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[考试] 答案:2016年12月大学英语四级真题(卷一)

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参考范文:Stated-ownedbusiness or Joint venture

  Upon graduation, virtually all college students will confront theproblem of the career choice,which is truly a toughchoice. Students' opinions differ greatly on this issue. Some hold that thereis no better way to get a decent job than working in a stated-owned businesswhich will guarantee my life after retirement, but others take the attitudethat a joint venture outweighs any other jobs as it may provide higher incomefor employees.

  As to myself, I prefer the latter view. A joint venture, especiallya high-salary joint venture, exerts a tremendous fascination on a great numberof people, with no exception to me. Although it might be impossible to makesure my retirement pension is good enough, high-salary is exactly what I needjust now. In my view, our career choices largely depend on where we want tostay for the rest of life. For me, metropolis is the place where I can grasploads of opportunities and achieve my personal dreams. As I hold the view thatlive in the moment, not the future, and also in order to finance myself in someaspects such as the transportation, the house-renting, or social activities, ajoint venture can satisfy my needs for the consumption I mentioned above.

  In short, a joint venture is the first and only consideration in mychoice of career.


  Section A

  1. [A] It was dangerous to live in.

  2. [B] A storm

  3. [B] They were trapped in an underground elevator.

  4. [C] They sent supplies to keep the miners warm.

  5. [D] Close some of its post office.

  6. [C] Stopping mail delivery on Saturdays.

  7. [A] Many post office staff will lose their jobs.

  Section B

  8. [D] He will lose part of his pay.

  9. [B] He is a trustworthy guy.

  10.[D] She is better at handling such matters.

  11.[C] He is always trying to stir up trouble.

  12. [D] Reserved

  13. [A] They stay quiet

  14. [C] She was never invited to a colleague’s home.

  15. [B] Houses provide more privacy

  Section C

  16. [D] They will automatically be given hiring priority.

  17. [C] Visit the school careers service.

  18. [B] Supervising study spaces to ensure a quiet atmosphere.

  19. [C] It may be sold at a higher price.

  20. [A] It is healthier than green tee.

  21. [D] It does not have a stable market.

  22. [B] They prefer unique objects of high quality.

  23. [B] They could only try to create at night.

  24. [A] Make wise choices.

  25. [A] To boost the local economy.



  Section A - 2

  Rescue efforts were underway Thursday morning for 17 miners who werestuck in an elevator below ground at a Cargill rock salt mine near Lansing, NewYork, according to Marcia Lynch.

  Public information officer with Tompkins County’s emergency response department, emergency workers have made contactwith the miners via a radio. And they all appear to be uninjured, said JessicaVerfuss, the emergency department’s assistant director.

  Crews have managed to provide heat packs and blankets to the minersso that they can keep warm during the rescue operation, Verfuss said. Detailsabout what led to the workers’ being trapped in theelevator went immediately available. The mine, along New York’s Cayuga Lake, processes salt used for road treatment. It producesabout 2 million tons of salt that is shipped to more than 1,500 places in thenortheastern United States, the rock salt mine is one of three operated byCargill with the other two in Louisiana and Ohio.

  Q3. What does the news report say about the salt miners?

  Q4.What did the rescue team do?


  Section A - 3

  The U.S. Postal Service announced today that it is consideringclosing about 3,700 post offices over the next year because of falling revenues.

  Facing an $8.3 billion budget deficit this year, closing postofficers is one of several proposals the Postal Service has put forth recentlyto cut costs. Last week, for example, Postmaster General Pat Donahoe announcedplans to stop mail delivery on Saturdays, a move he says could save $3 billionannually.

  “We are losing revenue as we speak,” Donahoesaid. “We do not want taxpayer money. We want to beself-sufficient. So like any other business you have to make choices.”

  Dean Granholm the vice president for delivery and post officeoperations said the first waves of closings would begin this fall. He estimatedthat about 3,000 postmasters, 500 station managers and between 500 and 1,000postal clerks could lose their jobs.

  Q5.What is the U.S. Postal Service planning to do?

  Q6.What measure has been planned to save costs?

