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0. An idle youth,a needy age.<BR>少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。<BR>1. Time flies.<BR>时光易逝。<BR>2. Time is money.<BR>一寸光阴一寸金。<BR>3. Time and tide wait for no man.<BR>岁月无情;岁月易逝;岁月不待人。<BR>4. Time tries all.<BR>时间检验一切。<BR>5. Time tries truth.<BR>时间检验真理。<BR>6. Time past cannot be called back again.<BR>光阴一去不复返。<BR>7. All time is no time when it is past.<BR>光阴一去不复返。<BR>8. No one can call back yesterday;Yesterday will not be called again.<BR>昨日不复来。<BR>9. Tomorrow comes never.<BR>切莫依赖明天。<BR>10.One today is worth two tomorrows.<BR>一个今天胜似两个明天。<BR>11.The morning sun never lasts a day.<BR>好景不常;朝阳不能光照全日。<BR>12.Christmas comes but once a year.<BR>圣诞一年只一度。<BR>13.Pleasant hours fly past.<BR>快乐时光去如飞。<BR>14.Happiness takes no account of time.<BR>欢娱不惜时光逝。<BR>15.Time tames the strongest grief.<BR>时间能缓和极度的悲痛。<BR>16.The day is short but the work is much.<BR>工作多,光阴迫。<BR>17.Never deter till tomorrow that which you can do today.<BR>今日事须今日毕,切勿拖延到明天。<BR>18.Have you somewhat to do tomorrow,do it today.<BR>明天如有事,今天就去做。<BR>19.To him that does everything in its proper time,one day is worth three.<BR>事事及时做,一日胜三日。<BR>20.To save time is to lengthen life.<BR>节省时间就是延长生命。<BR>21.Everything has its time and that time must be watched.<BR>万物皆有时,时来不可失。<BR>22.Take time when time cometh,lest time steal away.<BR>时来必须要趁时,不然时去无声息。<BR>23.When an opportunity is neglected,it never comes back to you.<BR>机不可失,时不再来;机会一过,永不再来。<BR>24.Make hay while the sun shines.<BR>晒草要趁太阳好。<BR>25.Strike while the iron is hot.<BR>趁热打铁。<BR>26.Work today,for you know not how much you may be hindered tomrrow.<BR>今朝有事今朝做,明朝可能阻碍多。<BR>27.Punctuality is the soul of business.<BR>守时为立业之要素。<BR>28.Procrastination is the thief of time.<BR>因循拖延是时间的大敌;拖延就是浪费时间。<BR>29.Every tide hath ist ebb.<BR>潮涨必有潮落时。<BR>30.Knowledge is power.<BR>知识就是力量。<BR>31.Wisdom is more to be envied than riches.<BR>知识可羡,胜于财富。<BR>32.Wisdom is better than gold or silver.<BR>知识胜过金银,<BR>33.Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand.<BR>胸中有知识,胜于手中有钱。<BR>34.Wisdom is a good purchase though we pay dear for it.<BR>为了求知识,代价虽高也值得。<BR>35.Doubt is the key of knowledge.<BR>怀疑是知识之钥。<BR>36.If you want knowledge,you must toil for it.<BR>若要求知识,须从勤苦得。<BR>37.A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.<BR>浅学误人。<BR>38.A handful of common sense is worth a bushel of learning.<BR>少量的常识,当得大量的学问。<BR>39.Knowledge advances by steps and not by leaps.<BR>知识只能循序渐进,不能跃进。<BR>40.Learn wisdom by the follies of others.<BR>从旁人的愚行中学到聪明。<BR>41.It is good to learn at another man's cost.<BR>前车可鉴。<BR>42.Wisdom is to the mind what health is to the body.<BR>知识之于精神,一如健康之于肉体。<BR>43.Experience is the best teacher.<BR>经验是最好的教师。<BR>44.Experience is the father of wisdom and memory the mother.<BR>经验是知识之父,记忆是知识之母。<BR>45.Dexterity comes by experience.<BR>熟练来自经验。<BR>46.Practice makes perfect.<BR>熟能生巧。 <BR>47.Experience keeps a dear school,but fools learn in no other.<BR>经验学校学费高,愚人旁处学不到。<BR>48. Experience without learning is better than learning without experience.<BR>有经验而无学问,胜于有学问而无经验。<BR>49.Wit once bought is worth twice taught.<BR>由经验而得的智慧,胜于学习而得的智慧;一次亲<BR>身的体会,胜过两次的教师教导。<BR>50.Seeing is believing.<BR>百闻不如一见。<BR>51.Business is the salt of life.<BR>事业是生命之盐。<BR>52.Business before pleasure.<BR>事业在先,享乐在后。<BR>53.Business makes a man as well as tries him.<BR>事业可以考验人,也可以造就人。<BR>54.Business neglected is business lost.<BR>忽视职业便是放弃职业。<BR>55.Never think yourself above business.<BR>勿自视过高;不要眼高手低;永远不要认为自己是大<BR>才小用。<BR>56.Business may be troublesome,but idleness is pernicious.<BR>事业虽扰人,懒惰害更大。<BR>57.He that thinks his business below him will always be above his business.<BR>自命大才小用,往往眼高手低。<BR>58.Do business,but be not a slave to it.<BR>要做事,但不要做事务的奴隶。<BR>59.Everybody's business is nobody's business.<BR>众人的事就是无人过问的事。<BR>60.Work makes the workman.<BR>勤工出巧匠。<BR>61.Better master one than engage with ten.<BR>会十事,不如精一事。<BR>62.A work ill done must be twice done.<BR>首次做不好,必须重新搞。<BR>63.They who cannot do as they would,must do as they can.<BR>不能如愿而行,也须尽力而为。<BR>64.If you would have a thing well done,do it yourself.<BR>想把事情来做好,就得亲自动手搞。<BR>65.He that doth most at once doth least.<BR>什么都想一次做完,结果一件也做不完;贪多嚼不<BR>烂。<BR>66.Do as most men do and men will speak well of thee.<BR>照大多数人那样干,人们会把你称赞。<BR>67.What may be done at any time will be done at no time.<BR>在任何时候都可做的事情,总是在任何时候都不<BR>做的事情。<BR>68.Better late than never.<BR>迟做总比不做好。<BR>69.Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.<BR>凡是值得做的事,就值得做好。<BR>70.The shortest answer is doing the thing.<BR>最简短的回答就是一个“干”字。<BR>71.Action is the proper fruit of knowledge.<BR>行动是知识之佳果。<BR>72.Finished labours are pleasant.<BR>完成工作是一乐。<BR>73.It is lost labour to sow where there is no soil.<BR>没有土壤,播种也是徒劳。<BR>74.It is right to put everything in its proper use.<BR>凡事都应用得其所。<BR>75.Affairs that are done by due degrees are soon ended.<BR>按部就班,事情很快就做完。<BR>76.All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.<BR>只工作,不玩耍,聪明小孩也变傻。<BR>77.Work bears witness who does well.<BR>工作能证明谁做的好。<BR>78.It is not work that kills,but worry.<BR>工作不会伤身,伤身乃是忧虑。<BR>79.He that will not work shall not eat.<BR>不工作者不得食。<BR>80.Business is business.<BR>公事公办。<BR>81.Deliberate slowly,execute promptly.<BR>慢慢酌量,快快行动。<BR>82.Put your shoulder to the wheel.<BR>努力工作。<BR>83.Never do things by halves.<BR>做事不要半途而废。<BR>84.In for a penny,in for a pound.<BR>做事一开头,就要做到底;一不做,二不休。<BR>85.Many hands make quick work.<BR>人多干活快。<BR>86.Many hands make light work.<BR>众擎易举。<BR>87.A bad workman quarrels with his tools.<BR>技术拙劣的工人抱怨自己的工具。<BR>88.Diligence is the mohter of success.<BR>勤奋是成功之母。<BR>89.Idleness is the root of all evil.<BR>懒惰乃万恶之源。<BR>90.Care and diligence bring luck.<BR>谨慎和勤奋带来好运。<BR>91.Diligence is the mother of good fortune.<BR>勤勉是好运之母。<BR>92.Industry is fortune's right hand,and frugality her left.<BR>勤勉是幸运的右手,世俭是幸运的左手。<BR>93.Idleness is the key of beggary.<BR>懒惰出乞丐。<BR>94.No root,no fruit.<BR>无根就无果。<BR>95.Idle people (folks) have the most labour (take the most pains).<BR>懒人做工作,越懒越费力。<BR>96.Sloth is the key of poverty.<BR>惰能致贫。<BR>97.Sloth turneth the edge of wit.<BR>懒散能磨去才智的锋芒。<BR>98.An idle brain is the devil's workshop.<BR>懒汉的头脑是魔鬼的工厂。<BR>99.The secret of wealth lieth in the letters SAVE.<BR>节俭是致富的秘诀


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0. Lying is the first step to the gallows.<BR>说谎是上断头台的第一步。<BR>1. Waste not,want not.<BR>俭以防匮。<BR>2. From saving comes having.<BR>富有来自节俭。<BR>3. A penny saved is a penny gained.<BR>省一文是一文。<BR>4. Take care of the pence and the pound will take care of themselves.<BR>金钱积少便成多。<BR>5. Frugality is an estate alone.<BR>节俭本身就是一宗财产。<BR>6. He that regards not a penny,will lavish a pound.<BR>小钱不知节省,大钱将滥花。<BR>7. Small gains bring great wealth.<BR>积小利,成巨富。<BR>8. Many a little makes a mickle.<BR>积少便成多。<BR>9. As the touchstone tries gold,so gold tries man.<BR>试金之石可试金,正如黄金能试人。<BR>10.Courage and resolution are the spirit and soul of virtue.<BR>勇敢和坚决是美德的灵魂。<BR>11.The path to glory is always rugged.<BR>光荣之路常坎坷。<BR>12.Nothing is difficult to the man who will try.<BR>世上无难事,只要人肯试。<BR>13.The fire is the test of gold;adversity of strong man.<BR>烈火试真金,困苦炼壮士。<BR>14.Great hopes make great man.<BR>远大的希望造就伟大的人物。<BR>15.No way is impossible to courage.<BR>勇士面前无险路。<BR>16.A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner.<BR>平静的大海决不能造就出熟练的水手。<BR>17.The good seaman is known in bad weather.<BR>坏天气下才能识得出良好的海员;要识好海员,须凭<BR>坏天气。<BR>18.The best hearts are always the bravest.<BR>行为最勇敢的人心地总是最善良。<BR>19.We must not lie down,and cry,God help us.<BR>求神不如求己。<BR>20.He that falls today may be up again tomorrow.<BR>今天跌倒的人也许明天就会站起。<BR>21.Rome was not built in a day.<BR>罗马并非一日可建成;坚持必成。<BR>22.Success belongs to the persevering.<BR>胜利属于坚忍不拔的人。<BR>23.We must repeat a thousand and one times that perseverance is the only road to success.<BR>我们要多次重申:不屈不挠是取得胜利的唯一道<BR>路。<BR>24.Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.<BR>十九次失败,到第二十次获得成功,这就叫坚持。<BR>25.Step by step the ladder is ascended.<BR>登梯需要逐级登。<BR>26.Adversity leads to prosperity.<BR>困苦通向昌盛。