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Part 11 向客人道歉



[00:05.05]对话1 找错钱

[00:07.13]S:Here's your change,sir.


[00:10.37]C:I think I've been shortchanged.


[00:14.24]I gave you a five hundred dollar note,didn't I?


[00:19.10]S:Yes,sir.Oh!I'm sorry I've made a mistake.


[00:24.66]Here's the correct change.Would you double check it?



[00:31.22]对话2 延误

[00:33.10]C:When will my name-seal be ready?


[00:37.15]I've waited for half an hour.


[00:40.70]S:I'm sorry,sir.


[00:43.76]Unfortunately,the engraver hasn't shown up yet.


[00:48.61]Would you mind coming back later?(One hour later)


[00:52.09]C:How is my name-seal? S:It's ready,sir.

[00:54.66]我的印章怎样了? 已经做好了,先生,

[00:57.23]We're terribly sorry for the delay.


[01:01.02]3.Mistaken goods

[01:03.20]对话3 错给货物

[01:05.38]C:This pair of shoes is not what I bought.


[01:09.75]I think your salesgirl has made a mistake.


[01:14.29]S:I'm awfully sorry,sir.Would you show me which pair you bought


[01:20.25]I promise it will not happen again.


[01:24.01]4.Deteriorated goods

[01:26.44]对话4 劣质货品

[01:28.87]C:I bought a pickled cucumber from you yesterday,but I think it has gone bad.


[01:35.24]S:That's most unusual.We have very strict quality control.


[01:41.49]We'll exchange it for you right away,sir.


[01:45.46]Thank you for bringing this to our attention.We'll look into the matter.


[01:50.71]Part 12


[01:53.66]1.An impatient customer

[01:55.89]对话1 不耐烦的顾客

[01:58.13]Hurry up,please!You're too slow.Could you let me pay first?


[02:04.89]I've only got a few items.


[02:08.55]S:I'm sorry for keeping you waiting,sir.


[02:12.49]But I must deal with each guest by turn.


[02:17.06]Please wait for a while,I'll be with you as soon as possible.


[02:22.32]2.A persistent customer.

[02:24.69]对话2 纠缠不休的顾客

[02:27.07]C:I'll take this ring. S:Thank you very much,sir.

[02:29.75]我买这只戒指. 谢谢你,先生,

[02:32.42]It is two hundred and fifty,please.


[02:36.40]C:Here you are.Can you tell me your name?S:Jenny.


[02:42.32]C:What a nice name,Jenny.Let's have a drink tonight.


[02:47.99]S:I'm sorry,we can't accept customer's invitation.


[02:53.45]C:Call me John.We're friends,aren't we?


[02:57.82]S:We want to be friends with all customers.


[03:02.26]C:Then do come out tonight.


[03:05.52]S:May I bring my husband too,sir?


[03:09.57]3.A nit-picking customer

[03:11.86]对话3 吹毛求疵的客人

[03:14.14]C:Can I try this on? S:Sure,madam.

[03:16.27]我可以试试这个吗? 当然可以,小姐.

[03:18.40]CTries it on) It's fine. Can you give me a new one?


[03:23.15]S:They're all new,madam. C:But I want a packed one.

[03:25.94] 这都是新的,小姐. 我想要未拆包装的新货.

[03:28.72]S:Just a moment,please.I'll check it for you...Here you are.


[03:34.96]CUnpacks and checks) The colour seems different.


[03:38.33]S:I think it's due to the lighting.Would you come here and check again?


[03:44.08]C:I don't think so. Can you give me another one?


[03:48.94]S:Certainly,madam... Here you are.

[03:51.16]当然可以... 给您.

[03:53.38]C:See,the hemlines are uneven.Please give me another one.


[03:59.75]S:I'm sorry,it's all we have,madam.


[04:04.30]C:Then I'm not going to buy.


[04:08.37]S:I'm sorry I couldn't be of any help,madam.


[04:12.45]Part 13处理顾客投诉


[04:15.50]1.A rude salesgirl

[04:17.72]对话1 态度恶劣的售货员

[04:19.94]S:Is there anything wrong,sir?


[04:23.71]C:Are you the supervisor?


[04:26.97]I wonder what kind of service you are providing.


[04:31.33]S:Would you please come to my office and tell me what happened?


[04:36.58]CIn the office) It's the girl in the jewellery department.

[04:38.52](在办公室内) 那个在珠宝部门的女孩,

[04:40.45]I told her to take out a necklace. She's just ignoring me.


[04:46.20]S:(Calls the girl in and listens to her explanation) I'm sorry,sir,


[04:49.46]but I'm sure she didn't mean it.


[04:53.30]She just didn't understand you correctly.


[04:57.67]C:But why didn't she ask for help?


[05:01.82]S:I'll remind her.We're terribly sorry for upsetting you.


[05:07.17]2.Wrong price

[05:09.30]对话2 价钱不对

[05:11.43]C:Why seventy dollars? You've marked fifty on the shelf.

[05:14.41]为什么是七十元? 货架上的标价只是五十元.

