adventures in Bangkok and New York, depicted in the first and second installments, the new sequel is set in Tokyo and shot on Alexa Imax cameras, ensuring the visual quality will be well up to standard.

前两部影片描绘了主角警探在曼谷和纽约的冒险经历,而新续集则以东京为背景,采用Alexa Imax摄像机拍摄,以确保画面效果达到高标准。

Director Chen Sicheng revealed there will be more comedic scenarios in the new film, and will visit several Japanese landmark locations, including Akihabara and Shinjuku.


Jackie Chan returns


As an enduring kung fu icon who has many fans worldwide, Jackie Chan also attended the festival, revealing his upcoming three films at a theme night event held by Beijing-based company Cultural Investment Holdings.


Jackie Chan, 65, will lead two new live-action films, the espionage film Five Against a Bullet and Da Shuai (The Marshal), and lend his voice to the animated feature Wish Dragon.


Previously, Chan starred in Cultural Investment Holdings-financed films Kung Fu Yoga and Railroad Tigers.


Chan said Five Against a Bullet is now being prepared in Mexico and will start filming soon.


The action giant revealed Xu Zheng, best known for his comedic blockbuster franchise Lost, is one of the Chinese mainland actors he wants to cooperate with most.






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