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这类动词有:lie(位于,在), lie(散谎)与lay(放置,下蛋); find(找到,发现)与found(成立,建立); share(分享)与spare(抽出,匀出,腾出)等。如:

Let Harry play with your toys as well, Clare—you must learn to ________. (全国卷)

A. support B. care

C. spare D. share



1. All the leading newspapers ________ the trade talks between China and the United States. (全国卷)

A. reportedB. printed

C. announcedD. published

【分析】答案选A。“主要报纸”report(报道)“中美贸易会谈”。print(印刷); announce(宣布); publish(出版)。

2. Words ________ me when I wanted to express my thanks to him for having saved my son from the burning house. (上海卷)

A. failedB. left

C. discouragedD. disappointed

【分析】答案选A。words fail me是惯用语,与I cannot find words相当,意为“我无法用语言来表达(自己的感情等)”。


1. As we joined the big crowd I got ________ from my friends. (全国卷)

A. separatedB. spared

C. lostD. missed

【分析】答案选A。只有separated能与from连用:get / be separated from与…分散了。

2. Mary finally ________ Bruce as her life-long companion(伴侣). (上海卷)

A. receivedB. accepted

C. madeD. honored



1. The three sisters decided to hold a family party to ________ their parents’ silver wedding. (上海春招)

A. celebrate B. memorize

C. congratulateD. welcome

【分析】答案选A。动词celebrate(庆祝)与名词their parents’ silver wedding(父母亲的银婚)搭配恰当。memorize记住;congratulate祝贺;welcome欢迎。

2. A man is being questioned in relation to the ________ murder last night. (江苏卷)

A. advisedB. attended

C. attemptedD. admitted

【分析】答案选C。the attempted murder企图谋杀犯。advise建议;attend出席,注意,照顾;attempt企图;admit允许某人进来,接受某人入学,容纳,承认。

3. If anybody calls, tell them I’m out, and ask them to ________ their names and address. (全国卷)

A. passB. write

C. takeD. leave

【分析】答案选D。leave their name and address留下姓名和地址。

4. If no one ________ the phone at home, ring me at work. (全国卷)

A. returnsB. replies

C. answersD. receives

【分析】答案选C。answer the phone / the door bell接电话 / 听到门钤后去开门。

5. The captain ________ an apology to the passengers for the delay caused by bad weather. (全国卷)

A. made B. said

C. put D. passed

【分析】答案选A。make an apology to sb. for sth. 因某事给某人道歉。

6. I learned to ________ a bicycle as a small boy. (全国卷)

A. drive B. ride

C. operate D. run

【分析】答案选B。ride a bicycle / horse骑自行车 / 马 drive a car开(驾驶)汽车 operate(或run) a machine / a factory开动机器 / 管理工厂;run a car / bicycle开得起或使用汽车或自行车(run:拥有和使用)。

7. —When shall we start? —Let ________ it 8:30. Is that all right? (北京卷)

A. setB. meet

C. makeD. take

【分析】答案选C。“make it +时间”意为“就定在什么时间吧”。

8. —The cars give off a great deal of waste gas into streets.

—Yes. But I’m sure something will be done to ________ air pollution. (上海卷)

A. reduce B. remove

C. collect D. warn

【分析】答案选A。reduce air pollution降低污染。remove移开; collect收集; warn警告。


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这类动词有:表示“看”的see, watch, notice, observe, glance, stare;表示“说”的say, speak, tell, talk;表示“花费”的spend, cost, take, pay;表示“变化”的turn, get, become, go, grow; 表示“适合”的suit, fit, meet, satisfy; 表示“继续 / 延续”的continue, last, keep; 表示“收到 / 接受”的receive, accept; 表示“携带”的bring, take, fetch, carry等。如:

1. On hearing the news of the accident in the local mine, she ________ pale. (湖北卷)

A. got B. changed

C. went D. appeared

【分析】答案选C。go作系动词,多指人或事物变得不好的场合,如:go bad / sour / mad / blind / pale (食物) 变质 / 变酸 / 变疯 / 变瞎 / 变得苍白,但不与old, tired, ill, angry等词连用。get常用于口语,多指身体、天气、情感等方面的变化,如:get well / fat / cold / angry / worried变好 / 变胖 / 变冷 / 生气 / 忧虑;appear作系动词,意为“好像、似乎”;change不作系动词,后面不接形容词。

