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英语单词立体记忆法(全50集) 目录


第46 课

--------------------第271 讲

terr 词根表“陆地”

→ Mediterranean地中海(前缀medi 表“在…中间”)

→ territory [5teritEri] 领土,领域,范围(后缀itory表“场所”)

The Mediterranean had been territory of Roman Empire. 地中海地区曾完全属于罗马帝国的版图。

→ terrain地形,地势

→ terrace平台,露台,梯田

turning a hillside into a series of ascending terraces for farming



We need a test to find out how you are going with your study.


→ contest

① (v.) 争夺,竞争(con 表“一起的”,一起参加测验即“竞争”)

contest a seat in parliament 争夺国会中的一个席位

② (n.) 竞争,比赛

speech contest 演讲比赛

→ protest

① (v.) 抗议

② (n.) 主张,断言

People raised a protest against the price rise.人们对涨价提出抗议。

text 词根表“编织”

→ text正文,原文

→ textbook教科书,课本

We can read text from a textbook. 我们在课本上能读到课文。

→ textile纺织品,纺织的

textile industry 纺织工业

--------------------第272 讲


He will stay there till May. 他将在那里住到五月。

There is a man at the door. 门口有个人。

here and there 到处,各处

Factories and buildings are going up here and there. 到处都在兴建工厂和大楼。

over there 在那里

→ thereby因此,从而,由此

He became a citizen, thereby gaining the right to vote. 他成了公民,因此有投票权。

→ therefore因此,所以

I was ill, and therefore could not come. 我病了,所以没来。

→ thereafter以后,此后

Thereafter we heard no more of this suggestion. 此后这个建议就没有人再提起了。

therm, thermo 词根表“热”

→ thermometer 温度计

Put a thermometer in the mouth. 把体温计放到嘴里。

→ thermal热的,热量的

the thermal underwear 保暖内衣

thing 事情,东西

the poor little thing 可怜的小东西

Put on your things and let’s go. 穿上你的衣服,我们走吧。

for one thing 首先

The house was badly built, for one thing, the roof leaked.


make a thing of 对…小题大做

→ anything任何事

Is there anything in that box? 那盒子里有什么东西吗?

Don’t worry, it isn’t anything. 别担心,没有什么大事。

anything but 除…以外任何事

She is anything but polite. 她根本没有礼貌。

→ everything每件事,事事

Money isn’t everything. 金钱不是一切。

This news means everything to us. 这一消息对我们至关重要。

→ nothing 没有事情,没有东西

There’s nothing in the room. 房间里什么都没有。

She said nothing. 她什么也没说。

nothing but 只有,只不过

Genius is nothing but labor and diligence. 天才只不过是努力和勤奋。

--------------------第273 讲


think of 考虑

Just think of this idea. 考虑一下这个主意吧。

think better of 重新考虑

What a foolish idea! I hope you think better of it.


think over 翻来覆去(仔细)地考虑

I think over the entire issue. 我又仔细考虑了一下整件事。

think up 想出…,设计,发明

But I don’t know what I can think up next. 但是我不知道还可以想出什么办法。

→ thinking想法,见解;有理性的

To my thinking, this is not a good idea. 在我看来,这不是个好主意。

Human are thinking animals. 人是理性的动物。

→ thought想法,思考

on second thought 重新考虑

I made my decision on second thought. 我重新考虑之后做了决定。

→ thoughtful有思想的,体贴的

He is a thoughtful person. 他是一个有思想的人。


ahead of time 提前

I arrived ahead of time. 我提前到了。

all the time 一直,始终

It’s raining all the time. 一直都在下雨。

at any time 在任何时候

You can come at any time. 你任何时候都可以过来。

at no time 在任何时候都不,决不

I will say yes at no time. 我决不会点头的。

at a time 在某个时刻

I miss my family at a time when I hear this song. 每当我听到这首歌就非常想家。

at times 好多次地,有时,不时地

He visits me at times. 他有时候来看我。

→ timetable时间表

We must act according to our timetables. 我们必须根据时间表来做事情。

→ overtime超时的,加班的

working overtime 加班

→ springtime 春季,春天

I like this city in springtime. 我喜欢春天的这个城市。

--------------------第274 讲

tire 词根表“劳累,疲倦”