  Q7.What will happen when the proposed measure come into effect?


  Conversation 1

  A: Mrs. Hampton, we've got trouble in the press room this morning.

  B: Oh dear. What about?

  A: One of the press operators arrived an hour and a half late.

  B: But that's a straightforward affair. He will simply lose part ofhis pay. That's why we have a clock-in system.

  A: But the point is the man was clocked-in at 8 o'clock. We haveJohn standing by the time clock, and he swears he saw nothing irregular.

  B: Is John reliable?

  A: Yes, he is. That's why we chose him for the job.

  B: Have you spoken to the man who was late?

  A: Not yet. I thought I'd have a word with you first. He's adifficult man, and I think there's been some trouble on the shop floor. I'vegot a feeling that trade union representative is behind this. The manager toldme that Jack Green's been very active around the shop the last few days.

  B: Well, what do you want me to do?

  A: I was wondering if you'd see Smith, the man who was late, becauseyou are so much better at handling things like this.

  B: Oh, alright. I'll see him. I must say I agree with you aboutthere being bad feelings in the works. I've had the idea for some time thatJack Green's been busy stirring things up in connection with the latest wageclaim. He's always trying to make trouble. Well, I'll get the manager to sendSmith up here.

  Q8. What will happen to the press operator who was late for the workaccording to the woman?

  Q9. What does the man say about John who stands by the time clock?

  Q10. Why does the man suggest the woman see the worker who was late?

  Q11. What does the woman say about Jack Green?

  Conversation 2

  A: Our topic today is about somethings that foreigners nearly alwayssay when they visit Britain. It's 'Why are the British so cold?' And they'retalking about the British personality – the famousBritish 'reserve'. It means that we aren't very friendly, we aren't very open.

  B: So do you think it's true?

  A: It's a difficult one. So many people who visit Britain say it'sdifficult to make friends with British people. They say we're cold, reserved,unfriendly...

  B: I think it's true. Look at Americans or Australians. They speakthe same language, but they're much more open. And you see it when you travel,people - I mean strangers - speak to you on the street or on the train. Britishpeople seldom speak on the train. Or the bus. Not in London, anyway.

  A: 'Not in London'. That's it. Capital cities are full of touristsand are never very friendly. People are different in other parts of thecountry.

  B: Not completely. I met a woman once, an Italian. She's beenworking in Manchester for two years,

  and no one - not one of her colleagues - had ever invited her totheir home. They were friendly to her at work, but nothing else. She couldn'tbelieve it. She said that would never happen in Italy.

  A: You know what they say – 'an Englishman'shome is his castle'. It’s really difficult to getinside.

  B: Yeah. It's about being private. You go home to your house andyour garden and you close the door. It's your place.

  A: That's why the British don't like flats. They prefer to live inhouses.

  B: That’s true.

  Q12. What do foreigners generally think of British people accordingto the woman?

  Q13. What may British people typically do one the train according tothe man?

  Q14. What does the man say about the Italian woman working inManchester?

  Q15. Why do British people prefer houses to flats?


  Passage One

  In college, time is scarce, and consequently, very precious. At thesame time, expenses in college pile up surprisingly quickly. A part time job isa good way to balance costs while ensuring there is enough time left over forboth academic subjects and after-class activities.

  If you are a college student looking for a part time job, the bestplace to start your job search is right on campus. There are tons of on-campusjob opportunities, and as a student, you’ll automaticallybe given hiring priority. Plus, on-campus jobs eliminate commuting time, andcould be a great way to connect with academic and professional resources atyour university. Check with your school’s careerservice or employment office for help to find a campus job. Of course, thereare opportunities for part-time work off-campus, too. If you spend a littletime digging for the right part time jobs, you’ll saveyourself time when you find a job that leaves you with enough time to get yourschool work done, too. If you are a college student looking for work but worryyou won’t have enough time to devote to academicsubjects, consider working as a study hall or a library monitor.Responsibilities generally include supervising study spaces to ensure that aquiet atmosphere is maintained. It’s a pretty easy job,but one with lots of downtime-which means you will have plenty of time to catchup on reading, do homework or study for an exam.