2. Happy birthday, Alice! So you have twenty-one already! (天津卷)

A. become B. turned

C. grownD. passed


3. The evening news comes on at seven o’clock and ________ only thirty minutes. (四川卷)

A. keeps B. continues

C. finishes D. lasts


4. If you are feeling so tired, perhaps a little sleep would ________. (浙江卷)

A. actB. help

C. serveD. last

【分析】答案选B。因为serve(服务)和last(持续)很容易排除。help意为“有帮助,有用,减轻,补救”;而act则意为“起作用,生效(=produce an effect; work)”。显然,前者是起好作用,而后者则不一定,因此,B最佳。

5. —How about eight o’clock outside the cinema? (全国卷)

—That ________ me fine.

A. fitsB. meets

C. satisfies D. suits

【分析】答案选D。fit (=be the right size or shape for) 指衣物鞋帽等的形状大小“合适,合身”; satisfy指“达到”要求或“符合”条件、“满足”需要 / 欲望 / 好奇心等;meet (=satisfy),指“符合、满足”需要 / 要求 / 条件 / 愿望等;suit表示“符合”某人的需要或要求 (=satisfy)、衣服或发型等“适合于”某人 (=look attractive on sb. )、“对某人方便或合某人心意”(=be convenient for sb. )。句意是:那对我很方便或这很合我的意。

6. John was late for the business meeting because his flight had been ________ by a heavy storm. (辽宁卷)

A. kept B. stopped

C. slowedD. delayed

【分析】答案选D。delay在句中意为“使…迟到 / 延误”(=cause sb. to be late),另外还有“推迟”(=put off)之意。keep使某人耽搁或耽误(=hold back, prevent);stop使停止或阻止;slow使变慢或减速(=make or become slower)。

7. —Do you think the Stars will beat the Bulls?

—Yes. They have better players, so I ________ them to win. (全国卷)

A. hopeB. prefer

C. expect D. want

【分析】答案选C。根据“他们有更优秀的运动员”,可以“预料(expect)”他们会赢,而不是 “更喜欢(prefer)”或 “想要 (want)”他们赢。hope不可接sb. to do sth. 。

8. ________ him and then try to copy what he does. (全国卷)

A. MindB. Glance at

C. Stare atD. Watch


9. They ________ the train until it disappeared in the distance. (全国卷)

A. sawB. watched

C. noticed D. observed

【分析】答案选B。由until可知,要用延缓性动词,排除A和C;watch表示“注视,观看”活动变化的人或物,observe表示“仔细观察(=watch careful)”。

10. —What did you think of her speech?

—She ________ for one hour but didn’t ________ much. (全国卷)

A. spoke; speakB. spoke; say

C. said; speakD. said; say


11. Some passengers complain that it usually ________ so long to fill in travel insurance documents. (上海卷)

A. costs B. takes

C. spendsD. spares


12. It seems difficult to ________ “hurt” from “injure” in meaning. (上海春)

A. judge B. tell

C. divideD. separate

【分析】答案选B。四个选项都可与from搭配,要从各自的意义去区分:tell A from B分辨A和B。judge A from B根据B来判断A;divide / separate A from B把A和B分隔 / 分离开。

(13)—May I speak to Mr. Thoms, please?

—I’m afraid he isn’t in. Would you like to ________ a message? (上海卷)

A. takeB. write

C. leave D. tell

【分析】答案选C。leave a message留个口信;take a message for sb. 给某人捎个口信。
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1. —How do you ________ we go to Beijing for our holidays?

—I think we’d better fly there. It’s much more comfortable. (福建卷)

A. insist B. want

C. supposeD. suggest

【分析】答案选D。从答语I think we’d better…可知,上文是在征求意见或请提建议,所以选D。

2. —Will $200 ________ ?