<BR>27.Patience and application will carry us through.<BR>忍耐和专心会使我们度过难关。<BR>28.Fortune often rewards with interest those that have patience to wait for her.<BR>做事只要有耐心,到头总会有好运;耐心候好运,好<BR>运常会来。<BR>29.All things will come round to him who will but wait.<BR>只要肯等待,一切都会按时来。<BR>30.Constant dropping wears the stone.<BR>滴水不绝可穿石。<BR>31.Omelets are not made without breaking of eggs.<BR>鸡蛋不打破,蛋卷做不成;不甘愿吃苦,则预期效果<BR>达不到。<BR>32.The world is a ladder for some to go up and others to go down.<BR>世界好似一把梯,有人上去有人下。<BR>33.There needs a long apprenticeship to understand the mystery of the world's trade.<BR>要知世事奥秘多,须要长期作学徒。<BR>34.Life is sweet.<BR>生活是可爱的;人无不好生(恶死)。<BR>35.Where there is life,there is hope.<BR>生命不息,希望长在。<BR>36.Life is not all beer and skittles.<BR>人生并不全是吃喝玩乐。<BR>37.Much water runs by the mill that the miller knows not of.<BR>眼前发生许多事,有些我们并不知。<BR>38.Fortune knocks once at least at every man's door.<BR>人人都有走运的一天。<BR>39.If you are too fortunate,you will not know yourself;if you are too unfortunate,nobody will know you.<BR>运气太好,见人不睬;运气太坏,无人理会。<BR>40.Every man is the architect of his own fortune.<BR>每一个人都是自身幸福的建筑师。<BR>41.Happy is he who knows his follies in his youth.<BR>记得年轻时所作蠢事的人是幸福的。<BR>42.Misfortunes never (seldom) come alone (single).<BR>祸不单行。<BR>43.Misfortune is a good teacher.<BR>不幸是良好的教师。<BR>44.Misfortunes come at night.<BR>祸常生于不测。<BR>45.Misfortunes tell us what fortune is.<BR>恶运临头后,才知幸运贵。<BR>46.Adversity makes a man wise,not rich.<BR>患难能使人聪明,但不能使人富有。<BR>47.Live and learn.<BR>活到老,学到老。<BR>48.It is never too old to learn.<BR>为学不怕年高。<BR>49.A man becomes learned by asking questions.<BR>要长学问,就得多问;多问则业精。<BR>50.There is no royal road to learning.<BR>学问无坦途。<BR>51.He who is ashamed of asking is ashamed of learning.<BR>畏问之人耻于学。<BR>52.What is learned in the cradle lasts till the grave.<BR>婴孩时期学到的东西,老死不会忘记。<BR>53.Learning makes a good man better and ill man worse.<BR>知识能使好人更好,坏人更坏。<BR>54.Soon learnt,soon forgotten.<BR>学得快,忘得快。<BR>55.Learn young,learn fair.<BR>为学趁年青,既学须学好。<BR>56.A lazy youth,a lousy age.<BR>少时懒惰老来苦。<BR>57.He that knows nothing,doubts nothing.<BR>无知即无疑。<BR>58.A good name keeps its luster in the dark.<BR>良好的名声在黑暗中也能闪闪发光。<BR>59.Fame is a magnifying glass.<BR>名誉是放大镜。<BR>60.A good fame is better than a good face.<BR>美名胜于美貌。<BR>61.Fame like a river is narrowest at its source and broadest afar off.<BR>名誉如河流,发源处最狭,愈远愈宽广。<BR>62.Take honour from me and my life is done.<BR>没有名誉,就没有了生命。<BR>63.Beware of him who regards not his reputation.<BR>要谨防不重名誉的人。<BR>64.It is better to die with honour than to live in infamy.<BR>光荣的死胜于羞辱的生。<BR>65.Adversity successfully overcome is the highest glory.<BR>成功地克服困难是最大的光荣。<BR>66.Reputation is often got without merit and lost without fault.<BR>无功得名是常事,无过失名也是常事。<BR>67.Your father's honour is to you but a second-hand honour.<BR>对于你来说,父亲的荣誉只是间接的荣誉。<BR>68.Never trust another what you should do yourself.<BR>自己该做的事,决不要委托给旁人做。<BR>69.It is an equal failing to trust everybody,and to trust nobody.<BR>信任一切与不信任任何人,同样是弱点。<BR>70.Eat a peck of salt with a man before you trust him.<BR>在你信任一个人之前,先要深入了解他。<BR>71.If you trust before you try,you may repent before you die.<BR>不经考验就依赖,不到瞑目便的悔。<BR>72.Never trust to fine words.<BR>切勿轻信漂亮话。<BR>73.Trust not a great weight to a slender thread.<BR>细线挂重物,终究不可靠。<BR>74.Be just to all,but trust not all.<BR>要对一切人都公正,但不要对一切人都信任。<BR>75.Trust thyself only,and another shall not betray thee.<BR>只要信任你自己,旁人才不出卖你。<BR>76.Self-trust is the essence of heroism.<BR>自信为英雄品质之本。<BR>77.Confidence is a plant of slow growth.<BR>信任是一种生长缓慢的植物。<BR>78.Truth is the daughter of time.<BR>真理是时间的女儿。<BR>79.Truth hath a good face,but ill clothes.<BR>真理面目善良;但衣衫褴褛。<BR>80.Truth and roses have thorns about them.<BR>真理和玫瑰,身旁都有刺。<BR>81.Truth may be blamed,but shall never be shamed.<BR>真理可能会被责难,但绝不会受羞辱。<BR>82.Though malice may darken truth,it cannot put it out.<BR>恶意可以糟塌真理;但无法消灭真理。<BR>83.Truth will prevail.<BR>真理必胜。<BR>84.Truth's best ornament is nakedness.<BR>不加掩饰乃是真理的最好装饰。<BR>85.Facts are stubborn things.<BR>事实是最顽强的东西。<BR>86.Sooner or later,the truth comes to light.<BR>真相迟早会大白。<BR>87.The truths we least like to hear are those which it is most to our advantage to know.<BR>我们最不愿意听到的事实,往往是我们知道了会<BR>大有好处的事实。<BR>88.Falsehood like a nettle stings those who meddle with it.<BR>谎言似荨麻,玩弄会刺手。<BR>89.There is many a fair thing full false.<BR>有许多说得好听的东西充满了谬误。<BR>90.Though a lie be well drest,it is ever overcome.<BR>谎言装扮虽不错,到头总会被揭露。<BR>91.A lie begets a lie till they come to generations.<BR>谎言生谎言,谎言世代传。<BR>92.A false tongue will hardly speak truth.<BR>假舌不会吐真言。<BR>93.False with one can be false with two.<BR>对一个人虚假,也会对两个人虚假。<BR>94.He that will lie will steal.<BR>会说谎的人也就会偷窃。<BR>95.Gossiping and lying go together.<BR>流言常和谎话并行。<BR>96.Equivocation is first cousin to a lie.<BR>含糊其词是谎话的近亲。<BR>97.A great talker is a great liar.<BR>最会夸夸其谈的人也最会说谎。<BR>98.The greatest liars talk most of themselves.<BR>最爱自吹自擂的人是最大的说谎者。<BR>99.Lying rides upon debt's back.<BR>负债的人谎话多。
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0. All is not gold that glitters.<BR>闪光未必尽黄金。<BR>1. Money is the root of evil.<BR>金钱是罪恶的根源。<BR>2. Money makes the mare go.<BR>有钱能使鬼推磨。<BR>3. All things are obedient to money.<BR>一切事物都服从于金钱。<BR>4. Before gold,even kings take off their hats.<BR>在黄金面前,国王也要脱帽。<BR>5. Money is the key that opens all doors.<BR>金钱是打开一切门户的钥匙。<BR>6. Beauty is potent,but money is more potent.<BR>美貌固有力,金钱力更大。<BR>7. Avarice increases with wealth.<BR>越有钱,越贪钱。<BR>8. The money the miser hoards will do him no good.<BR>守财奴积财,对自己毫无好处。<BR>9. What is wealth good for,If it brings melancholy?<BR>财富如带忧郁来,有了财富有何用?。<BR>10.Gold will not buy anything.<BR>黄金不能买尽一切。<BR>11.The chief aim of man is not to get money.<BR>人的主要目的并不是赚钱。<BR>12.Those who believe money can do everything are frequently prepared to do everything for money.<BR>相信金钱万能的人,往往会一切为了金钱。<BR>13.Wealth makes worship.<BR>财富能使人拜倒。<BR>14.Little wealth,little care.<BR>财富少,烦恼也少。<BR>15.A moneyless man goes fast through the market.<BR>身上无钱过市快。<BR>16.Poverty is not a crime.<BR>贫非罪。<BR>17.Poverty is not a disgrace,but theft is a disgrace.<BR>贫穷不可耻,偷窃乃足羞。<BR>18.Better be poor than wicked.<BR>宁可做穷人,不可做坏人。<BR>19.Poverty is not a sufficient cause for disgrace,but poverty without resolution to help onself,is a disgrace.<BR>贫穷不足为耻,穷而不能自立方可耻。<BR>20.Poverty is the mother of health.<BR>贫穷是健康之母。<BR>21.Be considerate toward the poor.<BR>应常为穷人着想。<BR>22.Poor and content is rich and rich enough.<BR>人能安贫就是富。<BR>23.Poverty parteth fellowship.<BR>贫穷断友情。<BR>24.Poverty makes a man mean.<BR>贫困使人小气。<BR>25.Nothing to be got without pains but poverty.<BR>只有贫穷是可以不劳而获的东西。<BR>26.Do not through fear of poverty surrender liberty.<BR>不要因为怕贫困而舍去自由。<BR>27.Poverty and love are hard to hide.<BR>贫困与爱情,都难瞒过人。<BR>28.Poverty breeds strife.<BR>贫困引起冲突。<BR>29.The poor man wants much,the miser everything.<BR>穷人要求多,财迷则样样都要。<BR>30.The dainties of the great are the tears of the poor.<BR>富人口中的美味是穷人眼中的泪水。<BR>31.Poverty on an old man's back is a heavy burden.<BR>老而贫困,负担最沉。<BR>32.Beggars must (should) be no choosers.<BR>行乞的哪能挑肥拣瘦;饥不择食。<BR>33.A lamb is as dear to a poor man as an ox to the rich.<BR>穷人眼中的一只羊,贵似富人一头牛。<BR>34.A light purse makes a heavy heart.<BR>钱袋轻时心事重。<BR>35.Poor without debt is better than a prince.<BR>穷人无债胜王子。<BR>36.Happy is he who owes nothing.<BR>无债一身轻。<BR>37.Money borrowed is soon sorrowed.<BR>借钱才到手,立刻便担忧。<BR>38.He that goes a borrowing,goes a sorrowing.<BR>向人借债是自寻烦恼。<BR>39.Better go to bed supperless than rise in debt.<BR>与其负债起身,不如空腹上床。<BR>40.Out of debt,out of danger.<BR>脱债就脱险。<BR>41.A pound of care will not pay an ounce of debt.<BR>深忧偿不了小债。<BR>42.He is the wisest man who does not think himself so.<BR>不自作聪明便是最聪明。<BR>43.Wise men have their mouth in their heart,fools their heart in their mouth.<BR>聪明人嘴在心里,愚蠢人心在嘴边。<BR>44.Wise men learn by other men's mistakes;fools by their own.<BR>聪明人从旁人的错误中吸取教训,愚笨人则从自身<BR>的错误中吸取教训。<BR>45.He is wise that knows when he's well enough.<BR>知足为智者。<BR>46.A wise man cares not for what he cannot have.<BR>智者不强求。<BR>47.He is wise that hath wit enough for his own affairs.<BR>明智者有足够的机智处理自己的事情。