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The job of the U.S. ambassador in Hanoi is to represent American interests in Vietnam. Next month, the ambassador will try something new. He plans to take Vietnamese businesses to the United States.


Daniel J. Kritenbrink is the U.S. ambassador to Vietnam. He and his team have been asking Vietnamese companies to send a business group to Washington, D.C.

丹尼尔·克莱腾布里克(Daniel Kritenbrink)是美国驻越南大使。他和他的团队一直在邀请越南公司派遣一个商业代表团前往华盛顿特区。

"Investing in the United States is one of the best decisions that Vietnamese firms can make, especially as the country's economy continues to...expand," Kritenbrink said.


Over the past year, U.S. embassy officials have been holding events in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City for Vietnamese businesses. Their goal is to persuade the companies to send representatives on the trip, which is planned for June 10 to 12.


The idea for the business delegation comes as Vietnam's economy is expanding. Many companies are considering if the time has come for them to expand overseas.


For the past 20 years, Vietnam has built a big presence as an export powerhouse. And, as Kritenbrink noted, the United States is the biggest market for those exports.


But many Vietnamese think the country's businesses should take it to the next step. Instead of just shipping products overseas, they want companies to set up operations and offices around the world.


Some companies have already begun expanding. The electronics business FPT has opened up in Japan and the telecommunications company Viettel is serving markets from Burundi to Peru.


Smaller businesses are also considering the expansion idea. Saigon Innovation Hub, Sihub, announced a program last year to provide support to start-up companies that want to go overseas. The program is named ‘Runway to the World.'

小型企业也在考虑扩张。西贡创新中心(Saigon Innovation Hub,简称Sihub)去年宣布了一项计划,为希望出海的初创企业 提供支持。该计划被命名为“走向世界的跑道。”

Sihub wants "to gather all local and international resources to realize the...mission of boosting economic growth," Huynh Kim Tuoc said. He is the managing director of Sihub, which is under the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology.

Huynh Kim表示,西贡创新中心希望“汇集所有本地和国际资源,以实现促进经济增长的使命。”他是西贡创新中心的常务董事,该公司隶属于胡志明市科学技术部。

Supporters say international expansion is the next step in the development of businesses in Vietnam. In the 1980s, the Communist government started permitting a market economy to grow.


In the 1990s, the U.S. government lifted its trade restrictions on the country. Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization in the early 2000s. It is now a leading exporter of rice, clothing and telephones to the international market.


Vietnam is still reporting increases in its Gross Domestic Product, foreign direct investment (FDI) and FDI-driven manufacturing.


"We are seeing an increasing number of local electronics players expressing interest to venture overseas for growth," said Standard Chartered Bank official Nirukt Sapru.

渣打银行官员Nirukt Sapru表示:“我们看到越来越多本地电子企业表达了投资海外寻求增长的兴趣。”

But there could be problems.


Some observers worry that the growing trade war between China and the United States could hurt Vietnam's exports. If China's economy slows down a lot, Vietnamese exports to that country will fall. Others worry about U.S. President Donald Trump's other tariff fights with countries like Japan and the European Union.


Vietnamese companies hope that going international will both protect their home economy from foreign trade tensions and help build Vietnam's national brand.


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