—I’m afraid not. We need at least 50 more dollars. (湖北卷)

A. countB. satisfy

C. fit D. do

【分析】答案选D。从答语可知,是问是否“够了”,表示“够了,合适”,要用do ( =be enough, be suitable)。

3. They see you as something of a worrier, ________ problems which don’t exist and crossing bridges long before you come to them. (重庆卷)

A. settingB. discovering

C. seeingD. designing


4. The taxi driver often remains passengers to ________ their belongings when they leave the car. (全国卷)

A. keepB. catch

C. holdD. take


5. I love to go to the seaside in summer. It ________ good to lie in the sun or swim in the cool sea. (全国卷)

A. does B. feels

C. getsD. makes


6. You’re ________ your time trying to persuade him; he’ll never join us. (全国卷)

A. spending B. wasting

C. losingD. missing

【分析】答案选B。可接time (in) doing sth. 的有spend(花费)和waste(浪费);由“他决不会加入我们”可知“你试图劝服他”是“浪费(waste)”时间。

7. I can ________ you to the market in my car. (全国卷)

A. send B. pick

C. rideD. take

【分析】答案选D。由in my car可知是“我”用车带你去市场,表示“带某人到…”用take sb. to…。send送或派(但本人是不去的),与in my car矛盾。

8. —Mummy, can I put the peaches in the cupboard?

—No, dear. They don’t ________ well. Put them in the fridge instead. (北京卷)

A. keep B. fit

C. getD. last

【分析】答案选A。指食物保持良好,用keep。fit合身; get变成; last持续多久。

9. Have a good rest; you need to ________ your energy for the tennis match this afternoon. (北京卷)

A. leave B. save

C. holdD. take

【分析】答案选B。save (=keep sth. for future use)储蓄。save one’s energy / strength积蓄力量 / 留着劲儿。leave离开,留下;hold保持(姿态)。

10. —Why haven’t you bought any butter?

—I ________ to, but I forgot about it. (北京卷)

A. liked B. wished

C. meantD. expected

【分析】答案选C。由but I forgot about it. 可知“原本打算”去买的,表示“打算做某事”用mean to do sth。

11. Nick is looking for another job because he feels that nothing he does ________ his boss. (北京卷)

A. servesB. satisfies

C. promises D. supports

【分析】答案选B。句意:Nick要找另一份工作,因为他感到他做的没有一样事使老板满意的。表示“使某人满意”用satisfy sb. 。

12. The thing that ________ is not whether you fail or not, but whether you try or not. (上海卷)

A. mattersB. cares

C. considersD. minds

【分析】答案选A。matter(=is important)要紧、重要。that matters是定语从句。
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1. They’ve ________ us $150,000 for the house. Shall we take it? (湖南卷)

A. provided B. supplied

C. shown D. offered

【分析】答案选D。能接双宾语的只有show和offer,但show sb. sth. ( 给某人看某物)与句意不符,只有offer正确。顺便说说,此句与《朗文英汉双解词典》offer词条中的一个例句几乎一样:They’ve offered us $75,000 for the house. Should we take it?

表示“给某人提供某物”的句型是:provide / supply sb. with sth. ;或provide sth. for sb. / supply sth. to sb。

2. We ________ each other the best of luck in the examination. (全国卷)

A. hopedB. wanted

C. expected D. wished

【分析】答案选D。选项中能接双宾语的只有wish。want / expect (sb. ) to do sth. ;hope to do sth. 或hope that…

3. Go and join in the party. ________ it to me to do the washing-up. (上海卷)

A. GetB. Remain

C. LeaveD. Send

【分析】答案选C。leave sth. to sb. 把某事物留给某人。题中it是形式宾语,真宾语是to do…

4. The manager has ________ to improve the working conditions in the company. (上海卷)

A. accepted B. allowed

C. permittedD. agreed

【分析】答案选D。选项中只有agree后可以接to do,表示“同意做…”。

5. I don’t know the restaurant, but it’s to ________ be quite a good one. (全国卷)

A. said B. told

C. spokenD. talked

【分析】答案选A。sb. / sth. be said to…据说某人或某物…。
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