<BR>48.No man is born wise.<BR>聪明非天生。<BR>49.A wise man will make tools of what comes to hand.<BR>能随机应变的人是聪明人。<BR>50.A word is enough to the wise.<BR>对明智者一言已足。<BR>51.He is the wise man who is the honest man.<BR>正直的人就是有见识的人。<BR>52.A wise man thinks all that he says,a fool says all that he thinks.<BR>聪明人想了才说,愚笨的人想着就说。<BR>53.The wise hand doth not all that the foolish mouth speaks.<BR>聪明的手不做愚蠢的嘴所说的事。<BR>54.A flow of words is no proof of wisdom.<BR>口若悬河,不能证明真有才智。<BR>55.It is easy to be wise after the event.<BR>事后的诸葛亮容易做。<BR>56.The wise man knows he knows nothing,the fool thinks the knows all.<BR>聪明人自认一无所知,愚笨人自负无所不晓。<BR>57.Fools learn nothing from wise men;but wise men learn much from fools.<BR>愚人不能从智者那里学到什么;而智者却能从愚<BR>人那里学到很多。<BR>58.A fool always comes short of his reckoning.<BR>愚人常短于心计。<BR>59.A fool's heart dances on his lips.<BR>愚人的心挂在唇边。<BR>60.A fool always finds a greater fool than himself.<BR>愚人总以为旁人比自己更傻。<BR>61.A man may talk like a wise man and yet act like a fool.<BR>一个人可能说话如智者,而行为象愚人。<BR>62.The more riches a fool hath,the greater fool he is.<BR>愚人越富越蠢。<BR>63.Never challenge a fool to do wrong.<BR>不要怂恿愚人干错事。<BR>64.It is better to please a fool than to anger him.<BR>对愚人最好是使他高兴,而不是惹他发怒。<BR>65.He is a fool who cannot be angry,but he is a wise man who will not.<BR>不会发怒是蠢人,不愿发怒是聪明人。<BR>66.'Tis altogether vain to learn wisdom and yet live foolishly.<BR>枉自学聪明,却做愚蠢事。<BR>67.Wit without learning is like a tree without fruit.<BR>没有学识的机智,犹如没有果实的树。<BR>68.No man is wise at all times.<BR>世上无一贯明智的人。<BR>69.Many heads are better than one.<BR>几个脑袋总比一个脑袋强;三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛<BR>亮。<BR>70.Virtue never grows old.<BR>美德永不老。<BR>71.Virtue is the only true nobility.<BR>万事不如美德高。<BR>72.Virtue is a jewel of great price.<BR>美德乃是无价宝。<BR>73.He that soweth virtue shall reap fame.<BR>播下美德,收获名望。<BR>74.To be virtuous is to do good.<BR>行善即是有德。<BR>75.Glory is the shadow of virtue.<BR>荣誉是美德的影子。<BR>76.There is no virtue that poverty destroyeth not.<BR>没有贫穷不能破坏的美德。<BR>77.The first step to virtue is to abstrain from vice.<BR>不作恶是走向美德的第一步。<BR>78.No good building without a good foundation.<BR>基础不良的好建筑物是没有的。<BR>79.One good turn deserves another.<BR>善行应有善报;善良的行为应得善良行为的报答。<BR>80.He that returns good for evil obtains the victory.<BR>胜利属于以德报怨的人。<BR>81.We should never remember the benefits we have offered nor forget the favor received.<BR>我有德于人不应记;人有德于我不可忘。<BR>82.If they say you are good,ask yourself if it be true.<BR>若有人称赞,自问对不对。<BR>83.He who avoids temptation avoids the sin.<BR>不受诱惑就免于罪恶。<BR>84.A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder.<BR>问心无愧,打雷也能睡。<BR>85.Never be weary of well doing.<BR>不要厌倦做好事。<BR>86.Of evil grain,no good seed can come.<BR>坏谷无好种。<BR>87.That which is evil is soon learnt.<BR>恶行易学。<BR>88.No vice goes alone.<BR>恶事不单行。<BR>89.An evil lesson is soon learned.<BR>恶习易染。<BR>90.A bad thing never dies.<BR>坏事传千年。<BR>91.Evil comes to us by ells and goes away by inches.<BR>罪恶于人,尺进寸退。<BR>92.The maintaining of one vice costs more than ten virtues.<BR>保持一桩恶事的代价超过于十件好事。<BR>93.They that do nothing learn to do ill.<BR>游手好闲,容易学坏。<BR>94.A wicked man is his own hell.<BR>坏人作恶,自造地狱。<BR>95.Those who eat best and drink best often do worst.<BR>吃得好,喝得好,坏事常常免不了。<BR>96.He who has done ill once will do it again.<BR>一次干坏事,便有第二次。<BR>97.There is no going heaven in a sedan.<BR>坐轿上天堂,从来无此事。<BR>98.An ill life,an ill end.<BR>恶有恶报。<BR>99.A wilful fault has no excuse and deserves no pardon.<BR>不能宽恕故意犯下的错误。 <BR>
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0. Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.<BR>没有知识的热心,犹如有火而无光。<BR>1. Pardoning the bad is injuring the good.<BR>隐恶败善;原谅坏人即是伤害好人。<BR>2. The evil wound is cured but not the evil name.<BR>重伤可治,恶名难去。<BR>3. Evil communications corrupt good manners.<BR>不良的交往败坏良好的举止。<BR>4. No wrong without remedy.<BR>有过皆可补。<BR>5. Virtue flies from the heart of a mercenary man.<BR>唯利是图者,胸中无美德。<BR>6. First think,and then speak.<BR>动口先动脑。<BR>7. A word spoken is past recalling(The words once spoken can never be recalled).<BR>一言既出,驷马难追。<BR>8. While the word is in your mouth,it is your own;when 'tis once spoken, 'tis another's.<BR>话在嘴里,属于自己;话一出口,人家所有。<BR>9. Speech is silver,silence is gold.<BR>言语是银,沉默是金。<BR>10.Few words are best.<BR>寡言为贵。<BR>11.No wisdom like silence.<BR>聪明莫过沉默。<BR>12.Least said,soonest mended.<BR>少说为妙。<BR>13.Second thoughts are best.<BR>再思而后行。<BR>14.Look before you leap.<BR>慎思而后行。<BR>15.He is a wise man who speaks little.<BR>智多言语少。 <BR>16.Fair words butter no parsnips.<BR>美言无补实际。<BR>17.The tongue is not made of steel,yet it cuts.<BR>舌头不是钢,一动把人伤。<BR>18.Sometimes words hurt more than swords.<BR>言语能伤人,有时胜刀剑。<BR>19.A good tongue is a good weapon.<BR>口齿伶俐,是件利器。<BR>20.A wise head makes a close mouth.<BR>头脑灵,嘴巴紧。<BR>21.It is one thing to speak much and another to speak pertinently.<BR>说得多是一回事,讲得中肯又是一回事。<BR>22.Unprofitable eloquence is like the cypress,which is great and tall,but bears no fruit.<BR>无益的雄辩犹如高大的柏树,不会结果。<BR>23.Better say nothing than nothing to the purpose.<BR>与其说话不中肯,不如半句也莫吭。<BR>24.Many a true word is spoken in jest.<BR>笑语之中吐真言。<BR>25.Few words,many deeds.<BR>少说话,多做事。<BR>26.Actions speak louder than words.<BR>行动比言语响亮;百说不如一干。<BR>27.From words to deeds is a great space.<BR>言行之间,大有距离。<BR>28.Deeds,not words.<BR>要行动,不要言词。<BR>29.Bare words,no bargain.<BR>空言不能成交易。<BR>30.Deeds are fruits,words are but leaves.<BR>行动是果实,言语只是叶子。<BR>31.Ill deeds cannot honour.<BR>坏行为不受尊敬。<BR>32.Fine words dress ill deeds.<BR>漂亮的言词装饰着恶劣的行为。<BR>33.Good words and ill deeds deceive wise and fools.<BR>动听的话和坏行为同样欺骗聪明和愚人。<BR>34.Our own actions are our security,not others' judgements.<BR>我们的行为是自己的保证,并不是旁人的鉴定。<BR>35.A man of words and not deeds is like a garden full of weeds.<BR>空有言语而无行动的人,犹如杂草丛生的花园。<BR>36.A man is not good or bad for one action.<BR>不能凭一件事判断人的好坏。<BR>37.A man apt to promise is apt to forget.<BR>易于许诺的人也易于忘记。<BR>38.A man that breaks his word,bids others to be false to him.<BR>人不守信,无异于叫旁人对他失信。<BR>39.Easier said than done.<BR>说易行难。<BR>40.The greatest talkers are always the least doers.<BR>大言不惭的总是行动最少的人。<BR>41.The proof of the pudding is in the eating.<BR>布丁好坏,一尝便知;空谈不如实践。<BR>42.Pride goes before a fall.<BR>骄者必败。<BR>43.Pride goes before destruction.<BR>骄者必败。<BR>44.Pride goeth before,and shame cometh after.<BR>骄傲走在前,羞耻跟在后。<BR>45.Pride and grace dwelt never in one place.<BR>傲慢和温雅,永难住一处。<BR>46.He that climbs high falls heavily.<BR>爬得高,跌得重。<BR>47.Pride must be pinched.<BR>骄傲应收敛。<BR>48.The more noble the more humble.<BR>越高贵,越应谦逊。<BR>49.Humility often gains more than pride.<BR>谦逊常比傲慢受益更多。<BR>50.He who imagines that he has knowledge enough has none.<BR>自命万事通,腹中常空空。<BR>51.No man is the worst for knowing the worst of himself.<BR>人并不因为他自知很差就是很差。<BR>52.Pride may lurk under a threadbare cloak.<BR>骄傲可能会潜藏在穿旧的斗篷下。<BR>53.It is not a sign of humility to declaim against pride.<BR>用慷慨激昂的言语攻击傲慢并不是谦逊的标志。<BR>54.He that is full of himself is very empty.<BR>自满之人腹内空。<BR>55.Honesty is the best policy.<BR>诚实为上策。<BR>56.An honest man's word is as good as his bond.<BR>诚实人的诺言实际上就是他的保证书。<BR>57.Poor but honest.<BR>虽贫穷,要诚实。<BR>58.Honesty may be dear bought,but can never be an ill pennyworth.<BR>高价买诚实,永远也值得。<BR>59.Knavery may serve,but honesty is best.<BR>欺诈可能有用,诚实却是上策。 <BR>60.Every man has his weak side.<BR>人人都有自己的弱点。<BR>61.He who has no shame has no conscience.<BR>不知羞耻的人不知自疚。<BR>62.An honest look covereth many faults.<BR>一副诚实的外表掩盖着许多缺点。<BR>63.Once a knave,ever a knave.<BR>一次成无赖,永远是无赖。<BR>64.A crafty knave needs no broker.<BR>狡猾的无赖不需要有中间人。<BR>65.The honest penny is better than the stolen dollar.<BR>正当得到的一分钱胜于偷来的一元钱。<BR>66.One penny with right is better than a thousand without right.<BR>合法取得的一辨士,胜于非法取得的一千辨士。<BR>67.The unrighteous penny corrupts the righteous pound.<BR>不正当得来的辨士使正当得来的英镑也受到沾污。<BR>68.Love is blind.<BR>爱情是盲目的。<BR>69.Love is without reason.<BR>爱情无理智。<BR>70.Love is full of trouble.<BR>爱情充满了烦恼。<BR>71.Love cannot be compelled.<BR>爱情不能强迫。<BR>72.Love begets love.<BR>爱爱相生。<BR>73.Love needs no teaching.<BR>爱情不需教导。<BR>74.Love at first sight.<BR>一见倾心。