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A university professor started off his class by picking out of his back pocket a 20-pound note. And in this lecture hall of about 200 people he asked, 'How many of you would like this note?' Naturally, all 200 hands went up.

一位大学教授从他的背口袋里拿出一张20英镑的钞票, 开始了他的课。在这个大约200人的演讲厅里, 他问: 你们中有多少会喜欢这张纸条? 当然, 所有200只手都举起来了。

He then said, 'Before I let you have it, let me ask you this question.' He took the note and folded it in half twice, and then he said, 'How many of you want this note?' Still 200 hands went up. Now he said, 'Let me try something else.' He took the note and he crumpled it.

然后他说: 在我让你拥有它之前, 让我问你这个问题。他拿起纸条, 把它对折了两次, 然后说: “你们还有多少人想要这张纸条?” ,仍然是200只手高举着。他又说, 让我再试试。他拿着纸条, 把它弄皱。

And he said, 'How many of you want this note now?' Still 200 hands went up. Finally he chucked the note on the floor. He screwed it with his shoe and crumpled it even more, picked it back up, now with dirt, and said, 'How many of you want this note?'

他说: “ 你们当中有多少人现在想要这张纸条?” ,仍然是200只手举着了。最后他把纸条扔在地板上。他用鞋子把它拧成一团, 把它弄皱了, 再捡起来, 现在它带着泥土, 教授说: 你们有多少人还想要这张纸条?

All 200 hands were still up. He said, 'Today, you’ve learnd an important lesson. No matter how much I crumpled that note, how much i scrunched it up, how many times it was trodden on, you still wanted it, because it was still worth 20-pounds.'

200只手还是举着。他说: “ 今天, 你学到了重要的一课。不管我把那张纸条弄皱了多少, 我揉了多少次, 你还是想要它, 因为它仍然值20英镑。

In the same way that that 20-pound note held its value, so do you.

以同样的方式, 那20英镑的钞票持有它的价值, 你也一样。

No matter how many times life will tread on you, life will crumple you, life will scrunch you, and life squeeze you, you will always keep your value, that spark within us all of bliss, knowledge, and eternity that exists, that spark will never be taken away.

不管生活会对你有多少次的践踏, 将你揉碎, 使你皱起, 挤压你, 你将永远保持你的价值, 保有在我们内心的喜悦, 知识和永恒所散发的花火, 将永远不会熄灭。

Our value is not created by the price of our clothes or our bank balance or the job title that we have. See, we should be building life and not just building our CVs.

我们的价值不是由我们衣服的价格, 或我们的银行余额或我们的工作头衔决定的。我们应该创造自己的生活, 而不仅仅是创造好看的简历。

In the middle of 2009, he was the software engineer that no one wanted to hire. He had 12 years of experience at Yahoo, but he was rejected by Facebook, and then rejected by Twitter. He’d been to a great university. He had a great CV. But he decided to team up with one of his alumni members of Yahoo and started to create an APP and focus on the start-up space. In five years’time, he sold that app for $19 billion to Facebook. Believe it or not, that was Brian Action, the co-founder of WhatsApp. When he was rejected from Facebook, he said it was a great opportunity to connect with some fantastic people and look forward to life’s next adventure. When he was rejected by Twitter, he responded by saying,“Worked out, it was quite a long commute.” It is so interesting to see that someone rejected from two of the top Internet companies actually responded with humor and actually responded with positivity.

在2009年年中,他是软件工程师,没有人愿意雇用他。他在雅虎有12年的经验,但他被脸书拒绝,然后被Twitter拒绝。他曾经去过一所很棒的大学。他有一个很棒的简历。但是他决定和他的一个校友成员合作,开始创建一个应用程序,把重点放在启动空间上。在五年的时间里,他以190亿美元的价格卖给了脸书。信不信由你,这是Brian Action,WhatsApp的联合创始人。当他被脸书拒绝时,他说这是一个很好的机会与一些奇妙的人联系,期待着下一次的冒险。当他被推特拒绝时,他回答说:“算了,这是相当长的通勤。”有人被两个顶尖的互联网公司拒绝了,但是仍然幽默且积极的回应,这是难能可贵的。

This lady was diagnosed with clinical depression. Her marriage had failed, and she was jobless with a dependent child. She was on a four-hour delayed- train journey form Manchester to London when she came up with this idea. And she started to write this book about this wizard. And as she started writing, she then finished her manu, took it to 12 publishers, and was rejected by all 12. Believe it or not, that’s J.K.Rowling.


This man watched his first company crumble. He was a Harvard University dropout, and his first company’s demo didn’t even work. He went on to build Microsoft. His name’s Bill Gates.


Therefore,failure is just a sign that we need to widen our scope. We need to be ready and build ourselves up for the next level. Actually, what we end up achieving is far greater than what we’d envisioned for ourselves. And this divine plan, this orchestration can’t be happening without this intervention that occurs because if we had it our way, we’d just settle. We’d just accept what we thought was our goal, what we thought we were chasing. But actually, I’ve noticed that when you don’t get that, later down the line you look back and you reflect and realize that what you’ve gained is so much greater.


Failures are only failures when we don’t learn from them because when we learn from them, they become lessons. And we actually extrapolate all of these teachings and actually get more insight into how we can improve the way we work and how we can actually drive with a different energy.


The challenge we have is that we only talk about people’s failures when they succeed. And that’s why they become this taboo or we feel like their failures never happened.


We need to share these stories earlier. We need to bring out these stories and experiences on the journey so that people who are on the journeycan actually follow in those footsteps. And that’s why Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots moving forward. You only can when you’re looking backwards.”


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