→ tire疲劳,累,厌倦;轮胎

I was tired as a dog. 我累极了。

Climbing the mountain tired me. 爬山使我累着了。

tire of doing sth. 对做某事感到厌倦

After a week, I tired of eating fish. 我吃了一个礼拜的鱼,都腻了。

→ tireman 装轮胎的工人

→ tire chain 防滑链

→ tired疲劳的,厌倦的

I felt tired after work. 我下班后很疲劳。

I was too tired to go any further. 我累得一步都挪不动了。

You make me tired. 你烦死我了。

→ tiresome使人厌倦的

a tiresome person 一个无聊的人

a very tiresome lecture 令人极其厌烦的演讲

→ entire全部的,整个的(前缀en 表“置于…之中”)

an entire set of Shakespeare’s plays 莎士比亚戏剧全集

Due to bad cold she spent the entire day in bed. 她因重感冒在床上躺了一整天。

→ retire退休,引退,就寝

to retire from the world 出世,遁世

He retired from the business when he was 60. 他60 岁时退休。

→ retirement 退休,引退

He was given a gold watch on his retirement. 他退休时得到了一块金表。

retirement pay 退休金

toler 词根表“忍受”

→ tolerate容忍,忍受

I can’t tolerate your bad manners any longer.我再也不能容忍你无礼的行为。

He can’t tolerate penicillin. 他对盘尼西林无耐药力。

→ tolerant容忍的,宽容的

→ tolerance忍受,容忍

tolerance of exercise 运动耐受力;

water tolerance 耐水性

--------------------第275 讲

ton 词根表“声音,雷声”

→ tongue 语言,舌头

mother tongue 母语

We share the same mother tongue. 我们讲共同的母语。

→ tone声调,说话的语气,腔调

rising tone 升调;

falling tone 降调

Tone carries messages other than the sentence itself. 声调可以告诉我们句子字面以外的信息。

He always carries with him a bitter tone. 他总是喜欢用一种尖酸恶毒的语气说话。

→ astonish使…惊讶,使…吃惊

This news astonishes everybody. 每个人都对这条消息感到惊讶。

Everybody astonishes at this new. 每个人都对这条消息感到惊讶。

tour 旅行,游历;旅游

You may have a tour around Europe free of charge,

if you are lucky enough out of million others. 你可以免费周游欧洲,如果你非常幸运的话。

We have a tour in the world of English vocabularies. 我们在英语单词的世界中遨游。


→ tourist旅行的人,旅游者

tourists attraction 吸引旅游者的地方


We take turns hosting this program for you. 我们轮流为大家主持节目。

Don’t turn away from me! 不要离开我!

turn to 求助于…

Every time when something’s wrong with my computer, I always turn to him.


How can an old lady turn into such a young pretty girl? 老太太怎么会变成了一个妙龄美女?

turn up 证明;出现,找到

This word turns up to be very useful. 事实证明,这是一个非常有用的单词。

→ turning转弯的地方

Turn left at the first turning. 在第一个路口向左转。

→ return归还,返回;报答,收益

in return 作为报答

I wish I can do something for you in return. 真希望可以为你做点什么作为报答。

return for 以…作为报酬

I bought him a drink in return for his help. 我请他喝酒以酬谢他对我的帮助。

--------------------第276 讲

tract 词根表“拉,抽,引”

→ abstract提取,抽取;抽象的(abs= ab,表“离开,离去”)

an abstract concept 一个抽象的概念

→ attract吸引,引起注意(前缀at 表“趋向,向着”)

→ attraction 吸引力,引力

earth attraction 地球引力

→ attractive 吸引的,有吸引力的

→ contract 合同,契约;缩小,收缩


→ subtract减去,减少,去掉

vac, van 词根表“空的,没有充满的”

→ vacant空的,空缺的,空虚的

→ vacancy空白,空缺;轻闲,空闲

→ vacation假期,休假(空闲的状态即“假期”)

→ vacuum真空

→ vanish 消失,突然不见

→ vanishing消失,消没

→ vanishingly 难以察觉地,消失地

vad 词根表“行走”

→ invade入侵,侵略

→ invasion侵略,入侵

→ invader入侵者


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