<BR>75.Love asks faith,and faith firmness.<BR>爱情要求信任,信任要求坚定。<BR>76.Love is the touchstone of virtue.<BR>爱情是美德的试金石。<BR>77.Love not at the first look.<BR>不要一见钟情。<BR>78.Hasty love,soon cold.<BR>爱得匆忙冷得快。<BR>79.Love is a sweet torment.<BR>爱情是一种甜蜜的痛苦。<BR>80.Love rules his kingdom without a sword.<BR>爱情的王国不用刀剑来统治。<BR>81.Love will find out the way.<BR>爱情自会寻出路。<BR>82.Love is not to be found in the market.<BR>爱情在市场上找不到。<BR>83.Lovers live by love,as larks live by leeks.<BR>情侣靠爱情生活,正象云雀靠韭葱生活一样。<BR>84.Old love will not be forgotten.<BR>旧情永难忘;往日的爱情难以忘怀。 <BR>85.True love kythes(=shows itself)in time of need.<BR>患难显真情。<BR>86.Sound love is not soon forgotten.<BR>坚固的爱情不会顷刻忘怀。<BR>87.The greatest hate springs from the greatest love.<BR>最大的恨来自最大的爱。<BR>88.No love is foul,nor prison fair.<BR>没有肮脏的爱情,也没有美丽的监狱。<BR>89.Labour is lihgt where love doth pay.<BR>爱情付报酬,劳苦也轻松。<BR>90.Love is the reward of love.<BR>爱就是爱的报酬。<BR>91.Love makes all hard hearts gentle.<BR>爱情把一切冷酷之心变成温柔。<BR>92.When love puts in,friendship is gone.<BR>爱情进入,友情完结。<BR>93.The course of true love never did run smooth.<BR>真爱的道路绝不平坦。<BR>94.Love is a sweet tyranny,because the lover endures his torment willingly.<BR>爱情是可爱的虐政,情人们甘受它痛苦的折磨。<BR>95.True love is giving,not taking.<BR>真挚的爱是给,不是取。<BR>96.Love makes obedience easy.<BR>爱情使顺从成为易事。<BR>97.Love is sweet in the beginning,but sour in the end.<BR>爱情先甜后来酸。<BR>98.Where love fails,we espy all faults.<BR>爱情一失败,一切毛病都发现。<BR>99.Follow love and it will flee,flee love and it will follow thee.<BR>追求爱情它高飞,逃避爱情它跟随。
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0. When poverty comes in at the door,love flies out of the window.<BR>贫穷一进门,爱情跳窗走。<BR>1. Faults are thick while love is thin.<BR>一朝情义淡,样样不顺眼。<BR>2. Hatred is blind as well as love.<BR>爱情和仇恨,二者皆盲目。<BR>3. Marriage is a lottery.<BR>婚姻是一桩难于预测的事。<BR>4. Marry thy like.<BR>跟你情投意合的人结婚。<BR>5. Marriage makes or mars a man.<BR>婚姻成全人,也能损害人。<BR>6. It is good to marry late or never.<BR>晚婚或不婚,都是好事情。<BR>7. Early wed,early dead.<BR>早婚者早夭。<BR>8. They that marry in green,their sorrow is soon seen.<BR>年纪轻轻就结婚,为时不久便悔恨。<BR>9. A young man married is a man that's marred.<BR>男子早婚,种下祸根。<BR>10.Marry in haste,and repent at leisure.<BR>匆匆结婚,时时悔恨。<BR>11.Marry in lent,and you'll live to repent.<BR>借债结婚,一生悔恨。<BR>12.He that marries for wealth,sells his liberty.<BR>为财富而结婚的人,出卖了自己的自由。<BR>13.An ill marriage is a spring of ill fortune.<BR>不良的婚姻是恶运的来源。<BR>14.Who marrieth for love without money,hath good nights and sorry days.<BR>为了爱情,无钱结婚,夜来欢娱,白天悔恨。<BR>15.If you always say "NO",never be married.<BR>常常说“不”字,永远难结婚。<BR>16.Honest men marry soon,wise men not at all.<BR>老实的人早成婚,聪明的人不结婚。<BR>17.A good wife and health is a man's best wealth.<BR>贤妻和健康是男子的至宝。<BR>18.A good wife makes a good husband.<BR>有好妻子就有好丈夫;妻贤夫自良。<BR>19.Choose a wife rather by your ear than your eye.<BR>选择妻子,最好用耳不用眼。<BR>20.Better be half hanged than ill wed.<BR>与其成怨偶,不如守单身。<BR>21.He who does not honour his wife,dishonours himself.<BR>不尊重自己妻子的人,自己也不会受人尊重。<BR>22.The calmest husbands make the stormiest wives.<BR>有懦弱的丈夫,就有凶悍的妻子。<BR>23.It is a sad house where the hen crows louder than the cock.<BR>母鸡司晨家不兴。<BR>24.The wife is the key of the house.<BR>妻子是一家之钥;妻贤一家兴。<BR>25.The more women look in their glass,the less they look to their house.<BR>妇女照镜越多,照管家务就越少。<BR>26.East or west,home is best.<BR>东也好,西也好,还是家中最好;金窝银窝,不如家<BR>里的草窝。<BR>27.One father can support ten children; ten children cannot support one father.<BR>一个父亲可以供养十个孩子,十个孩子却不能供<BR>养一个父亲。<BR>28.One father is more than a hundred school-masters.<BR>一个父亲胜于一百个教师。<BR>29.Like father,like son.<BR>有其父,必有其子。<BR>30.The father buys,the son bigs,the grandchild sells,and his son thigs.<BR>父买、子修建、孙儿卖,重孙街上当乞丐。<BR>31.The mother's breath is aye sweet.<BR>母亲的低语总是甜蜜的。<BR>32.Like mother,like daughter.<BR>有其母,必有其女。<BR>33.Children are the parents' riches.<BR>子女是父母的至宝。<BR>34.A little child is the sweetest and purest thing in the world.<BR>孩童是世界上最可爱和最纯洁的东西。<BR>35.He that hath no children,knows not what is love.<BR>没有孩子的人,不知道什么叫做爱。<BR>36.Children learn to creep ere they can go.<BR>孩子要走路,先得学爬行。<BR>37.Silly(=good) child is soon ylered(=taught).<BR>好小孩,学得快。<BR>38.Boys will be boys.<BR>孩子终归是孩子。<BR>39.One boy is more trouble than a dozen girls.<BR>一个男孩比十二个女孩增添的麻烦还多。<BR>40.Spare the rod and spoil the child.<BR>省了棍子,惯坏了孩子。<BR>41.Naughty boys sometimes make good men.<BR>淘气的男孩有时会成为争气的孩子。<BR>42.The child is father of the man.<BR>三岁定到老。<BR>43.Happy is he that is happy in childhood.<BR>童年时快乐的人是幸福的。<BR>44.Children and fools cannot lie.<BR>孩子和愚人不会扯谎。<BR>45.My son is my son till he hath got him a wife, but my daughter's my daughter all the days of her life.<BR>儿子娶妻后就不是自己的儿子,可是女儿终身都<BR>是自己的女儿。<BR>46.It is harder to marry a daughter well than to bring her up well.<BR>养女容易嫁女难。<BR>47.A maid that laughs is half taken.<BR>少女笑口开,婚事成一半。<BR>48.A maiden with many wooers often chooses the worst.<BR>有许多人向她求婚的少女,往往选中最差的一个。<BR>49.Maids want nothing but husbands,but when they have them they want everything.<BR>未婚女子不要别的,只要丈夫,有了丈夫以后,一切<BR>都要。<BR>50.Would you know your daughter,see her in company.<BR>你若想了解女儿,只要看她和什么样的人交往。<BR>51.He that would the daughter win,must with the mother first begin.<BR>要想赢得女儿的欢心,必须先从她母亲着手。 <BR>52.Life without friend is death.<BR>没有朋友的生活便等于死亡。<BR>53.Without a friend,the world is wilderness.<BR>没有朋友,世界成了荒野。<BR>54.Friendless is the dead.<BR>死者无友。<BR>55.A good friend is my nearest relation.<BR>好友即至亲。<BR>56.A near friend is better than a fardwelling kinsman.<BR>近友胜远亲。<BR>57.A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody.<BR>和任何人都认朋友,结果和任何人都交不成朋友;<BR>友多无好友。<BR>58.In time of prosperity,friends will be plenty.<BR>走运时候朋友多。<BR>59.It is good to have friends in trouble.<BR>在患难中能有朋友是好事。<BR>60.Prosperity makes friends and adversity tries them.<BR>富裕招致朋友,困苦考验朋友。<BR>61.A friend in need is a friend indeed.<BR>患难时的朋友才是真正的朋友。<BR>62.Poverty tries friends.<BR>贫穷考验朋友;人贫见友情。<BR>63.Try your friend ere you trust him.<BR>对朋友要先考验,后信任。<BR>64.Prove thy friend ere thou have need.<BR>在你需要朋友帮助前,先要考验他们。<BR>65.A friend is never known till a man have need.<BR>不到困窘时,永难识真友。<BR>66.A faithful friend is hard to find.<BR>忠实朋友实难求。<BR>67.Friends are like fiddle-strings,they must not be screwed too tight.<BR>朋友有如琴弦,不能上的太紧。<BR>68.Have but few frieds,though many acquaintances.<BR>结交可以多,朋友应宜少。<BR>69.All are not friends that speak us fair.<BR>向我们说好话的并不都是好朋友。<BR>70.He that hath a full purse never wanted a friend.<BR>金钱满袋,朋友盈门;钱袋装得饱,朋友不会少。<BR>71.A friend in court is better than a penny in purse.<BR>朝中有友,胜如囊中有钱。<BR>72.It is good to have some friends both in heaven and hell.<BR>天堂上和地狱中都有几个朋友,这乃是一件好事。<BR>73.We shall never have friends if we expect to find them without fault.<BR>指望朋友无缺点,永远休想交朋友。<BR>74.A friend without faults will never be found.<BR>没有缺点的朋友永不可得。<BR>75.A man without a friend is only half a man.<BR>无友的人只能算半个人。<BR>76.A friend is not so soon gotten as lost.<BR>失友快,交友慢。<BR>77.Friendship cannot stand always on one side.<BR>友谊不能总是在一方。<BR>78.Old acquaintance will soon be remembered.<BR>故人一见便相亲。<BR>79.He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.<BR>背后称我好,才算好朋友。<BR>80.Friends (the best of friends) must part.<BR>好友终有分手时。<BR>81.A friend is best found in adversity.<BR>患难见真交。<BR>82.I will be thy friend,but not thy vices' friend.<BR>我愿意做你的朋友,但不做你那些恶习的朋友。<BR>83.False friends are worse than open enemies.<BR>假朋友比真敌人更坏。<BR>84.Short acquaintance brings repentance.<BR>浅交致后悔。<BR>85.He that lies down (sleeps) with dogs must rise up with fleas.<BR>与恶人交终会变恶;近朱者赤,近墨者黑。<BR>86.Better be alone than in bad company.<BR>交损友不如无友。<BR>87.Write down the advice of him who loves you,though you like it not at present.<BR>爱你的人的忠告,即使你当时并不喜欢,也得把它<BR>记下。<BR>88.Hunger knows no friend.<BR>饥饿不认朋友。<BR>89.Misery makes strange bedfellows.<BR>难中不择友。<BR>90.One enemy can do more hurt than ten friends can do good.<BR>一个敌人为害,胜过十个朋友行好。<BR>91.An enemy's mouth seldom speaks well.<BR>敌人嘴里无好话。<BR>92.Believe no tales from the enemy.<BR>敌人之言不可信。 <BR>93.One enemy is too much.<BR>一个敌人已太多。<BR>94.Mickle power makes many enemies.<BR>权高树敌多。<BR>95.Do not despise your enemy.<BR>不可轻敌。<BR>96.Though thy enemy seem a mouse,yet watch him like a lion.<BR>敌人即使小如鼠,防他也要如防狮。<BR>97.If we are bound to forgive an enemy,we are not bound to trust him.<BR>即便我们决心宽恕敌人,也决不能相信敌人。<BR>98.He that dallies with enemy gives him leave to kill him.<BR>把敌人看儿戏,无异于准许敌人杀害自己。<BR>99.In an enemy spots are soon seen.<BR>敌人身上求疵易。<BR>