  Q16: What does the speaker say about college students applying foron-campus jobs?

  Q17: What can students do to find a campus job according to thespeaker?

  Q18: What does the speaker say is a library monitor’s responsibility?

  Passage Two

  Agricultural workers in green tea fields near Mt. Kenya aregathering the tea leaves. It is beautiful to see. The rows of tea bushes arestraight. All appears to be well. But the farmers who planted the bushes areworried. Nelson Kibara is one of them. He has been growing tea in the Kerugoyaarea for 40 years.

  He says the prices this year have been so low that he has madealmost no profit. He says he must grow different kinds of tea if he is tosurvive.

  Mr. Kibara and hundreds of other farmers have been removing some oftheir tea bushes and planting a new kind of tea developed by the Tea ResearchFoundation of Kenya. Its leaves are purple and brown. When the tea is boiled,the drink has a purple color. Medical researchers have studied the healthbenefits of the new tea. They say it is healthier than green tea and could besold for a price that is three to four times higher than the price of greentea.

  But Mr. Kibara says he has not received a higher price for hispurple tea crop.

  He says the market for the tea is unstable and he is often forced tosell his purple tea for the same price as green tea leaves. He says there arenot enough buyers willing to pay more for the purple tea.

  Q19. Why have tea farmers in Kenya decided to grow purple tea?

  Q20. What do researchers say about purple tea?

  Q21. What does Mr. Kibara find about purple tea?

  Passage Three

  Today's consumers want beautiful handcrafted s to wear and to havefor their home environment. They prefer something unique and they demandquality. Craftsmen today are meeting this demand. People and homes are showinggreat change as more and more unique handcrafted items become available.Handcrafts are big business. No long does a good craftsman have to work in ajob he dislikes all day and then try to create at night. He has earned hisprofessional status. He is now a respected member of society. Parts of the funof being a craftsman is meeting other craftsmen. They love to share their ideasand materials and help others find markets for their work. Craftsmen havehelped educate consumers to make wise choices. They help them become aware ofdesign and technique. They help them relate their choice to its intended use.They often involve consumers in trying the craft themselves. When a group ofcraftsmen expends to include more members, a small craft organization isformed. Such an organization does a lot in training workshops in special media,craft marketing techniques, craft fairs and sales, festivals, TV appearancesand demonstrations. State art councils help sponsor local arts and craftsfestivals which draw crowds of tourist consumers. This boosts the local economyconsiderably because tourists not only buy crafts, but they also use therestaurants and hotels and other services of the area.

  Q22. What does the speaker say about today's consumers?

  Q23. What does the speaker say about a good craftsman in the past?

  Q24. What do craftsmen help consumers do?

  Q25. Why do state art councilshelp sponsor local arts and craftsfestivals?


PartIII Reading Comprehension (40 minutes)

  Section A

  26. E) challenge

  空前主语为A new study,故此处应选一个动词第三人称单数作谓语,符合的词有E) challenges, M) suggests, 和 N) tastes,根据空后questioning,得出该空应填E) challenges 挑战,质疑。

  27. J) searched

  search for 为固定搭配,意为“寻找,搜索”,所给词汇中只有J) searched符合题意。

  28. D) categorizing

  空前是介词for,空后为名词brains,再根据后面的内容as “male” or “female”,初步判断该空应该填入动词的-ing形式。浏览选项,只有D)和H) 符合。根据搭配及语义,D)为答案,categorizing…as… 意为“把……分为……”。

  29. K) similarities

  根据空前的句子 “there are some gender-based…”,该空应填入名词复数形式。浏览选项,E), K), N)符合。再根据句意及空格后的句子“不同类型的大脑并不一直由性别区分”,该空应填入K) similarities “相似之处”。

  30. L) slightly


  31. G) percentage

  空格前为形容词small,后为of people,因此应填入名词。结合文意可知,只有一小部分人具备“完全男性”或“完全女性”的特征。percentage意为“百分比”,a small percentage of…意为“一小部分”,所以应填入G)。

