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【同义词辨析】 2019-05-29 拯救rescue-save

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rescue: implies a freeing from imminent danger by prompt or vigorous action: ~ the crew of a sinking ship.    free和release是这组的基础词

deliver: implies the releasing usually of a person from confinement, temptation, slavery, suffering, or something that distresses: ~ed his people from bondage.    (release多指从压抑克制中释放解脱,如release his anger释放他的忿怒) confinement禁闭监禁关押局限refers to the state of being forced to stay in a closed space, prison, etc.,如her confinement to a wheelchair她半步离不开轮椅,years of confinement as a political prisoner作为政治犯被监禁的岁月,the epidemic was confined to the Glasgow area疫情被控制在格拉斯哥地区,如he did not confine himself to the the language of Chinese他没把自己局限于中文一种语言)   

redeem: implies a delivering from bondage or penalty by giving what is demanded or necessary as an equivalent: ~ed her from a life of boredom.      bondage两个意思,1奴役表示身为奴隶,必须为他人劳动refers to the state of being a slave and having to work for the master,如masters sometimes allowed their slaves to buy their way out of bondage奴隶主有时允许奴隶为自己赎身2束缚means not free,如all people, she said, lived their lives in bondage to hunger, pain and lust她说,所有人的生活都受到饥饿痛苦和欲望的束缚)       (电影《the shawshank redemption肖申克的救赎》海报上写着fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free恐惧将你禁锢,希望还你自由)

ransom: specifically applies to a buying out of captivity: subjects forced to ~ their king.  臣民

reclaim: suggests a bringing back to a former state or condition of someone or something abandoned or debased: ~ed long-abandoned farms.  debase贬值减损败坏implies loss of worth or quality or good name,如to debase a currency货币贬值,drunkenness has debased the Mardi Gras酗酒败坏了美国狂欢节的声誉)

save: may replace any of the foregoing terms, or it may further imply a preserving or maintaining for usefulness or continued existence: a social worker who ~d youths from life as criminals.

rescue紧急救援: 指迅速有力地把人从急迫危险解救出来(基础词free释放,根据词义这里表示解救),deliver释放解脱: 一般指把人从禁锢奴役痛苦诱惑等中解脱释放出来,redeem救赎: 指支付等价物,将人从奴役束缚牢狱中解放,ransom赎金赎回: 特指支付赎金将囚禁的人买回,reclaim恢复重新开垦: 指恢复遗弃损毁的事物到原先状态,save挽救: 很通用,可替换以上各词,还可进一步表示维护保存,使期存活或可用

记忆方法: 1)首字母RDRRRS四人的事,想成人人的事<==拯救


               3)拯救的意思是从危险禁闭中释放出来mean to set free from confinement, risk or danger.首字母RDRRRS四人的事,想成人人的事<==拯救


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