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0. If you would make an enemy,lend a man money and ask it of him again.<BR>你若想与人结怨,只须先借钱给他,再向他催讨。<BR>1. A courageous foe is better than a cowardly friend.<BR>勇敢的敌人胜过懦怯的朋友。<BR>2. An enemy who lies at thy feet begging forgi-veness must not feel thy sword.<BR>对俯伏在你脚下乞怜的敌人,绝不可使他触及你<BR>的剑。<BR>3. Make your enemy your friend.<BR>要化敌为友。<BR>4. Live and let live.<BR>自己活也让别人活。<BR>5. As a man lives,so shall he die.<BR>有生必有死。<BR>6. We are not born for ourselves.<BR>人生天地间,并非为自己。 <BR>7. He that hath time hath life.<BR>有时间就有生活。<BR>8. He that lives long suffers much.<BR>寿长忧患多。<BR>9. They who live longest will see most.<BR>寿命最长的人见识也最广。<BR>10.He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.<BR>他生在富贵人家。<BR>11.A man can die but once.<BR>人生只有一回死。<BR>12.He that liveth in court dieth upon straw.<BR>生于安乐者常死于贫贱。<BR>13.He that liveth wickedly can hardly die honestly.<BR>过着邪恶生活的人不会正直地死去。<BR>14.Death pay all debts.<BR>一死了百债。<BR>15.Six feet of earth makes all men equal.<BR>墓穴之中,人人平等。<BR>16.Death is the grand leveller.<BR>死亡面前,不分贵贱。<BR>17.Death meets us everywhere.<BR>人生到处皆可死;死亡和我们到处相遇。<BR>18.Death frees us from ills.<BR>死亡使我们解脱不幸。<BR>19.We shall lie all alike in our graves.<BR>一朝进坟场,大家都一样。<BR>20.In the grave the rich and poor lie equal.<BR>一朝入暮穴,贫富皆一律。<BR>21.Death defies the doctor.<BR>死亡蔑视医生。<BR>22.There is no medicine against death.<BR>人间哪有不死(回春)药。<BR>23.Light come,light go.<BR>易得则易失;来得容易去得快。 <BR>24.Sometimes gain is to lose.<BR>有时得即是失。<BR>25.Merry is he that hath nought to lose.<BR>无物可失的人最逍遥自在。<BR>26.Grasp all,lose all.<BR>样样都要,全部失掉。<BR>27.What we lose in hake we shall have in herring.<BR>失鳕得鲱;失之东隅,收之桑榆。<BR>28.What is lost in the hundred will be found in the shire.<BR>在区里失去的可在州里找回来。<BR>29.For a lost thing care nothing.<BR>一物已失,计较无益。<BR>30.He who does not gain loses.<BR>不能得益,就是损失。<BR>31.Losses make us more cautious.<BR>损失使人更谨慎。<BR>32.Who loseth liberty loseth all.<BR>失去自由即失去一切。<BR>33.Either win the horse or lose the saddle.<BR>不是全赢,就是全输;孤注一掷。<BR>34.All is not lost that is in danger.<BR>在危险中的东西未必全会损失。<BR>35.Do not run too fast after gain.<BR>不要见利便狂追。<BR>36.Prefer loss to unjust gain.<BR>宁可受损失,休取不义财。<BR>37.Lightly gain,quickly lost.<BR>来得容易去得快;不义之财,理无久享。<BR>38.Only that which is honestly got is gain.<BR>正当的收入才是真正的收入。<BR>39.All is not gain that is put in the purse.<BR>装进钱包里的不一定都是正当的收入。<BR>40.Gain got by a lie will burn one's fingers.<BR>靠欺骗得利,准要吃亏。<BR>41.One never loses anything by politeness.<BR>礼多不吃亏;礼多人不怪。<BR>42.Hold fast when you have it.<BR>手中之物应紧握。<BR>43.There are as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it.<BR>海中好鱼取不尽(指:虽然失去一个机会,还有很<BR>多机会)。<BR>44.Many a slip (many things fall) between the cup and the lip.<BR>酒杯来到嘴唇边,得饮与否未可知;物未到手前,未<BR>能算己有;凡事难以十拿九稳。<BR>45.It is an ill wind that blows nobody good.<BR>使人人倒霉的风才是恶风;此失则彼得;害于此则<BR>利于彼;没有使所有的人都受害的坏事。<BR>46.Health is better than wealth.<BR>健康胜于财富。<BR>47.Health is happiness.<BR>健康便是幸福。<BR>48.A good healthy body is worth more a crown in gold.<BR>健全的身体比金冕更有价值。<BR>49.A sound mind in a sound body.<BR>健康的思想寓于健康的身体。<BR>50.A light heart lives long.<BR>心胸开朗,使人寿长。<BR>51.A happy heart makes a blooming visage.<BR>心中快乐,容光焕发。<BR>52.He who hath good health is young,and he is rich who owes nothing.<BR>健康葆青春,无债即富有。<BR>53.Study sickness while you are well.<BR>无病应思有病时。<BR>54.The healthful man can give counsel to the sick.<BR>健康的人可以对生病的人提出忠告。<BR>55.By the side of sickness health becomes sweet.<BR>和疾病相比较,才能识得健康的可爱。<BR>56.Health is not valued till sickness comes.<BR>有病方知健康贵。<BR>57.Feed by measure and defy physician.<BR>饮食有节,医生绝迹。<BR>58.Often and little eating makes a man fat.<BR>多餐少吃,使人壮硕。<BR>59.After dinner sit awhile,after supper walk a mile.<BR>正餐以后,休息片刻;晚餐以后,步行一哩。<BR>60.Early to bed and early to rise,makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise.<BR>早睡早起,使人健康、富有而聪明。<BR>61.He that will thrive must rise at five.<BR>五点起床,百事兴旺。<BR>62.He that goes to bed thirsty rises healthy.<BR>忍渴上床,起身健康。<BR>63.He who does not rise early never does a good day's work.<BR>起床不早,一天的工作干不好。<BR>64.Who makes everything right must rise early.<BR>想把事事都做好,就得坚持起身早。<BR>65.Go to bed with the lamb and rise with the lark.<BR>随羔羊就寝,与云雀同起。<BR>66.Cover your head by day as much as you will,by night as much as you can.<BR>白天戴帽可随意,夜里戴帽是必须。<BR>67.A little labour,much health.<BR>适量的劳动大有益于健康。<BR>68.Enough is as good as a feast.<BR>饱食有如赴宴。<BR>69.Many dishes,many diseases.<BR>食多病多。<BR>70.Diseases are the Price of ill pleasures.<BR>疾病是纵欲的代价。<BR>71.Desperate diseases must have desperate cures.<BR>毒病要用毒药医。<BR>72.He who never was sick dies the first.<BR>小病不生,一病致命。<BR>73.Sickness shows us what we are.<BR>疾病使人显本相。<BR>74.What can't be cured must be endured.<BR>不治之症,必须坚忍。<BR>75.Hide nothing from thy physician.<BR>不要讳疾忌医。<BR>76.Medicines are not meant to live on.<BR>不要靠吃药过生活。<BR>77.A disease known is half cured.<BR>病情弄清楚,病根除一半。<BR>78.The best physicians are Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet,and Dr. Merryman.<BR>节食博士,静心博士,欢喜博士,三者都是最好的医<BR>师;饮食少,休息好,快乐多是却病延年之方。<BR>79.A good surgeon must have an eagle's eye,a lion's heart,and a lady's hand.<BR>良好的外科医生应具有鹰眼、狮心和女性的手。<BR>80.Feed sparingly and defy the physician.<BR>饮食有节,医生绝迹。<BR>81.Prevention is better than cure.<BR>预防胜于治疗。<BR>82.An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.<BR>一分预防胜似十分治疗。<BR>83.Bitter pills may have wholesome effect.<BR>良药苦口利于病。<BR>84.A good medicine tastes bitter.<BR>良药苦口。<BR>85.There is no friend so faithful as a good book.<BR>最忠实的朋友莫过于一本好书。<BR>86.Books,like friends,should be few and well chosen.<BR>书籍如朋友,宜少宜精选。<BR>87.A book is the same today as it always was and it will never change.<BR>好书千载常如新。<BR>88.A good book is a best friend who never turns his back upon us.<BR>好书如至友,永远不相负。<BR>89.In books,are embalmed the greatest thoughts of all ages.<BR>伟大思想古今有,载入书中成不朽。<BR>90.Some books are to be tasted,others to be swallowed,and some few to be chewed and digested.<BR>一些书可以品味,另外一些书可以吞食,少数的一些<BR>可以咀嚼、消化。<BR>91.Old wood is best to burn,old book to read.<BR>老柴好烧,老书宜读。<BR>92.A book that remains shut is but a block.<BR>书本不去翻,犹如一木块。<BR>93.Judge not a book by its cover.<BR>评定一本书,不能凭封面。<BR>94.A wicked book is the wickeder because it cannot repent.<BR>坏书因其不能改正错误而更坏。<BR>95.A good tale is none the worse for being twice told.<BR>故事好,再讲一遍还是好。<BR>96.Law is a bottomless pit.<BR>法律是无底的深渊。<BR>97.Ignorance of the law excuses no man.<BR>对法律无知,不能成为任何人的借口。<BR>98.Law makers should not be law breakers.<BR>立法者不应成为犯法者;立法应守法。<BR>99.Wrong laws make short governance.<BR>不健全的法律统治时间不会长。<BR>
