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英语单词立体记忆法(全50集) 目录


第28 课

--------------------第163 讲


in order 整齐,状况良好

She always keeps her room in order. 她总是保持房间整齐。

Can I have your order, sir? 先生,现在能点菜了吗?

to order an attack 下令进攻

in order to 以便,以…为目的

We wear glasses in order to see clearly. 我们戴眼镜是为了看得更清楚一点。


an orderly room 整洁的房间

→ disorder杂乱,无序,骚乱

in a state of disorder 处在混乱状态

quiet the disorder 平息骚乱

ordin 词根表“顺序,秩序”


→ ordinary普通的,平凡的

It was a very ordinary day today. 今天是很平常的一天。

→ coordinate

①(v.) 协调,调节

To coordinate one’s movements in swimming 游泳时使动作协调

② (n. & adj.) 坐标;同等的,并列

coordinate clauses 并列句



be subordinate to 次要的,从属的

Pleasure should be subordinate to duty. 职责



The eyes are the organs of sight. 眼睛是视觉器官。

The FBI is an organ of the Justice Department. 美国的联邦调查局是司法部的一个机关。

→ organic器官的,有机体的

an organic disease 器官疾病

→ organism有机体,有机组织

→ organize 组织,使…有条理

organize a strike 组织罢工

→ organization组织,团体

non-governmental organization 非政府组织

→ organizational 组织的,机构的

She cleans her room once a week in order to keep her room in order.


We organize a non-governmental organization.我们组织了一个非政府组织。

--------------------第164 讲

ori 词根表“升起”

→ orient东方

→ oriental东方的,亚洲的;东方人

→ orientate向东面,朝着东方

→ orientation方向,方位;定位

→ origin来源,起源

the origins of civilization 文明的起源

近source 来源,根源

→ original起源的,最初的

Who was the original owner of this house? 谁是这座房子最早的主人?


out of 在…的外面

go out 出去

→ outward外面的,向外的

the outward appearance of things 事物的外表

→ outwards向外地

go outwards 向外面走

→ outmost最外面的,最远的

the outmost layer of the crowd 拥挤的人群中最外面那一层

ow, own 词根表“具有”

→ owe欠,把…归功于

I owe Xiao Wang 500 Yuan. 我欠了小王500 元钱。

owe to 归功于

She owes her success to diligence. 她把成功归功于勤奋。

→ owing 应归功于,未付的

owing to 由于

I couldn’t attend the meeting owing to illness. 我因为生病没能参加会议。

→ own拥有;自己的,特有的

my own money 我自己的钱

She lives on her own. 她自己一个人生活。

own something 拥有…

→ owner所有者,业主

→ ownership拥有权,所有权

--------------------第165 讲

pack 词根表“包,打包”

→ package包裹,包装

I sent a package today. 我邮寄了一个包裹。

Products are packaged in an attractive way nowadays. 现在的商品包装得很精美。

package plan 一揽子计划


→ packet一小包东西

a packet of biscuits 一小包饼干

→ pack捆扎,挤满;包裹,一群,一批

The stadium was packed with spectators. 看台上挤满了观众。

pack away 把…收起来

We pack away the deck chairs for the winter.我们把冬天用的折叠椅子收起来。

pack into 把很多东西挤进有限的空间

We must pack a lot of sightseeing into three days. 我们要在三天时间内玩很多地方。

pack sth. in 抛弃,放弃

She’s packed in her job. 她已经放弃了她的工作。

pack off (迅速的,果断的)打发走

She packed the children off to bed. 她迅速地把孩子们都打发上床睡觉。


wrap up 包好,包紧

→ rack行李架

→ sack麻袋,袋子


--------------------第166 讲

pain 疼痛,痛苦;使…痛苦

growing pains 发育性的痛;《成长的烦恼》

take pains 尽力,努力

My father took pains to show me how to do the work.我的父亲煞费苦心地教我如何做这项工作。

→ vain徒劳的,虚荣的

in vain 徒劳的,白辛苦

All our work was in vain. 我们白干了一场。

→ painful ] 疼痛的,费力的

a painful task 费力的工作

pun 词根表“疼痛,受罚”

→ punish [5pQniF] 惩罚,处罚

I was punished for being late. 我因迟到受到处罚。

→ punishment惩罚,处罚

The deserved their punishment. 他们应受惩罚。


a great piece of paint 一幅绘画杰作

give the windows two coats of paint 把窗涂上两层漆

→ faint晕倒,昏厥

She fainted because of the heat. 她热昏过去了。

→ painter画家,油漆工

a lady painter 女画家

a painter in watercolors 水彩画家

→ painting绘画作品

traditional Chinese painting 中国传统水墨

parl 词根表“谈,谈话”

→ parliament国会

Parliament makes laws. 国会制订法律。

→ parlor 会客厅


The painting is painted by a painter. 这幅画是一个画家画的。

--------------------第167 讲

pan 词根表“面包”

→ pan平底锅,盘子

→ companion同事,同伴

→ company公司,同伴

limited company 有限公司

→ accompany陪伴,陪同

Accompany my girlfriend to go shopping. 陪我的女朋友去逛街买东西。

pand 词根表“伸开,张开”

→ expand扩大,扩张,膨胀

Metals expand with heat. 金属遇热就要膨胀。



→ expansion膨胀,扩张(pans = pand)

→ expansive 易膨胀的,易扩张的

an expansive land 一块不断扩大的土地

--------------------第168 讲


I need a pair of gloves. 我需要一双手套。

a pair of trousers 一条裤子

a happy pair 快乐的一对

→ repair修理,修补

I need to repair my bicycle. 我需要修理一下我的自行车。

par 词根表“相等的,安排”

→ compare比较,对照

compare with 和…比较

compare the two poems 比较两首诗

compare to 把…比作

Poet compares sleep to death. 诗人把睡眠比作死亡。

→ comparable可比较的,比得上的

be comparable with 与…可比较的

There is no play comparable with this. 没有哪出戏能跟这一出相比较。

be comparable to 比得上的

There are no other plays comparable to Shakespeare’s tragedy.


→ comparative比较的,相当的

comparative literature 比较文学

→ comparison 比较,对照

in comparison with 与…比较起来

She is quite tall in comparison with her sister. 她比她妹妹高得多。

→ separate ①[使分离,使分开;

② 分离的,各自的,单独的

→ separation分离

→ prepare 准备

→ preparation准备

Everybody is making preparations for the exam. 大家都在为考试做准备。


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