  32. O) traditional

  该空后为名词beliefs, 因此,该空应填入一个形容词,根据文意可知,很多研究都是在质疑“人们对于性别和大脑功能之间关系的传统理解”,因此,该处应选O) traditional传统的。

  33. I)regardless

  该空考查短语regardless of的含义。根据“他警告不要轻易给出以下结论:所有的大脑都是一样的,不论性别”可知,该空应填入I)regardless, 构成短语regardless of,意为“不管,不顾”。

  34. H) proving

  a mountain of evidence意为“大量的证据”,proving为现在分词作后置定语修饰evidence。

  35. M) suggests

  该句中,the study为主语,that引导的宾语从句作宾语,故此空应填入一个动词来作谓语,结合上下文,应选suggests,意为“暗示,表明”。

  Section B

  36. [I]对应关键词jammingattacks, 和equipment and skill在I段落中同时出现了两个关键词。

  37. [D]对应关键词wirelesssecurity system, 和conversation在原文中有复现.

  38. [J] 选项中wirelesssecurity system,和triggering the alarm可以在J选项中找到对应.

  39. [F]SimpliSafe, 大写名词很好定位,在加上复现的distinguish,radio interference可以锁定选项F。

  40. [B]根据smallproportion可以确定唯一的选项B

  41. [H]对应关键词keepschanging

  42. [C]对应关键词transmitsignals, 和activate.

  43. [K]根据选项differentmeasures只在K段落中出现了。

  44. [G]选项cellphones是最关键的定位词,可以在G选项中找到复现。

  45. [E]选项frequent对应了段落的frequency。

  Section C

  Passage One

  46. [B] He intends to get rid of the tippingpractice.

  根据题目中的Bill Perry这个专有名词,我们可以定位到文中的第一段话。在But后面有提到“我能告诉你我喜欢这个小伙子。因为他打算禁止付小费这种情况,而赞成给服务员实际的工资”。B选项和这句话的含义接近,get rid of意为“摆脱”,和ban“禁止”含义相近;plan to和intendto含义一样。所以正确答案为B.

  47. [C] It forces the customer to compensatethe waiter.根据题干中的关键词the author hates tipping和main reason可以返回原文,定位到第三段。文中说“我讨厌它,因为它将义务伪装成一种选择。”既然是义务,那必然是强迫顾客去做的事情,这和C选项的含义较为接近。

  48. [D] They can have some say in how muchtheir servers earn.

  根据关键词many people love tipping返回原文,我们可以定位至第四段。根据文中第二行的You like to feel that you have a voice in how much money your servermakes.可知,这题应该选择D选项。

  49. [A] Services quality has little effect ontip size.


  50. [D] Waiters should be paid by employersinstead of customers.


  Passage Two

  51. [C] The impact of cheap oil on globaleconomic growth.


  52. [D] Consumers will spend their savingsfrom cheap oil on other commodities.

  解析:根据原文第二段 “some experts say there are stillgood reasons to...They spend that money on other things, which stimulates theeconomy”,可以看出是D正确选项。

  53. [C] They use their money reserves to backup consumption.

  解析:根据原文第三段中“draw on their reserves to supportgovernment spending and subsidies for their consumers”,可以看出C是正确选项。

  54. [B] Its negative effects more than cancelout its positive effects.

  解析:根据原文第五段中“the negative effects of plungingoil prices are overwhelming the positive effects of cheaper oil”可以看出B是正确选项。

  55. [C] Oil importers account for a largerportion of the global economy.

  解析:根据原文第六段中“so the nations suffering from theprice drop account for a larger share of the global economy”,可以看出是C正确选项。



  The color of red in Chinese culture usually means good luck,longevity and happiness. Red can be found everywhere during Chinese SpringFestival and other joyous occasions. Cashes often in red envelopes are sent tofamily members or close friends as gifts. Its popularity can also be attributedthe fact that people accociate it with Chinese revolution and Communist Party.However, it does not always equal to good luck and joy in that the name of thedead used to be written in red. Using red ink to write names of Chinese peoplewere seen as an offense.

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