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<FONT color=#000000>0. The law is not the same at morning and at night.<BR>早上的法令跟晚上的不一样;朝令夕改。<BR>1. New lords,new laws.<BR>新君立新法。<BR>2. Laws catch flies and let hornets go free.<BR>法网只捕蝇,黄蜂由它去。<BR>3. Where drums beat,laws are silent.<BR>战鼓一响,法律无声。<BR>4. An upright judge has more regard to justice than to men.<BR>法官能公正,重法不重人。<BR>5. That trial is not fair where affection is the judge.<BR>法官动感情,审判难公正。<BR>6. A good lawyer,an evil neighbour.<BR>好律师不是好邻居。<BR>7. An old physician,and a young lawyer.<BR>医生老的好,律师年轻的好。<BR>8. Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.<BR>鸡蛋还未孵,先别数鸡雏;莫过早乐观。<BR>9. Though the fox run,the chicken hath wings.<BR>狐狸虽会跑,小鸡有翅膀。<BR>10.Young cocks love no coops.<BR>小公鸡不恋笼。<BR>11.A cock is bold on his dunghill.<BR>站在粪堆上,公鸡也称王。<BR>12.A barley-corn is better than a diamond to a cock.<BR>对一只公鸡来说,一颗麦粒优于一颗钻石。<BR>13.He that will have his farm full,must keep an old cock and a young bull.<BR>想使农庄充裕,就得养一只老公鸡和一头小公牛。 <BR>14.If the hen does not prate,she will not lay.<BR>不叨叨的母鸡不下蛋。<BR>15.It is no good hen that cackles in your house and lays in another's.<BR>这样的母鸡可不好:在你家里咯咯叫,却到别家去<BR>下蛋。<BR>16.Fat hens lay few eggs.<BR>肥鸡下蛋稀。<BR>17.Grain by grain,and the hen fills her belly.<BR>一颗接一颗,母鸡填饱肚。<BR>18.A duck will not always dabble in the same gutter.<BR>一只鸭子不会常在同一条沟中玩水。<BR>19.It is a blind silly gooes that comes to the fox's sermon.<BR>只有盲目的笨鹅才会去听狐狸讲道。<BR>20.What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.<BR>适用于甲的也适用于乙。<BR>21.All his geese are swans.<BR>他喜欢夸大其词;敝帚自珍。<BR>22.All your swans are geese.<BR>你的美好希望(或诺言),全部成了泡影。<BR>23.Each bird likes to hear himself sing.<BR>每一只鸟都爱听自己歌唱。<BR>24.The bird loves her nest.<BR>鸟爱自己的窝。<BR>25.Birds of a feather flock together.<BR>物以类聚,人以群分。<BR>26.The bird that can sing and won't sing must be made to sing.<BR>生来能唱的鸟,不愿唱也得叫它唱。<BR>27.The fowler's pipe sounds sweet until the bird is caught.<BR>捕禽人笛声悠扬,直吹得鸟儿落网。<BR>28.He that will take the bird must not scare it.<BR>捕鸟休惊鸟。<BR>29.The noisy fowler catches no bird.<BR>捕禽人大肆声张,鸟儿就不会落网。<BR>30.Old birds are not caught with new nests.<BR>新网难捕老鸟。<BR>31.'Tis the early bird that catches the worm.<BR>早起的鸟先得虫;捷足先登。<BR>32.A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.<BR>双鸟在林,不如一鸟在手;十赊不如一现。<BR>33.A bird is known by its note,and a man by his talk.<BR>鸟以声闻,人以言知。<BR>34.It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest.<BR>家丑不可外扬。<BR>35.Eagles fly alone,but sheep flock together.<BR>鹰爱独飞羊爱群。<BR>36.A kite will never be a good hawk.<BR>鸢永不会变成隼。<BR>37.Empty hands no hawk allure.<BR>空手不能诱鹰来。<BR>38.The crow thinks his own bird fairest.<BR>乌鸦总以为自己的雏鸟最美。<BR>39.A crow is never the whiter for washing herself often.<BR>乌鸦不管怎样经常洗澡,也不会变白。<BR>40.Wheresoever the carcase is,there will the ravens be gathered together.<BR>哪里有死尸,乌鸦就成群。<BR>41.One swallow does not make a summer.<BR>一燕不能成夏天(不可仅凭一种现象而遽作判断)。<BR>42.The snail slides up the tower at last though the swallow mounteth it sooner.<BR>燕子一飞就上塔,蜗牛悄悄爬,最后也上塔。<BR>43.The cuckoo comes in April,and stays the month of May;sings a song at Midsummer,and then goes away.<BR>布谷鸟,四月来,五月一直在,仲夏唱支歌,然后就离<BR>开。<BR>44.If the sky falls,we shall catch larks.<BR>天垮正好抓云雀;不要杞人忧天。<BR>45.An owl is the king of the night.<BR>猫头鹰是黑夜之王。<BR>46.When the owl sings,the nightingale will hold her peace.<BR>枭鸟唱歌,夜莺屏息。<BR>47.Cats hide their paws.<BR>猫儿不露爪。<BR>48.A gloved cat catches no mice.<BR>戴手套的猫抓不到老鼠。<BR>49.When the cat's away,the mice will play.<BR>猫儿不在家,老鼠就玩耍;猫儿不在耗子闹。<BR>50.Ale will make cat speak.<BR>喝了淡啤酒,猫也会开口;酒后使人说话多。<BR>51.A blate cat makes a proud mouse.<BR>猫儿腼腆,老鼠翻天。<BR>52.When the weasel and the cat make a marriage,it is a very ill presage.<BR>黄鼠狼跟猫儿成亲,预兆不佳。<BR>53.The cat and dog may kiss,yet are none the better friends.<BR>猫狗虽相吻,总难成好友。<BR>54.All cats love fish but fear to wet their paws.<BR>猫儿性爱鱼,却怕爪弄湿;想获得珍品的人不愿冒<BR>必要的风险。<BR>55.A cat may look at a king.<BR>猫也有权看国王;小人物也该有些权利。<BR>56.It is said that "cat hath nine lives",yet care would wear them all out.<BR>据说猫儿有九命,忧虑多时也伤身。<BR>57.An old dog bites sore.<BR>老狗咬人咬得狠。<BR>58.Beware of a silent dog and still water.<BR>哑狗和静水,二者都得防。<BR>59.Barking dogs seldom bite.<BR>爱吠的狗不咬人。<BR>60.A dog will not howl if you beat him with a bone.<BR>肉骨头打狗狗不叫。<BR>61.Dogs that bark at a distance bite not at hand.<BR>远处狗就叫,近身不会咬。<BR>62.If the old dog barks,he gives counsel.<BR>老狗叫,是忠告。<BR>63.In every country dogs bite.<BR>天下有狗都咬人。<BR>64.Hungry dogs will eat dirty puddings.<BR>饿狗也吃脏布丁;饥不择食。<BR>65.Dogs wag their tails not so much in love to you as your bread.<BR>狗儿把尾摇,爱的是面包。<BR>66.All are not thieves that dogs bark at.<BR>狗吠的人并非都是小偷。<BR>67.Every dog is valiant at his own door.<BR>站在家门口,狗也雄纠纠。<BR>68.Every dog is a lion at home.<BR>狗在家中,八面威风。<BR>69.While the dog gnaws bone,companions would be none.<BR>狗啃骨头无同伴。<BR>70.Two dogs strive for a bone,the third runs away with it.<BR>两狗相争一骨头,第三只狗衔起走。<BR>71.Mad dog bites his master.<BR>疯狗咬主人。<BR>72.Too much pudding will choke dog.<BR>布丁太多噎死狗。<BR>73.Do not give a dog bread every time he wags his tail.<BR>莫因狗尾摇,次次丢面包。<BR>74.A living dog is better than a dead lion.<BR>活狗胜于死狮。<BR>75.Love me,love my dog.<BR>爱屋及乌。<BR>76.Let sleeping dog lie.<BR>勿惊卧狗;切莫惹是生非。<BR>77.Help the dog over the stile.<BR>助人度过难关。<BR>78.Every dog has his day.<BR>片瓦也有翻身日;人人都有得意时。<BR>79.Give a dog a bad name and hang him.<BR>欲加之罪,何患无辞。<BR>80.He who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find a stick.<BR>有心打狗好找棍;欲加之罪,何患无辞。<BR>81.An old dog cannot alter its way of barking.<BR>老狗难改常吠声。<BR>82.When a dog is drowning,every one offers him drink.<BR>待到狗溺水,众人给水喝。<BR>83.A swine over fat is the cause of his own bane.<BR>猪死都因身过肥;象以齿焚。<BR>84.Pigs may fly,but they are very unlikely birds.<BR>猪儿纵会飞,终究不是鸟。<BR>85.Never cast your pearls before swine.<BR>不要把珍贵之物送给不识货的人;勿明珠暗投;勿<BR>对牛弹琴。<BR>86.You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.<BR>猪耳朵做不成丝钱包;巧妇难为无米之炊。<BR>87.The cow that's first up gets the first of the dew.<BR>早起母牛先得露。<BR>88.Not all butter that the cow yields.<BR>母牛所产的未必全是黄油。<BR>89.Many good cows have evil calves.<BR>很多好母牛,会生坏小犊。<BR>90.You cannot sell the cow and sup the milk.<BR>不能既要卖母牛,又想喝牛奶。<BR>91.Old oxen have stiff horns.<BR>牛老角硬。<BR>92.The ox is never woe,till he to the harrow go.<BR>挂耙去耕地,牛才知辛苦。<BR>93.An ox is taken by the horns,and the man by the tongue.<BR>牛因角被执,人因舌陷身。<BR>94.If the ox falls,whet your knife.<BR>牛一倒,快磨刀;人遭难,众人踩。<BR>95.The black ox has trod on his foot.<BR>祸事临头。<BR>96.The ox when weariest treads surest.<BR>牛困走得稳。<BR>97.The best horse needs breaking,and the aptest child needs teaching.<BR>最好的马儿要人驯,最伶俐的孩子要人训。<BR>98.A horse that will not carry a saddle must have no oats.<BR>不愿加鞍的马,不得吃燕麦。<BR>99.A good horse oft needs a good spur.<BR>好马常需好靴刺。 </FONT>
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0. It is the bridle and spur that makes a good horse.<BR>要把马练好,缰绳靴刺少不了。<BR>1. A boisterous horse must have a rough bridle.<BR>烈马要套粗笼头。<BR>2. He is a gentle horse that never cast his rider.<BR>驯良的马绝不会把骑手甩倒。<BR>3. 'Tis a good horse that never stumbles.<BR>好马不失蹄。<BR>4. The fault of the horse is put on the saddle.<BR>马劣动怪马鞍坏。<BR>5. Mettle is dangerous in a blind horse.<BR>瞎马鼓勇气,正是危险事。<BR>6. Old wood is best to burn,old horse to ride.<BR>老柴好烧,老马好骑。<BR>7. Every horse thinks his sack heaviest.<BR>每匹马都认为自己驮的袋子最重。<BR>8. You may know the horse by his harness.<BR>观马具可知马性。<BR>9. A galled horse will not endure the comb.<BR>擦伤的马不耐梳。<BR>10.You can take a horse to the water,but you cannot make him drink.<BR>牵马河边易,逼马饮水难;不要逼人做他不愿做的<BR>事。<BR>11.Don't swap horses when crossing a stream.<BR>行至中流不换马;危难之时不宜作大变动。<BR>12.An ass endures his burden,but not more than his burden.<BR>驴子能负重,过重也难负。<BR>13.Wherever an ass falleth,there will he never fall again.<BR>驴子绝不会在同样的地点跌倒两次。<BR>14.The braying of an ass does not reach heaven.<BR>驴子的叫声传不到天上。<BR>15.The fault of the ass must not be laid upon the packsaddle.<BR>驴子不乖,休怪驮鞍。<BR>16.A horse is neither better nor worse for his trappings.<BR>相马不可凭马饰。<BR>17.He who wants a mule without fault,must walk on foot.<BR>指望驴子无缺点,只有自己徒步行。<BR>18.A colt you may break,but an old horse you never can.<BR>小驹犹可练,老马最难驯。<BR>19.One sheep follows another.<BR>一羊跟一羊(指盲从)。<BR>20.If one sheep leap o'er the dyke,all the rest will follow.<BR>一羊跳过沟,众羊跟着跳。<BR>21.There is a black sheep in every flock.<BR>败类处处有;害群之马处处有。<BR>22.One scabbed sheep will mar a whole flock.<BR>一羊生癣,群羊受害。<BR>23.Every time the sheep bleats it loses a mouthful.<BR>羊每叫一次,就少吃一口。<BR>24.One butcher does not fear many sheep.<BR>屠夫不怕羊多。<BR>25.It is a foolish sheep that makes the wolf his confessor.<BR>蠢羊才向狼忏悔。<BR>26.The dust raised by the sheep does not choke the wolf.<BR>羊踩起的灰尘挡不住狼。 <BR>27.Carrion crows bewail the dead sheep and then eat them.<BR>乌鸦吃死羊,先要哭一场;猫哭老鼠假慈悲。<BR>28.The life of the wolf is the death of the lamb.<BR>有活的狼就有死的羔羊。<BR>29.As soon goes the young lamb's skin to the market as the old ewe's.<BR>老羊皮上了市,小羊皮也跟着来。<BR>30.You have no goats,and yet you sell kids.<BR>没有老山羊,还把小羊卖。<BR>31.If the beard were all,the goat might preach.<BR>如果长胡就好,山羊也可讲道。<BR>32.A lazy sheep thinks its wool heavy.<BR>懒羊自觉羊毛重。<BR>33.He that will have a hare to breakfast must hunt overnight.<BR>早餐想吃野兔肉,头晚就须去捕捉。<BR>34.If you run after two hares,you will catch neither.<BR>同时追两兔,一只也难捕。