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【同义词辨析】 2018-08-28 困倦lethargy-torpor

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lethargy: implies a drowsiness or aversion to activity such as is induced by disease, injury, or drugs: months of ~ followed my skiing accident.   (drowsy昏沉欲睡=sleepy但强调""而不是真的想睡,如get drowsy in the stuffy room拥挤的房子让人昏昏欲睡)  (averse因为讨厌而躲开: to turn away from what is distasteful or unwelcome,如seems averse to anything requiring work讨厌任何需要工作的事情)

languor: suggests inertia induced by an enervating climate or illness or soft living or love: ~ induced by a tropical vacation.  (inert惰性: 人不愿活动或物无力活动,如inert ingredient惰性成分,inert citizen惰性公民) (enervate逐渐变得无力,如totally enervated after a week's vacation一周长假使人彻底无力)  4个原因中都有字母L

lassitude: stresses listlessness of indifference resulting from fatigue or poor health: a deepening depression marked by ~.

stupor: implies a deadening of the mind and senses by or as if by shock, narcotics, or intoxicants: lapsed into a ~ following a night of drinking.

torpor: implies a state of suspended animation as of hibernating animals but may suggest merely extreme sluggishness: a once alert mind now in a state of ~.

lethargy困倦: 指昏昏欲睡不愿意动,由于患病受伤服药等,languor也是困倦: 表示有惰性不愿动, 由于天气健康(enervating climate,illness)惬意爱情(soft living,love),lassitude没精神: 强调无精打采无兴趣,由于疲倦虚弱,stupor呆滞: 失去思维感官,受到震撼药物饮酒影响,torpor也是呆滞: 象冬眠动物一样思维不再活跃(suspended animation思维活跃有生气)或表示极度迟缓  (slug滴鼻虫行动迟缓)

记忆方法: 1)首字母LLLST累死他(3L想成非常累)<==困倦


               3)困倦的意思是身体或思维不想动mean physical or mental inertness.首字母LLLST累死他(3L想成非常累)<==困倦


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