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【同义词辨析】 2019-09-09 触摸touch-paw

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touch: stresses the act and may imply bodily contact or the use of an implement: ~ paint with a finger to see if it is dry; or it may imply immaterial contact: we were ~ed by his concern.     又如at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet柏拉图: 每一个沐浴爱海河的人都是诗人    (contact接触是本组基础词,来自词根TACT表示touch,如tactile触觉的tangible可触摸到的tact和人交往有技巧有分寸,像指尖一样敏感contact联系接触)   (material物质的表示由可以触摸到tangible的东西构成,和精神思想spirit,mind相对,如material wealth物质财富)

feel: stresses the sensation induced or experienced: ~ to see that no bones were broken.

palpate: stresses the feeling of the surface of a body as a means of examining its internal condition: the doctor ~ed the abdomen and detected a swollen mass.   (examine检查测验的目的是确定事物的性质状况属性to determine the nature, condition or quality of a thing,如examined the gems to see whether they are genuine检查宝石是否是真的,如physical examination身体检查,college examination

handle: implies examination or exploration with hands or fingers to determine qualities such as texture, weight, or condition: heavier fabrics can be appreciated better by actually ~ing them, feeling the substance and texture.

paw: is likely to imply clumsy or offensive handling: ~ed eagerly through the box of prizes.    paw还表示动物的爪,人的手,动物用爪子刨土或摩擦,人冒犯性地触摸,如the kitten was black with white front paws黑色小猫长着白色前,如the stallion pawed the ground impatiently马焦躁地用蹄刨着地面,如stop pawing me, Giles!别我,贾尔斯, 如take your filthy paws off me!把你脏从我身上拿开)

touch触碰感动: 强调动作,指用身体接触工具接触,也可指非物质接触,即感动,feel触摸感觉: 强调产生、体验出了触觉,palpate体表触摸检查: 指触摸身体表面,是为了检查"内部"状况,handle触摸感觉: 特指用或手指触摸感觉,以确定质地重量等,paw乱摸: 指或冒犯笨拙地摸

记忆方法: 1)首字母TFPHP想成碰碰黑头发<==触摸


               3)触摸的意思是用身体接触形成感觉mean to get or produce or affect with a sensation by or as if by bodily contact. 首字母TFPHP想成碰碰黑头发<==触摸


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