[05:17.39]S:I'm sorry,madam.It's the price shown on the computer.


[05:22.64]C:That's cheating.I'm only buying it because you offer a special price.

[05:25.77]那简直是欺骗. 我是因为有特价才买的.

[05:28.91]S:Just a moment,please I'll get the manager.


[05:33.35]M:Can I help you,madam?


[05:36.30]C:Your price on the computer didn't match with the one marked on the shelf.


[05:42.36]M:(Checks the prices ) I'm extremely sorry, madam.


[05:46.02]We forget to remove the sales tag.We'll charge you the reduced price.


[05:52.97]Sorry to have troubled you.


[05:56.23]3.Complaints by phone

[05:58.50]对话3 电话投诉

[06:00.78]C:ABC department store?I would like to speak your manager.

[06:03.60]ABC百货公司吗? 我要跟你们的经理谈谈.

[06:06.42]S:Would you please hold on?...I'm sorry,sir,our manager is not in the shop.


[06:13.58]Can I do anything for you?


[06:16.84]C:No,I want to speak to him directly.


[06:21.49]S:Just a minute,please I'll try to locate him..


[06:26.56]Sorry,sir,he could not be contacted.


[06:30.92]Would you like to speak to our supervisor? C:Alright.


[06:35.47]V:Can I help you,sir?

[06:37.00]好的. 我能为你效劳吗?

[06:38.52]C:I've bought a TV from your company.You've promised to deliver it on Monday.


[06:44.90]But I waited for a whole day and no one showed up.


[06:50.04]I called the shop,but the salesgirl was very rude.


[06:55.82]I want to lodge a strong complaint.


[07:00.18]V:I'm extremely sorry,sir.I'll look into the matter right away.


[07:06.66]Would you please give me your name and telephone number?


[07:11.20]I'll call you back as soon as possible.


[07:15.28]C:This is Bruce and my number is 22224784.


[07:23.53]V:This is ABC department store.May I speak to Mr Bruce,please? C:Speaking.


[07:30.61]V:Mr Bruce,I'm sorry for the delay of delivery.


[07:35.97]It's because we have changed the schedule


[07:39.91]and the person responsible forgot to inform you.


[07:44.98]We have warned persons concerned,including the salesgirl on the phone.


[07:51.04]Shall we rearrange the delivery date at your convenience?


[07:56.08]Part 14 向顾客提供资料


[07:59.14]1.Giving directions

[08:01.27]对话1 提示方向

[08:03.40]C:Where is the men's wear department?


[08:07.05]S:It's on the third floor,sir.


[08:10.81]C:Is there any public telephone here?


[08:14.68]S:Yes,it's just over there behind the escalator.


[08:19.83]C:Can you tell me where the nearest bank is?


[08:23.90]S:Yes,sure.You turn left at the entrance,


[08:28.76]then go straight ahead until you reach the first traffic light


[08:34.33]and then turn right.


[08:37.56]You'll see a barber shop and the bank is opposite to the shop.


[08:43.02]2.Shopping guide

[08:45.06]对话2 购物指南

[08:47.10]C:Where can I buy red beans?


[08:50.76]S:You can find them in most Chinese grocery shops or even at the supermarket.


[08:57.42]C:Are there any nearby?


[09:00.66]S:There is one in the basement,sir.You just go ahead and take the escalator.


[09:07.13]C:Thank you very much.You've been so helpful.


[09:11.68]S:You're welcome,sir.


[09:14.74]3.Scenic spots

[09:16.87]对话3 旅游点

[09:18.99]C:I'll take this shirt. S:Thank you very much, sir.

[09:21.67]我要买这件衬衫. 谢谢惠顾,先生.

[09:24.35]C:By the way,I want to go to the beach tomorrow.


[09:28.71]Can you recommend one for me?


[09:31.64]S:I see.Then I suggest the Repluse Bay.


[09:37.10]It is the most beautiful beach in Hong Kong,and there are many facilities.


[09:43.47]C:Very well,but how do I get there?

[09:45.60] 很好,但我应怎样去呢?

[09:47.73]S:You can either take a taxi or go by bus.


[09:52.09]C:I prefer to go by bus.Can you show me how to get there by bus?


[09:58.33]S:Just take the MTR to Central,


[10:03.09]follow the instructions to the Exchange Square bus terminal and take bus no.6.


[10:10.46]Ask the driver to drop you off.


[10:14.43]C:Thank you very much for your information.You have been very helpful.


[10:20.59]S:You're welcome,sir.


[10:23.54]Part 15多谢顾客惠顾


[10:26.70]1.Thank you for shopping with us


[10:31.38]S:Here's your change,sir.Thank you for shopping with us,please come again.


[10:37.62]C:Thank you.


[10:40.26]2.About ordering

[10:42.30]对话2 订购事宜

[10:44.34]C:When will it be ready?


[10:47.50]S:It takes about three days,sir.


[10:51.57]Please bring along your receipt when you collect it.


[10:55.93]Or would you give me your telephone number?


[10:59.88]I will call you when it is ready.



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