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Hello, I'm Neil Nunes with the BBC news. Israelis are voting in the country's most closely-fought general election in years. The Prime Ministe Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking a record fifth term in office. His right-wing Likud party is thought to be facing a strong challenge from a centrist alliance formed by ex-military chief Benny Gantz. Tom Bateman is in Jerusalem. Mr. Netanyahu has pitched himself as the sole guarantor of Israel's security, but he has been dogged by looming corruption charges and a flare-up with Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip saw his credentials under strain. His main challenger Benny Gantz has tried to exploit the bribery claims, pledging more honesty and political unity. The campaign has seen Mr. Netanyahu tacked further right ending with a controversial pledge that Israel would annex Jewish settlements in the occupied west bank.

大家好,我是尼尔·努内斯,欢迎收听BBC新闻。以色列正在举行投票,这也是该国近几年来竞争最激烈的总统选举。总理本杰明·内塔尼亚胡正在寻求创纪录的第五次连任。 他的右翼利库党被认为面临着由前军事领袖班尼·甘特斯组成的中间派联盟的强大挑战。 以下是汤姆·贝特曼在耶路撒冷的报道。内塔尼亚胡宣称自己是以色列安全的唯一担保人,但他一直受到腐败指控的困扰,与加沙地带巴勒斯坦激进分子的冲突也使他的能力受到质疑。他的主要挑战者班尼·甘特斯试图利用贿赂的指控对抗内塔尼亚胡,并承诺将会更加诚实和政治团结。从此次竞选看,内塔尼亚胡有极右思想,最后他以一项有争议的诺言结束,以色列将吞并被占领的西岸犹太人定居点。

Members of the security forces in Sudan have again attempted to break up a protest outside the army headquarters in the capital Khartoum, which is now in its fourth day. The demonstrators are demanding the resignation of President Omar al-Bashir. Anne Soy reports. Witnesses report hearing heavy gunfire and seeing people running for cover in Khartoum. It is the latest attempt by security forces to disperse thousands who have gathered outside the army headquarters since Saturday. Previous attempts to break up the protests were futile. In some instances, military officers are reported to have protected the protesters. Dramatic video emerged on Monday showing soldiers firing at an unclear target are civilians took cover behind them. The protesters said they were responding to gunfire from the security services.

苏丹安全部队成员再次试图驱散首都喀土穆军队总部外的抗议人群,该抗议活动现在已进入第四天。示威者要求奥马尔·阿尔·巴希尔总统辞职。以下是安·索尔的报道。目击者报告说,他们听到了剧烈的枪声,并看到喀土穆的人们四处逃窜寻找掩护。这是自周六以来,安全部队最近一次尝试驱散聚集在军队总部外的数千人。以前试图镇压抗议活动都没有起到效果。 在一些情况下, 有报道称军官还曾保护过抗议者。星期一出现了一段戏剧性的视频,图像显示向一处不明目标射击的士兵其实是躲避在他们身后的平民。抗议者说,他们这是在回应安全部门的枪击事件。

Donald Trump has criticized the decision by a federal US judge to ban the practice of sending asylum seekers to Mexico to await their court hearings. On Twitter, the president described the move as unfair to the US, saying the judge had ruled Mexico to be too dangerous for migrants.


Presidential Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil says he is working with the United States to promote dissent within the Venezuelan military. He told Brazilian radio that the army would decide Venezuela's fate. He said the country could not be allowed to become another Cuba or North Korea.

巴西总统雅伊尔·博索纳罗表示,他正在与美国合作,以消除委内瑞拉军队中的冲突。他告诉巴西电台,军队将决定委内瑞拉的命运。 他还表示,不能允许委内瑞拉成为另一个古巴或朝鲜。

The Turkish electoral commission has rejected a request of the governing AK Party for most of the votes cast in Istanbul's mayoral election to be recounted. It says votes in only fifty-one ballot boxes across the city will be reexamined. It's likely to have little effect on the opposition's estimated 15,000-vote lead. BBC world news.


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