<BR>35.One should not run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.<BR>不应两面讨好。<BR>36.The tortoise wins the race while the hare is sleeping.<BR>兔子睡大觉,乌龟跑第一。<BR>37.First catch your hare then cook him.<BR>要兔子肉,先要把兔捉;先抓兔子后烹调(勿谋之<BR>过早)。<BR>38.The fox is known by his brush.<BR>狐狸只因尾巴大,所以人人认识他。<BR>39.The fox smells his own stink first.<BR>狐狸有恶臭,自己先嗅出。<BR>40.The fox may grow grey, but never good.<BR>狐狸活到老,永远难变好。<BR>41.The tail does often catch the fox.<BR>狐狸被抓,都因尾巴。<BR>42.It is an evil sign to see a fox lick a lamb.<BR>狐狸舔羔羊,不是好迹象。<BR>43.When the fox preacheth,then beware your geese.<BR>每逢狐狸讲道,当心鹅儿遭殃。<BR>44.An old fox is not easily snared.<BR>老狐狸难得陷罗网。<BR>45.Old foxes want no tutors.<BR>老狐不须教师教。<BR>46.The sleeping fox catches no poultry.<BR>睡着的狐狸捉不到鸡。<BR>47.You can have no more of the fox than the skin.<BR>狐狸除了皮,旁的全无用。<BR>48.The fox that had lost its tail would persuade others out of theirs.<BR>一条狐狸丢尾巴,就劝旁的也丢它。<BR>49.A fox should not be of the jury at a goose's trial.<BR>审鹅不应狐陪审。<BR>50.The fox's wiles will never enter the lion's head.<BR>狐狸的诡计永远进不了狮子的头脑。<BR>51.The old goose plays not with foxes.<BR>老鹅不跟狐狸耍。<BR>52.The wolf and fox are both privateers.<BR>狐狸与狼,抢劫大王。<BR>53.The wolf may lose his teeth, but never his nature.<BR>狼牙会掉,狼性难改。<BR>54.A thief knows a thief as a wolf knows a wolf.<BR>小偷识小偷,正象狼识狼。<BR>55.Hunger fetches the wolf out of the woods.<BR>饥饿引狼出森林。<BR>56.Give never the wolf the wether.<BR>莫把阉羊送给狼。<BR>57.Who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl.<BR>与狼相结交,就会学狼嚎。<BR>58.The lone sheep is in danger of the wolf.<BR>孤羊逢狼,必然遭殃。<BR>59.It is madness for a sheep to treat of peace with a wolf.<BR>跟狼讲和平,此羊必癫狂。<BR>60.By little and little the wolf eateth the sheep.<BR>狼吃羊,一只一只进肚肠。<BR>61.The death of wolves is the safety of the sheep.<BR>群狼一死众羊安。<BR>62.While you trust to the dog,the wolf slips into the sheepfold.<BR>当你认为狗可信,狼已偷偷把羊圈进。<BR>63.When the wolf grows old, the crows ride him.<BR>狼老被鸦欺。<BR>64.Man is to man either a god or a wolf.<BR>人与人交往,不是上帝就是狼。<BR>65.A growing youth has a wolf in his belly.<BR>青年成长时,食量大如狼。<BR>66.The lion is known by his claws (paw).<BR>狮以爪闻名。<BR>67.The lion is not so fierce as he is painted.<BR>狮子没有画上的凶猛。<BR>68.A barking dog is better than a sleeping lion.<BR>吠犬胜于睡狮。<BR>69.It is not good to wake a sleeping lion.<BR>睡狮莫惊。<BR>70.The lion's skin is never cheap.<BR>狮皮从不贱。<BR>71.Destroy the lion while he is yet but a whelp.<BR>杀狮应在幼小时。<BR>72.The tiger that has once tasted blood is never sated with the taste of it.<BR>一次尝到血,虎欲永难遏。<BR>73.He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.<BR>骑虎难下。<BR>74.The leopard can never change its spots.<BR>花豹永不能改变身上的斑点(指:本性难移)。<BR>75.Kings and bears oft worry keepers.<BR>国王和熊,常使守护人忧心忡忡。<BR>76.He who shareth honey with the bear hath the least part of it.<BR>与熊分蜜糖,只得一点尝。<BR>77.Do not sell the bear's skin before you have caught the bear.<BR>熊未到手休卖皮(勿过早乐观)。<BR>78.Where the deer is slain,some of her blood will lie.<BR>鹿死总有血迹留。<BR>79.The rage of a wild boar is able to spoil more than one wood.<BR>野猪一怒毁树多。<BR>80.An ape's an ape, a varlet's a varlet, though they be clad in silk or scarlet.<BR>尽管衣绸穿红,猿猴还是猿猴,侍从还是侍从。 <BR>81.An army of stags led by a lion would be more formidable than one of lions led by a stag.<BR>一只狮子率领的一群鹿,比一只鹿率领的一头狮子<BR>更难对付。<BR>82.A bad custom is like a good cake, better broden than kept.<BR>坏习惯象饼子,碎了比保存起来好。<BR>83.A bald head is soon shaven.<BR>光脑袋,剃得快。<BR>84.A blind man will not thank you for a looking-glass.<BR>瞎子不谢赠镜人。<BR>85.A borrowed cloak does not keep one warm.<BR>借来的大氅不暖身。<BR>86.A brave retreat is a brave exploit.<BR>勇退即勇绩。<BR>87.Accidents will happen in the best regulated families.<BR>即使家规严,丑事总难免。<BR>88.A candle lights others and consumes itself.<BR>腊烛照亮了别人,毁灭了自己。<BR>89.A constant guest is never welcome.<BR>常来之客不会受欢迎。<BR>90.A cracked bell can never sound well (is never sound).<BR>破钟无好音。<BR>91.A crown is no cure for the headache.<BR>王冠难治头痛。<BR>92.A drowning man will catch at a straw.<BR>溺水者见草也要抓;急何能择。<BR>93.After a storm comes a calm.<BR>暴风雨后天平静;雨过天晴。<BR>94.After death, the doctor.<BR>人死医生来;雨后送伞。<BR>95.A good beginning is half done.<BR>良好的开端,就是成功了一半。<BR>96.A good example is the best sermon.<BR>良好的范例是最好的训诫。<BR>97.A great ship asks deep waters.<BR>大船要在深水行;英雄要有用武之地。<BR>98.A horse stumbles that has four legs.<BR>人有失手日,马有失蹄时。<BR>99.A little neglect may breed great mischief.<BR>小失成大害;小误酿大祸。
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0. A little pot is soon hot.<BR>壶小易热,量小易怒。<BR>1. All are brave when the enemy flies.<BR>敌人遁逃时,人人皆勇士。<BR>2. All is fish that comes to his net.<BR>到了网中都是鱼;只要到手全都要。<BR>3. All is well that ends well.<BR>结果好,就一切都好。<BR>4. All roads lead to Rome.<BR>条条大路通罗马。<BR>5. Always taking out the meal-tub, and never putting in,soon comes to the bottom.<BR>取粮不储粮,桶底粮也光;坐吃山空。<BR>6. A miss is as good as a mile.<BR>失之毫厘,差以千里。<BR>7. An empty bag cannot stand upright.<BR>空袋不能直立。<BR>8. A new broom sweeps clean.<BR>新官上任三把火。<BR>9. A rolling stone gathers no moss.<BR>滚石不粘青苔;转业不积财。<BR>10.Art is long, life is short.<BR>艺术恒久,生命短暂。<BR>11.A small leak will sink a great ship.<BR>小漏沉大船。<BR>12.A stitch in time saves nine.<BR>一针及时省九针;一针不补,十针难缝。<BR>13.As the wind blows, you must set your sail.<BR>趁风启帆。<BR>14.As we sow, so shall we reap.<BR>种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆。<BR>15.A valiant man's look is more than a coward's sword.<BR>勇士的神色胜过懦夫的刀剑。<BR>16.A vaunter and a liar are near akin.<BR>自诩和说谎,二者正相仿。<BR>17.Avarice blinds our eyes.<BR>贪婪障人目。<BR>18.A watched pot(pan) is long in boiling.<BR>心急水不沸;盼得越切,来得越迟。<BR>19.A wonder lasts but nine days.<BR>新鲜事儿不久长。<BR>20.Beard the lion in his den.<BR>老虎头上捉虱;太岁头上动土。<BR>21.Beauty is but skin deep.<BR>美丽只是皮相(指:不能以貌取人)。<BR>22.Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.<BR>宁为犬首,不作狮尾。<BR>23.Better be the head of the yeomanry than the tail of the gentry.<BR>宁作自由民之首,不为贵族之尾。<BR>24.Between two stools one goes the ground.<BR>脚踩两只船,早晚要落水。<BR>25.Beware beginnings.<BR>慎始为上。<BR>26.Blood is thicker than water.<BR>血浓于水(指:亲人比外人亲)。<BR>27.Caesar's wife must be above suspicion.<BR>身为凯撒(罗马大将)妻,必须无可疑(指:与伟大的<BR>人物交往的人不可有秽名)。<BR>28.Charity begins at home, but should not end there.<BR>施舍先及亲友,但不应限于亲友。<BR>29.Companions are odious.<BR>人比人,气死人。<BR>30.Content is happiness.<BR>知足常乐。<BR>31.Custom is a second nature.<BR>习惯是第二天性。 <BR>32.Cut your coat according to your cloth.<BR>量布裁衣。<BR>33.Danger is next neighbour to security.<BR>危险是安全的紧邻。<BR>34.Do as the Romans do.<BR>入境要问俗。<BR>35.Do as you would be done by.<BR>你愿别人怎样对待你,你就应该怎样对待别人;己<BR>所不欲,勿施于人。<BR>36.Do not hallo till you are out of the wood.<BR>未出险境,先莫高兴。<BR>37.Don't put the cart before the horse.<BR>勿本末倒置;勿倒果为因。<BR>38.Don't throw out the baby with the bath water.<BR>切勿良莠不分一起抛。<BR>39.Envy assails the noblest, the winds howl around the highest peak.<BR>位高遭人妒,峰高招风怒。<BR>40.Every advantage has its disadvantage.<BR>有利必有弊。<BR>41.Every cloud has a silver lining.<BR>黑暗之中总有一线光明;祸中有福。<BR>42.Every man has his liking.<BR>人各有所好。<BR>43.Every one's faults are not written in their foreheads.<BR>人人有错,隐藏不露。<BR>44.Everything hath an end.<BR>万物有始必有终。<BR>45.Everything must have a beginning.<BR>凡事皆有始。<BR>46.Example is better than precept.<BR>范例胜于教训。<BR>47.Fine feathers make fine birds.<BR>好鸟要靠好羽毛;人要衣装,佛靠金装。<BR>48.Fire and water have no mercy.<BR>水火无情。<BR>49.First come, first served.<BR>先到先招待。<BR>50.Fish begins to stink at the head.<BR>鱼腐头先臭(上梁不正下梁歪)。<BR>51.Forbidden fruit is sweet.<BR>禁果味甜。<BR>52.Force can never destory right.<BR>暴力决不能摧毁正义。<BR>53.God's mill grinds slow but sure.<BR>天网恢恢,疏而不漏。<BR>54.Great designs require great consideration.<BR>大计划要慎重考虑。<BR>55.Great men have great faults.<BR>伟大的人物也会有巨大的过失。<BR>56.Great men's sons seldom do well.<BR>大人物的子孙少出息。 <BR>57.Half a loaf is better than no bread.<BR>半片面包总比没有好;有胜于无。<BR>58.Haste makes waste.<BR>欲速则不达。<BR>59.Hear all parties.<BR>兼听则明。<BR>60.He laughs best who laughs last.<BR>谁笑在最后,谁笑的最好(指:不要高兴得过早)。<BR>61.He measures another's corn by his own bushel.<BR>用自己的标准衡量别人;以己度人。<BR>62.He should have a long spoon that sups with the devil.<BR>跟坏人打交道,要特别小心。<BR>63.He that never rode never fell.<BR>不骑马就不会落马。<BR>64.He that would eat the kernel must crack the nut.<BR>要把果仁吃,就得碎果壳。<BR>65.History repeats itself.<BR>历史自身常重演。<BR>66.Hoist your sail when the wind is fair.<BR>风顺便扯篷。<BR>67.Honey is sweet, but the bee stings.<BR>蜜甜蜂螫人。<BR>68.Hunger is the best sauce.<BR>饥者口中尽佳肴;饥饿之时,样样好吃。<BR>69.If the mountain will not come to Mahomet,Mahomet must go to the mountain.<BR>大山从不向穆罕默德移来,穆罕默德只好向大山<BR>走去;他若不迁就你,你只好迁就他。<BR>70.If wishes were horses,beggars might ride.<BR>愿望若是马,乞丐也可乘;愿望难成事实。<BR>71.Ill air slays sooner than the sword.<BR>污浊的空气杀人比刀还快。<BR>72.Ill news never comes too late.<BR>坏消息总是来得快。<BR>73.In the kingdom of blind men, the oneeyed is king.<BR>生在盲人国,独眼也称王。<BR>74.It is better to be a martyr than a confessor.<BR>与其做忏悔,不如做殉道者。<BR>75.It is too late to shut the stalbe door when the steed is stolen.<BR>失马锁厩,为时已晚;贼去关门,为时已迟。<BR>76.It never rains but it pours.<BR>不雨则已,一雨倾盆。<BR>77.It takes two to make a quarrel.<BR>吵架要有两个人。<BR>78.Jack of all trades and master of none.<BR>万事皆通,事事不精(指:杂而不精的人)。<BR>79.Joy and sorrow are next-door neighbours.<BR>快乐是忧愁的紧邻。<BR>80.Keeping is harder than winning.<BR>成功不易,保持更难。<BR>81.Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.<BR>杀鸡取金蛋;只图眼前需要,断绝将来财源。<BR>82.Kill two birds with one stone.<BR>一石双鸟;一箭双雕。<BR>83.Kinsman helps kinsman,but woe to him that hath nothing.<BR>亲人帮亲人,无亲来帮愁煞人。<BR>84.Like tree, like fruit.<BR>有什么样的树,就有什么样的果。<BR>85.Little thieves are hanged, but great ones escape.<BR>大贼脱身去,小贼被吊死。<BR>86.Long absent, soon forgotten.<BR>久别易忘。<BR>87.Long looked for comes at last.<BR>久久寻找,终会找到。<BR>88.Long tarrying takes all thands away.<BR>耽搁太久,会把人家的谢意全送走。<BR>89.Losers are always in the wrong.<BR>失败之人受咎多。<BR>90.Man is a god or a devil to his neighbour.<BR>一个人对邻居来说,不是上帝,便是魔鬼。<BR>91.Many men have many minds.<BR>人多意见多;人多口杂。<BR>92.Many wells, many buckets.<BR>井多桶也多。<BR>93.Mercy to the eriminal may be eruelty to the people.<BR>对罪犯的仁慈,就是对人民的残忍。<BR>94.Merry meet, merry part.<BR>好聚好散。<BR>95.Messengers should neither be headed nor hanged.<BR>两国相争,不斩来使。<BR>96.Might is right.<BR>强权即公理。<BR>97.Might overcomes right.<BR>强权压倒公理。<BR>98.Mischief has swift wings.<BR>祸害长有飞翅。<BR>99.Misery loves company.<BR>同病相怜。<BR><!-- #EndEditable -->
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0. Mock not a cobbler for his black thumbs.<BR>莫笑皮匠拇指黑。<BR>1. Most things have two handles.<BR>多数事物有两种解释。<BR>2. Music is the eye of the ear.<BR>音乐是耳朵的眼睛。<BR>3. Necessity and opportunity may make a coward valiant.<BR>需要和机会,可使懦夫变勇敢。<BR>4. Necessity is the mother of invention.<BR>需要是发明之母。<BR>5. Neither fish nor flesh (nor good red herring).<BR>非驴非马;不伦不类。<BR>6. Never judge from appearances.<BR>不可根据外貌判断;不可以貌取人。<BR>7. Never too late to mend.<BR>补过不嫌晚。<BR>8. No cross, no crown.<BR>没有十字架,就没有王冠;无苦即无乐。<BR>9. No man can do two things at once.<BR>一人不能同时做两件事;心无二用。<BR>10.No man ever became thoroughly bad all at once.<BR>从来没有骤然变得极坏的人。<BR>11.No man is content.<BR>知足的人世上无。<BR>12.No mill, no meal.<BR>不磨面就没有面包吃。<BR>13.No pleasure without pain.<BR>没有无痛苦的欢乐。<BR>14.No rose without a thorn.<BR>玫瑰皆有刺(没有尽善尽美的幸福)。<BR>15.No smoke without some fire.<BR>无火不生烟;无风不起浪。<BR>16.Nothing venture, nothing have.<BR>不入虎穴,焉得虎子。<BR>17.Obedience is the first duty of a soldier.<BR>服从是军人的第一职责。<BR>18.Older and wiser.<BR>老而益精;越老越聪明。<BR>19.Old bees yield no honey.<BR>老蜂不产蜜。<BR>20.Old vessels must leak.<BR>船旧必漏。<BR>21.Once a devil, always a devil.<BR>一次做魔鬼,永远是魔鬼。<BR>22.One flower makes no garland.<BR>一朵花做不成一个花环。<BR>23.One foot is better than two crutches.<BR>一只脚胜过两条拐仗。<BR>24.Oppression maketh a wise man mad.<BR>人处压迫下,聪明也会疯。<BR>25.Out of sitght, out of mind.<BR>眼不见,心不想。<BR>26.Pain is forgotten where gain follows.<BR>一朝得了利,痛苦便忘记。<BR>27.Patience is the plaster of all sores.<BR>忍耐是一切痛苦的止痛膏。<BR>28.Patient men win the day.<BR>能忍者胜。<BR>29.Peace with sword in hand, 'Tis safest making.<BR>和平时期手执剑,这样做来最保险;有备无患。<BR>30.Pen and ink is wit's plough.<BR>笔墨是才智之犁。<BR>31.Penny wise and pound foolish.<BR>小事聪明,大事糊涂。<BR>32.Poison is poison though it comes in a golden cup.<BR>纵然装入金杯,毒药还是毒药。<BR>33.Pouring oil on the fire is no way to quench it.<BR>加油不是灭火法。<BR>34.Praise is not pudding.<BR>恭维不等于布丁;恭维不是实惠。<BR>35.Promises are like piecrust, made to be broken.<BR>诺言好似馅饼皮,做来便是为咬碎。<BR>36.Promise is debt.<BR>许愿要还,欠债要清;许愿如欠债,欠了便要还。<BR>37.Public money is like holy water, every one helps himself to it.<BR>公款如圣水,人人都要尝一嘴。<BR>38.Quietness is best.<BR>宁静最好。<BR>39.Rain before seven: fine before eleven.<BR>早雨不过午。<BR>40. Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man,and writing an exact man.<BR>阅读使人渊博,会谈使人机敏,写作使人严谨。<BR>41.Remember thou art but a man.<BR>记住:你只不过是个“人”而已。<BR>42.Revolutions are not made with rosewater.<BR>革命不是玫瑰香水做成的(指:革命不能采用温和<BR>的办法)。<BR>43.Satan reproves sin.<BR>魔鬼责人之罪(责备他人有罪过,自己同样有过失)。<BR>44.Scanderbeg's sword must have Scanderbeg's arm.<BR>斯坎德培(阿尔巴尼亚15世纪的民族英雄)的剑,必<BR>须要有斯坎德培的臂才能举;宝剑须由烈士擎。<BR>45.Shallow streams make most din.<BR>浅流水声响。<BR>46.Short pleasure, long lament.<BR>眼前片刻欢,日后长悲痛。<BR>47.Silence gives consent.<BR>沉默表示同意。<BR>48.Skill and confidence are an unconquered army.<BR>技能和信心是无敌的军队。<BR>49.Something is better than nothing.<BR>有总比没有强。<BR>50.Soon ripe, soon rotten.<BR>早熟早烂;早慧早夭。<BR>51.Sorrow comes unsent for.<BR>悲哀来时不须邀。<BR>52.Sport is sweetest when there be no spectators.<BR>旁边无观众,运动最轻松。<BR>53.Still waters run deep.<BR>静水流深。<BR>54.Straws show which way the wind blows.<BR>草动示风向。<BR>55.Talk of the devil, and he is sure to appear.<BR>讲着某人,某人就到;说起曹操,曹操就到。<BR>56.Teach your grandmother to suck eggs.<BR>班门弄斧。<BR>57.Temperance is the best physic.<BR>节欲是最好的药品。<BR>58.The best (greatest) fish keep (swim near) the bottom.<BR>好鱼游水底(指:有价值之物不能轻易得到)。<BR>59.The best is oftentimes the enemy of the good.<BR>要求过高,反难成功。<BR>60.The mountains have brought forth a mouse.<BR>大山生小鼠(指:费力大而收效小)。<BR>61.The pot calls the kettle black.<BR>锅子嫌罐黑;责人严而责己宽;自己有过失而申斥<BR>他人。<BR>62.There are two sides to every question.<BR>每个问题都有两个方面。<BR>63.There is a crook(=affliction,trial) in the lot of every one.<BR>人生总有倒楣事;人生总有不如意处。<BR>64.The swan sings when death comes.<BR>死期来到,天鹅歌声美妙。<BR>65.The thread breaks where it is weakest.<BR>线断常在最细处。<BR>66.The tongue ever turns to the aching teeth.<BR>舌头总是碰着疼牙。<BR>67.The used key is always bright.<BR>常用的钥匙常光亮。<BR>68.The weakest goes to the wall.<BR>弱者败北。<BR>69.The wish is father to the thought.<BR>愿望为思想之父;所望之事,每易信之为真。<BR>70.Things done cannot be undone.<BR>事已定局,不能挽回;覆水难收。<BR>71.Things unreasonable are never durable.<BR>不合理的事不会长久。<BR>72.Too many cooks spoil the broth.<BR>厨子成群,煮坏肉羹。<BR>73.Too much liberty spoils all.<BR>自由过了头,一切乱了套。<BR>74.Too much spoils, too little is nothing.<BR>过多会坏事,过少不济事。<BR>75.Tread on a worm and it will turn.<BR>蚯蚓被踩也会动(指:被逼过甚,最温顺者也会反<BR>抗)。<BR>76.True praise roots and spreads.<BR>赞词真实,根深传远。<BR>77.Two of a trade seldom agree.<BR>同行是冤家;同行相妒。 <BR>78.Two wrongs don't make a right.<BR>两个错加不出一个正确来。<BR>79.Union is strength.<BR>联合即是力量。<BR>80.Vain glory blossoms but never bears.<BR>虚荣能开花,但不会结果。<BR>81.Vows made in storms are forgotten in calms.<BR>激动时的誓约,平静时便忘却。<BR>82.Walls have ears.<BR>隔墙有耳。<BR>83.War is death's feast.<BR>战争是死亡的筵席。<BR>84.War makes thieves, and peace hangs them.<BR>战争造成窃贼,和平把他们吊死。<BR>85.Water afar quencheth not fire.<BR>远水救不了近火。<BR>86.Weeds want no sowing.<BR>杂草不需种。<BR>87.We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.<BR>井干方知水可贵。<BR>88.What youth is used to, age remembers.<BR>少年惯为事,老时常记起。<BR>89.When Greek meets Greek, then comes the bug of war.<BR>两雄相争,难解难分。<BR>90.When the tree is fallen, every one runs to it with his axe.<BR>大树一倒下,人人持斧来。<BR>91.When the well is full, it will run over.<BR>井满则水溢。<BR>92.When war begins, then hell openeth.<BR>战争一开始,地狱便打开。<BR>93.Where there are reeds, there is water.<BR>有芦苇处必有水。<BR>94.Where there is a will, there is a way.<BR>有志者事竟成。<BR>95.Where the water is shallow, no vessel will ride.<BR>水浅无船行。<BR>96.Who swims in sin shall sink in sorrow.<BR>在罪恶中游泳的人,必将在悲哀中沉没。<BR>97.Wine in the bottle does not quench thirst.<BR>瓶中之酒不解渴。<BR>98.Woe to him that is alone.<BR>孤独的人最可悲。<BR>99.You cannot see the wood for trees.<BR>见树不见林。
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